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Highly regarded for his lectures, workshops and books, his work has inspired people around the world to explore and develop their intuitive awareness, thus helping them to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life for themselves and where possible helping those around them.

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Srinivas arka books

  1. 1. 2013Srinivas ArkaInspirational Speakerhttp://srinivasarka.orgSRINIVAS ARKA
  2. 2. Srinivas Arka is a philosophical author, inspirational speaker,entrepreneur, humanist and developer of human potentialprogrammes. He is known for his work, achievements and servingcommunities.Highly regarded for his lectures, workshops and books, his work has inspired peoplearound the world to explore and develop their intuitive awareness, thus helping themto achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life for themselves and where possiblehelping those around them.A selection of inspirational books by Srinivas Arka areavailable via the website example, Intuitive Intelligence Programme is a uniqueand powerful course developed by Srinivas Arka to bringdepth, abundance and excellence in all the major aspectsof one’s life. It can have a profound and life-enhancingeffect on the learner.Another popular volume is Petals of The Heart. Readerswho reflect in peaceful solitude on the pictures andwritings in his books, no matter what stage they havereached in their own spiritual development, willundoubtedly find the petals of their own conscious heartunfurling to new ways of being and understanding.The following page is an extract from Becoming Inspired, one of Srinivas Arka’s mostpopular publications to date.
  3. 3. The meaning of meditationThe first and final act we should perform before we enter into any work is meditation. We mustexperience the unique nature of our individual existence. We must divine a worldly purposeaccording to the unique nature and resources that we possess. Then we will feel contentment andsatisfaction. Then we will progress. Meditation leads us to that stage.In a broader perspective; the whole Universe is a meditational place. All the subjects we deal with inlife are the subjects of meditation. We are the meditators. Every experience in life is part meditationif it is taken seriously, sincerely and consciously.What is meditation? Meditation means becoming one with our thoughts, words and actions andbecoming one with the Self where the universe is our home. Meditation is necessary before andafter every task. The intensity of meditation should be proportional to the nature of the task, whichmust be judged individually. We have to crystallize our thoughts about what we actually want to do,because life is a sea of consciousness and opportunities. We must decide what we want. We cannotachieve everything. Some go to the ocean to drill for oil. Some go fishing. Some go on holiday.Some go for romance. Some go for meditation. Some go to find the inspiration to write poetry.Each of us has to make our own choices. Raising spiritual awareness through meditation will helpus to realize the meaning of life rather than regretting the choices we made.At the beginning of meditation, the first thought that emerges in our minds is, ‘I cannotconcentrate’. For decades, meditation instructors and books on meditation have implied thatconcentration is the goal. Mere concentration is not meditation. Concentration is just an exercise ofthe mind. Either let go of everything or let everything come in. If we waste our time focusing onconcentrating the mind, then we tend to suffer from headaches or more stress. Concentration is nota physical act. It is one of the faculties of the mind. It happens on its own when we ease our mindsin a natural way, in natural surroundings and in a serene atmosphere. When we reduce ourpsychological stress, emotional burdens and the rigid conditioning of the mind, only then can theability to project and focus our minds on any intended object or subject blossom and flourish. Thisis true concentration. It is sensitive and subtle. We submit our minds to our hearts and experienceunity within. There is no artificial or technical method that suffices to teach natural meditation. Ifwe have the will and the patience, true meditation will occur in good time.The question then becomes: why should we meditate before beginning a task? The answer is: toexperience the virtual process of the task in our consciousness and then see how our intuition couldreflect upon it and bring guidance to us. We must check the points of the particular task, we mustknow the process of that task and we must prepare ourselves for unexpected responses and results.The next question is: why meditate after a task is completed? Meditation after performing a task ismore important than the first meditation because success may cause us to become egotistical andwe may lose the value of the success, thereby hindering or halting our personal growth. Endpointmeditation is necessary so that we can conduct an overall study of how the process of a task tookplace. We may fail or we may succeed in our task, but we should always finish with meditation.Fine, intuitive meditation happens spontaneously, inspirationally or naturally at the heart level,where our senses become obedient to our inner spirits and our minds become subservient to ourhearts. Everything merges into a single, beautiful, unified field of experience, known as Dhyana.CopyrightedExcerpt from Becoming Inspired by Srinivas Arka
  4. 4.“Although the human mind is a subject of study, the mysticalness of themind has not been much experienced or widely understood. It isintriguing that the morphological structure and physiological functionsof the brain are more or less the same in every human being, but thenature, attitude and perceptions of the mind are starkly different ineach individual.“We exist physically in three dimensions and we are also subject to the dimensions oftime and space, but our real deeper consciousness begins at the fifth dimension wherefeelings prevail and intuition twinkles, inviting us to explore and experience the innerrealms of our being, with which we start to perceive the world far more clearly thanbefore.”Readers in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australasia and Europe, as well as anincreasing number in other countries, have already encountered the Srinivas Arka’s’sinspiring spiritual and philosophical writings.If you would like to find out more, or order any of the inspirational books published bySrinivas Arka, simply visit the website today“Quality is private and an individual emotional experience; quantity iscommon logical perception which is the same to everyone and isregistered by the mind numerically”