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Loyola academy paper-engg drawing


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Loyola academy paper-engg drawing

  1. 1. Loyola Academy, Alwal , Secunderabad-10. B.Sc (chemical Technology)Sub: Engg. Drawing (practicals) Time : 2hours 18.10.2012. Answer any four of the following. All questions carry equal marks. Neatness carries weightage. 1. Construct an ellipse by concentric circles method, given major axis = 120mm and minor axis = 80mm. 2. Draw the isometric views of cylinder of base dia 40mm and axis 60mm and cube of side 30mm side. 3. Bisect a line of 125mm and bisect an angle of 125mm. Inscribe a circle in a square of side 40mm. 4. Construct a hexagon of side 30mm by any one method. 5. Construct a parabola by Tangent method , given base = 50mm and axis = 70mm 6. Draw front view , top view for the given figure.