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SecureKloud_Corporate Deck.pdf

  1. 1. Corporate Overview
  2. 2. About Us SecureKloud - Born in Cloud, 2008 ▪ Competencies: ▪ NextGen Managed Services ▪ DevOps ▪ Big Data ▪ Security ▪ Life Sciences ▪ Healthcare ▪ Complete business transformation services ▪ Migration, Hosting, NextGen Operational Services ▪ Service Platform ▪ Security, Automation / Cost Optimization, Governance, Operations, Compliance ▪ Expertise in Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics & Security ▪ Capabilities across all IDM technologies ▪ Instrumental in defining Standards in IDM and SSO ▪ SMEs in Compliance: ▪ GxP, HIPAA, HITRUST & PCI ▪ Thought Leaders in Business Transformation and securely leveraging the Cloud ▪ Proven deployment methodologies and automation processes CLOUD SECURITY & COMPLIANCE OUR CLOUD STORY CUSTOMERS & RECOGNITION OUR GLOBAL FOOTPRINT USA Canada India Singapore Europe
  3. 3. CloudEz DocuRoute Cloud Decision Engineering Cloud Transformation Services DataEz Data Pipeline Management Our Offerings Brief description of our Offerings Competency Product Service Managed Services Blockedge Blockchain Blockchain Services CloudAuth MFA IDAM CloudAuth IDAM Identity &Access Management
  4. 4. Customer Overview Marquee Customer Snapshot
  5. 5. . SecureKloud- Digital Transformation Platform Pillars Cloud Platform Cloud Transformation Data Platform Neutral Zone Blockchain
  6. 6. Cloud
  8. 8. Manual Scripted Orchestrated Continuous Intelligent Continuous Optimization End-to-end Connection Consistency & Collaboration Heroes & Heavy Lifting CONTINUOUS DELIVERY MATURITY ? ✓  Increase in ▪ Compliance ▪ Security ▪ Innovation Enterprise Platform Automation
  9. 9. People Cloud Expertise: • Infrastructure • Security • Network • Automation • Compliance • Operations Processes • Agile Development • Service Compliance • Service Provisioning & Fulfillment • Self Service • Financial Management & Governance • Operational Management & Governance • ITIL Tools • ITSM • CI/CD • Compliance • Provisioning • Performance Monitoring • Security Monitoring • Operations • Cost Management Operations • Combined Development and Operations • Target automatic resolution of 80% of incidents • Predictive Analytics • Low Watermarks Req3 Req2 Req1 Cloud Competency Center
  10. 10. Compliance, Governance and Operations Layer (No Public Ingress) Administrators Sandbox • Architecture • Proof of Concepts Cloud Account Deploy Provision Env. Deploy Apps Aggregated Logs Policies Roles Developers Internet Ingress Subnet DMZ Single point of control for internet access to/from Business Services VPC’s Security layer Internet Egress Subnet Application & Business Layer (No Public Ingress) Deploy & Manage SaaS based Capabilities Non SaaS Capabilities Governance Cloud Account Enterprise Cloud Platform
  11. 11. | PCI | GxP | HIPAA | Reporting Enterprise Cloud Engagement Platform Manage and Operate your Cloud Services Lifecycle Self Service Service Catalog CloudEz Business Services Operations and Management Portal AWS ITIL CMDB Azure GCP VMWare CloudEz Services Operation • Financial Management • Automated Provision • Security and IAM • Tagging • Performance & Security Monitoring • Compliance Audit Trails Enterprise Cloud Management Framework – CloudEz
  12. 12. Provisioning and Management – Lifecycle for Multi- Cloud • Cloud Agnostic Catalog Items • Secured & Compliant accelerators and foundational elements • Enforces Request and Approval Workflows • Enforces ITIL Work Flows • Change Management • Request Management • Incident Management AWS ITSM Azure Deployment – Self Service
  13. 13. SecureKloud Infrastructure Framework • SecureKloud Container Framework • Secured & Compliant • Smart Scaling based on the Workload and performance • SecureKloud Compute Framework • Hardened Images • Config & Patch Management • SecureKloud Serverless Framework • Secured & Optimized Access SecureKloud Container Framework
  14. 14. Container Framework & Application Deployment Pipeline
  15. 15. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery of Infrastructure as Code Gated Check-in of Code artefacts Job detects the Check- in/Merge and verifies the code Code Repository Public Cloud DevOps Engineer Jenkins Orchestrates Changes to Infrastructure in target Cloud Public / Private cloud Public Cloud Consumer User has provisioning requests User monitors Merges final Parameter files and code artefacts into Release Branch Jenkins Pushes “Built” artifacts Jenkins Uses ITSM or Jenkins for infrastructure provisioning requests 1- Trigger for Change / provision 2- Build and Test 3- Deploy and Orchestrate • DevOps for Infrastructure as Code • Automated provision and management of infrastructure • Agility at Scale • Secure with multiple checks and balances • Guardrails such as tagging etc are enforced in build and deploy phases • Push Button deployment
  16. 16. Provisioning Automation of Hardened OS and Images Source Repository Jenkins Clone the repository Install and run orchestrator on slave mode Orchestrator runs user data and Hardening script Gated Check- in for hardening scripts of pre- qualified instances Public Cloud Devops Engineer SecOps Account Resource Accounts Orchestrator builds and saves the new Image Send build notifications Push New Image to Cloud Resource Accounts Launch Instance Service Line Engineer Harden Instance Qualify Instance Create Image Manual * Takes at least 8 Weeks for creation of Images Automated * Takes less than an Hour for creation of Images • Compliant • Secure • Reduces Image Provisioning from Months to Hours
  17. 17. Automated Continuous Compliance Process Creation of Design Document/Package through Catalog Forms Compliance Lead Catalog Admin Catalog User Design Packages are stored in machine readable format Catalog Admin creates catalog Item A catalog Item is tied to a Design Document/Package Qualification is triggered automatically. • Report is stored in Doc library/ GxP audit. • Audit user can access the reports on Doc Library Catalog User access the service Catalog and triggers the Catalog Item launch. Service is Launched in Cloud as per the parameters selected in ITSM This creates an approval request. Once the request is approved, Catalog Orchestrates the provisioning request Qualification Report is tied to Request Item in ServiceNow for review When a Change is triggered for the specific Request Qualification is re–triggered automatically. • New Report is stored in Doc library for GxP audit New Qualification Report is tied to Change request in ITSM. • User can view all reports
  18. 18. Automated Continuous Compliance and Governance Process Design Package vs Verification results Results Comparison
  19. 19. Application Catalog
  20. 20. Operational Automation Compliant Secure Automated Reliable Intelligent HITRUST Certified platform and catalog items Automated Deployment to pre-production and production environments Intelligent bots that analyze patterns and predict threats proactively Bot Framework to assess threats in real time Highly reliable environments which can support continuous compliance
  21. 21. Multi-Cloud Billing Dashboard • Harmonize raw billing data across multiple providers and tools • Automated pipeline for Ingestion of billing data • Seamless integration with AD Groups and roles for custom dashboards • Reports exportable to Email, ITSM home page etc AWS Billing Data Azure Billing Data Tool Billing Data • Splunk • CF Engine • Chef • Etc (API Driven of Manual CSV) Other Cloud provider Billing Data Ingestion pipeline: Triggers pull from source periodically • For Example, for AWS it is every 8 Hours • For Tools which are license-based it is every Week Data is processed at ingestion point • Unification of Data (Reformatting of data to schema • Clean up of redundant data (Additional entries, wild characters, blank spaces, null data etc) Processed data is pushed into storage and loaded into Data warehouse as per the established schema. Tableau is configured with Data warehouse to populate customized dashboards. Tableau is connected to customer AD Periodic Pull of Data RBAC through NVS AD groups for Customized and Segregated Reports ITSM Dashboard / Email Notifications Pulls Report Snapshots RBAC through NVS AD groups for customized and segregated reports Pushes Report Snapshots
  22. 22. Built-in Governance – Multi-Cloud Billing Dashboard • Detailed Financial reports to enable • Show back to Business teams • Chargeback to consumers • Multi-provider reports for comparison and contrast • Alerts for Spend Management • Budget tracking and forecasting • Data visualization • Interactive reporting
  23. 23. Global Enterprise Case Study Compliant Secure Automated Reliable Intelligent Time taken for production got cut down to hours versus days Operational cost of deploying applications in Cloud reduced by more than 20% through self-service capabilities with inbuilt governance Consumption of native cloud services to fulfill edge business use cases Automation enabled up to 4 times faster SLA’s for Cloud operations for day-to- day operational requests Cloud orchestration/ Service Catalog platform – provides self-service capabilities to 1000+ users
  24. 24. Application & Process Migration
  25. 25. Data Management Platform - DataEz • At SecureKloud our expertise specialized in designing, developing and delivering Next Generation Data Analytics & Data Science Platform across all industry verticals. • We specialize in delivering R&D Platforms for Large Enterprises, on the cloud, that require continuous security and continuous compliance capabilities built in • Our Capabilities include all aspects of Data Analytics and Data Science, which includes Data Ingestion, Data Classification, Data Provenance, Data Lineage, Data Security, Data Quality, Data Cleansing, Data Transformations, AI & ML Model development etc.,
  26. 26. DataEz – Data Analytics Platform
  27. 27. Data Management Platform - DataEz Self-Service Streaming Batch Logs Genomics CSV Documents Images Registration Provisioning Credentialing Authorization Metering Streaming Dimensional Live Feed Extracts AI Endpoints ETL Machine Learning Pipeline Constructions Anonymization Analytics Dashboards Loading Zone Partitioned Raw Storage Lifecycle Query Data Catalog Indexing Quarantine Identity Logging Monitoring Billing Data Security Network Security UX API Ingestion Velocity Variety Consumption Compute Storage Platform Foundation
  28. 28. Technical Overview
  29. 29. Cloud Transformation Services End to end cloud transformation services Consulting Migration Managed Services DevOps Engineering Assess, Plan and Implement the best strategy to stay competitive Seamlessly migrate to cloud taking full advantage of its flexibility and scalability aspects Flexible 24*7 support services bundled into Performance Review & Testing, Strategy, Identity & Governance Assessments Our integrated engineering and cloud best practices approach drives Agility and Growth to maximize the ROI Develop and Deploy simultaneously without experiencing any server down time in the live environment 12+ Years of Experience 350+ Client Engagements 400+ Certified Architects Cloud Transformation Services CloudEz
  30. 30. IDAM
  31. 31. CloudAuth MFA Multi-Factor Authentication-as-a-Service (MFaaS) Something you know Something you have Something you are • Password • Security questions • Mobile Phone • Hardware Token • Fingerprint • Facial Recognition • Iris recognition CloudAuth MFA CloudAuth IDAM IDAM Services
  32. 32. CloudAuth IDAM 360 Degree IDAM MFA Identity Management Identity and Access Governance Access Management Connectors Out of the box provisioning connector includes prominent targets like AD, LDAP, Database, CSV, Exchange Server, Unix and multiple SaaS applications. Also, supports deployment of custom connector for provisioning to 3rd party applications. From hire to retire, automate and manage your user onboarding, provisioning and access requests enabled by flexible workflows and notifications Provisioning user identity to multiple SaaS applications including Salesforce, ServiceNow, G Suite, Office 365, etc.., Review, monitor and implement user certification process with our SOX compliant governance solution. Additional layer of security with multiple authentication factors like facial, voice & fingerprint recognition, SMS, Mobile authentication CloudAuth IDAM CloudAuth MFA IDAM Services
  33. 33. Identity & Access Management (IDAM) Services IDaaS –Identity as a Service End-to-end identity capabilities delivered as-a-service MFAaaS – MFA as a Service Adding an extra layer of protection during user authentication AGaaS – Access Governance as a Service Enables enterprises to provide right user, the right access at the right time API Management Empower enterprises to connect with all stakeholders IBaaS- Identity Broker-as-a- Service Connects multi service providers to multi-identity providers as a cloud hosted model Identity Managed Services End-to-end Identity & Access Management services Consulting Services Enables enterprises to strategically induct policies, processes across IAM sphere A robust and comprehensive set of competencies that are built ground up by the visionaries and creators behind SAML 2.0 and OAUTH 2.0 protocols IDAM Services CloudAuth MFA CloudAuth IDAM
  34. 34. Blockchain
  35. 35. Blockedge Accelerate Blockchain Transformation Blockchain Advisory with Domain Expertise Blockchain & Smart Contract DevOps Services 24x7 Global Blockchain Network Operations CHOOSE YOUR BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM CHOOSE YOUR CLOUD PLATFORM JUST CLICK & REVIEW End-to-End Blockchain Transformation Services Blockedge Blockedge Services
  36. 36. Blockchain Services Accelerate Blockchain Transformation Right from being a trusted advisory consultant in helping get started on blockchain journey to being a technology partner facilitating blockchain infrastructure management, SecureKloud has all the resources for a seamless blockchain adoption Blockchain Advisory and Consulting Services • Identify the right technology • Define the business objective • Adopt a result-oriented approach • Achieve operational efficiency • Foster cross-industry collaboration • Reduce third-party dependencies • Induce Agility and minimize risk • Develop the right apps for the right use-cases • Create apps to run and communicate with multiple servers • Move towards a geography agnostic business model NextGen Blockchain Application and Managed Services dApps Development Blockedge Services Blockedge
  37. 37. Decision Engineering
  38. 38. DocuRoute AI Solution for automatic understanding and routing of documents. • Easily Capture Documents from multiple sources • Eliminate inefficient data entry and put an end to human error • Automatic identification of document type. • Routing of document based on document type and content. • Recognizes and captures data using OCR and ICR engines, free form extraction and fuzzy database logic. • Documents which cannot be determined are queued for manual review, correction and routing. • Dashboard to view the documents received, queued, processed and failed. • Audit log of all events and user actions. Document Intelligence redefined Scan Verify Extract Decipher Scan physical documents Extract meaningful data Use advanced analytics & ML to verify results DocuRoute DataEz Decision Engineering
  39. 39. DataEz is a Data Analytics & AI Engineering platform which allows you to focus on your data and its insights: ▪ Fully Managed Platform as a Service ▪ Secure ▪ Developed to HITRUST Standards ▪ Fully Automated One Click Deployment ▪ Microservices based and API Driven ▪ Subscription pricing ▪ DataOps and DevOps DataEz - Data Analytics and AI Engineering Platform
  40. 40. Cloud Security • IAM – Integration with AD …. • DevSecOps Module • Governance and Compliance Module • Show Something if you can, else talk about it in detail in the architecture slide next
  41. 41. DataEz on a Secure & Compliant Cloud Foundation
  42. 42. Demo • Ingestion Module • Data Classification Module • Data Quality Module • Data Pipeline Orchestration Module • Platform Governance Module • All Modules Listed which you are going to show
  43. 43. DataEz - Data Analytics and AI Engineering Platform Data Catalog Cost & Compliance Data Visualization Data Pipeline Orchestration Portals Data Ingestion Data Classification Advanced Analytics Data Tokenization AI & ML Data Lineage Metadata Discovery Data Cleansing ETL Transformation Data Science Data Engineering IAM Data security Code Repository Code Orchestration Network Security Modules Services Subscribe/ Contact SecureKloud Secure Access Platform available in 6 Hours
  44. 44. DataEz Platform modules Data Lineage ETL Transformation AI & ML Advanced Analytics Data Ingestion Data Classification Data Tokenization Metadata Discovery Data Cleansing Data Catalog Cost & Compliance Data Pipeline Orchestration Data Visualization Data Lake
  45. 45. Data Catalog Cost & Compliance Data Pipeline Orchestration Data Visualization DataEz Module Details Data Lineage ETL Transformation AI & ML Advanced Analytics Data Ingestion Data Classification Data Tokenization Metadata Discovery Data Cleansing Data Lake Classify & Address PHI & PII Data Ingest any data from anywhere into the platform Data Quality Discover & Manage Metadata
  46. 46. Data Ingestion Capabilities • Can Ingest all kinds of Data • Support for various protocols • HTTPS • SFTP • FHIR • HL7/DICOM • Scales Automatically dependent on Size and Type of Data ingested - TB Size Data ingested within minutes • Virus and Malware Scanning at the Source
  47. 47. Metadata Extraction • Can Ingest all kinds of Data • Support for various protocols • HTTPS • SFTP • FHIR • HL7/DICOM • Scales Automatically dependent on Size and Type of Data ingested - TB Size Data ingested within minutes • Virus and Malware Scanning at the Source • Show the Ingestion
  48. 48. Data Classification • USP • What do you do different • Show the Classification (If you can or talk about it)
  49. 49. Data Catalog Cost & Compliance Data Pipeline Orchestration Data Visualization DataEz Module Details Data Lineage ETL Transformation AI & ML Advanced Analytics Data Ingestion Data Classification Data Tokenization Metadata Discovery Data Cleansing Data Lake Track Data Lineage & History Build, train & deploy AI & ML models Transform & Curate Data Scalable and Compliant Data Science on Demand Organizational Data lake
  50. 50. DataEz Portals Data Lineage ETL Transformation AI & ML Advanced Analytics Data Ingestion Data Classification Data Tokenization Metadata Discovery Data Cleansing Data Catalog Cost & Compliance Data Pipeline Orchestration Data Visualization Data Lake Data Catalog Cost & Compliance Data Pipeline Orchestration Data Visualization Track and audit cloud spend, tags & compliance Discover and share datasets across the organization Build & manage interactive dashboards & reports Build, deploy & manage data pipelines
  51. 51. DataEz - Ready to use Templates Data Lineage ETL Transformation AI & ML Advanced Analytics Data Ingestion Data Classification Data Tokenization Metadata Discovery Data Cleansing Data Catalog Cost & Compliance Data Pipeline Orchestration Data Visualization Genomics Ingestion, Alignment, Annotations & variant calling Medical imaging DICOM & Other medical image ingestion & cataloging modules Common Data Standards Common data format using OMOP EHR Ingestion & Curation of EHR Data HL7 & FHIR interface Interface to connect to HL7 & FHIR enabled systems Digital Health Ingest data from sensors, medical devices & wearables Data Lake
  52. 52. Managed DevOps Data Lineage ETL Transformation AI & ML Advanced Analytics Data Ingestion Data Classification Data Tokenization Metadata Discovery Data Cleansing Data Catalog Cost & Compliance Data Pipeline Orchestration Data Visualization Code Repository Repository for IaC and AI & ML models Code Orchestration CICD pipelines for code orchestration IAM Access to the platform following least privilege principals Data security Data encryption & security for ingested data Network Security Edge and perimeter security for data & applications on platform Data Lake
  53. 53. • Automated Security controls for all layers • Role based least privileges for Infrastructure Ops & Data Ops • Continuously monitored for threats & events • Security Patch Management through automation Managed Security in Depth Policies & Procedures Perimeter Security Code Security Infrastructure Security Application Security Data Security
  54. 54. • Process • SecureKloud has established processes & procedures to comply with HITRUST requirements • People • The DevOps and DataOps team assigned to manage the DataEz platform is trained to Follow the above HITRUST processes and procedures • Platform • Automation driven • The platform implements controls to comply with HITRUST and processes established by SecureKloud • Cataloged and audit ready compliance artifacts and accreditations Managed Continuous Compliance – HITRUST ready Audit Ready Accreditations Compliance Management Security Posture Automation
  55. 55. Web Portal APIs SK Container Framework SK Compute Framework SK Serverless Framework Ingestion Manage Pipeline Data modelling Data Curation Data Access Infrastructure Data Platform Services Data Access & Catalog Data Curation Alert indicates User Request Triage (JIRA) Fully Managed Secure & Compliant Infrastructure Fully Managed Data Operations (DataOps) • User Request & Incident Driven Request prioritization • Data Operations to ingest, prep, curate, transform, load, code pipelines for for analytics and model execution • SLA and SOP driven Managed Services • Trained and Certified for PHI & PII Data Operations
  56. 56. Cloud DevOps for Innovation & Maturation CDIM Advisory Cloud & Platform Roadmap Strategic Leadership Keeping Current Cloud Service Adoption 3rd Party Application Adoption Automation and Optimization Security Compliance AI & ML Models Innovation Expansion Cloud Foundation End to End Automation AI & ML Security & Compliance Maturation
  57. 57. Current platform Triangle & Development Deployment to Platform Platform Improvement & Maturation New Cloud Service Customer Request Future Proof and Continuously Current ▪ Regular Platform Enhancement through CDIM for ▪ Platform Infrastructure ▪ Platform Security ▪ Platform Compliance
  58. 58. Decision Engineering Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities Cloud Infrastructure Data Lake Advanced Analytics Governance Business Insights Services Application Integration Visualization Data Connectors – Onboard New Data Sources - Automation Structured – Unstructured – Batch – Streaming Data Lake – Databases – Data Mart Provision Open/Commercial Available Dataset - Integration Query Optimization – Performance Tuning Data Validation – Data Cleansing – Data Aggregations Meta Data Management – Content Search IAM – Data Security – Compliance Exploratory Data Analysis – Visualization – Business Insights Data Engineering – Data Extraction – Classification Text Analytics – Translation – Conversation Analysis Image Pre-processing – Classification – Objects Detection Dataset Creation – Data Annotations Predictive Analytics – Regression/Classification/Time Series Image Pre-processing – Classification – Objects Detection Workflow Automation using AI/ML Competitor Analysis – Performance Benchmark – TCO Analytics Operations and Monitoring Support Data Analytics Capabilities Architecture DocuRoute DataEz Decision Engineering
  59. 59. Managed Services
  60. 60. Cloud Managed Services Change Management Release Management SLA Management Application Monitoring Incident Management Problem Management 24x7 Support ITIL Standards Compliance, Audit, Certification & Security Process Policies Accountability Practices ▪ 24x7 NOC services ▪ Shared & dedicated delivery ▪ Infrastructure / Application monitoring ▪ Capacity planning ▪ Performance engineering analysis ▪ Best practice recommendations Services ▪ Security incident & event management ▪ Knowledge engineering ▪ SLA management
  61. 61. Neutral Zone • Neutral Zone - Collaborative Data Platform • Data as a Product • Collaborative Research platform • Marketplace for ML/AI Algorithm developers • Platform for software organizations in LS/HC to deploy and sell their applications • Flywheel, Ambra, Dataguise, JumpCloud and others © 2021 Healthcare Triangle, Inc. All rights reserved. 61 Solution Benefits to Customer USP/Competition Platform to enable collaboration for better health outcomes by sharing and processing sensitive Data using Advanced AI/ML algorithms ensuring IP and Data protection HITRUST Platform hosted by HCTI to enable collaboration between entities like Pharma/Life-Sciences, Healthcare (Provider/Payer), Research and Development, CRO and others HITRUST Certification. Platform hosting live customer and built with live use cases. Highly Modular and modern app architecture. Tools Partner Ecosystem for all use cases
  62. 62. 350+ Solutions architects /DevOps engineers with deep expertise on multiple stacks aiding 350+ global customer engagements Specializing in Cloud, DevOps, Security, Automation, Big Data, Analytics and Blockchain Premier Consulting Partner of AWS, recognized partner of Google and expertise in Microsoft Azure Leader in Cloud Compliance by meeting HIPAA, PCI, GxP, SOX systems transition to cloud utilizing agile practices and IP tools Offers vendor agnostic cloud framework for highly regulated industries to ensure continuous compliance and security in multi/hybrid cloud environments In a Nutshell…
  63. 63. Thank You