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BabyCenterIndia Introduction

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BabyCenterIndia Introduction

  1. 1. Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction Our Vision and Business Strategy “ Our Vision is to be the leading India Distributor and Retailer of good quality, innovative products for Indian Parents and Children at affordable prices “ Create a Portfolio of Products, which are innovative, offer quality, safe product, give comfort and satisfaction at affordable price Capture market share with presence in both online market places, improve customer experience through own website and retail stores. Running an organization which is lean, Invest in IT infrastructure & Automation Marketing Strategy : Advertise, Internet marketing, direct marketing Key differentiating factors 1) Customer Services 2) warehousing 3) Logistics Services next day delivery 1 2 3 4 Implement state of art IT system, which is agile, integrated, responsive infrastructure and scalable. 5
  2. 2. Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction About Us: BabyCenterIndia was incorporated in November 2015, with an objective of bringing Innovative, new world products to Indian market and emphasis was primarily given on Quality, Safety, Cost, Comfort and Satisfaction. We focus on sourcing, distributing and selling high quality products to Indian market. BabyCenterIndia at Glance Implement state of art IT system, which is agile, integrated, responsive infrastructure and scalable. YTDSales2016 USD 150,000 Growth 20 % quarterly growth Presence 5 Online Market Place 25 Retail Shop Playschools WareSpace 3500 sq ft (Bangalore) 4000 sq ft (Pune) Expanding Distribution channel
  3. 3. Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction Our Team Implement state of art IT system, which is agile, integrated, responsive infrastructure and scalable. Srikrishna Ranade COO Nikhil Ranade Finance & Business Development Apoorva Finance Manager ( 2 People) Sales Team ( 5 People) Vinayak Kamath Head of Technology & Franchise IT Development Team ( 2 People) Franchise Sales Team ( 2 people ) Divya Logistics and Warehouse Manager Warehouse Staff (2 People)
  4. 4. Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction Logistics Network and Customer Service Implement state of art IT system, which is agile, integrated, responsive infrastructure and scalable. Logistics Network  BabyCenterIndia works with leading Logistics provider in India like FedEx, Gati , Ecom-Express & India Post  BabyCenterIndia has tie-up with logistics aggregating company KartRocket and eCourrier.  BabyCenterIndia with help of its partner can reach all parts of country and even difficult and remote location  BabyCenterIndia has established Service level agreement with the logistics provider  BabyCenterIndia ship more than 15 packages daily on an average Modes of Logistics 1) Surface for Bulk Equipment 2) Air Shipment for small equipment 3) Surface for Rural Network Customer Service Team  We at BabyCenterIndia consider on-time delivery and customer’s satisfaction as customer’s right  We have dedicated person responsible to customer complaints and resolution
  5. 5. HAENIM Products  Haenim Toys established in 1969 is a South Korean manufacturer and world leader in playschool Toys.  BabyCenter India and Haenim Toys signed exclusive distributor agreement for India Market  Haenim Toys volumes are growing every months and are accepted as a good quality products with international certification for toy safety Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction
  6. 6. ANGE Products  Ange Toys is South Korean manufacturer, specializing in Baby products like feeder, spoon set and other materials made of Silicon  BabyCenter India and Ange Toys have signed exclusive distributor agreement for India Market Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction
  7. 7. Ever Earth  Ever Earth is German manufacturer, specializing in Baby products made of wood. Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction
  8. 8. Capella South Korea Number 1 STROLLER BRAND CONY COLOR(PINK/MINT) ADONIS COLOR (BLUE/PURPLE) Capella is South Korea’s number 1 stroller brand and we are bringing Capella products to India, also we will be Branding and marketing Capella products in India Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction
  9. 9. Diiachi Korea No1 Car Seat Brand Diiachi ISO) Diiachi Fix ) Diiachi Fix Latch ) Baby Carrier Diaper Bag Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction
  10. 10. Parklon South Korea Number 1 PlayMat BRAND Comfort Play Mat ( High End, Material PVC ) Well Being Mat ( Medium : Material PE ) Prime Living Mat ( Material PE ) Well Being Mat (Large : Material PE ) Yoga Mat - Kitchen Mat Outdoor Mat Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction
  11. 11. Green Pharmacy Ayurvedic Product India Brand for Baby/Mother/Healthy foods Total 180 SKU, product range from baby care, mother care and healthy products, manufactured in ancient Aurvedic method, Green pharmacy products has a good following in Metros like Mumbai/Pune/Bangalore, target is to expand in other parts of India. Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction
  12. 12. Quality-Safety-Cost-Comfort-Satisfaction Contact Information BabyCenterIndia Corporate Communication Phone: India +91-9980801950 Singapore +65-96630619 E-mail: BabyCenterIndia Sales Enquiry Phone: India +91-8861773300 E-mail: Website: Facebook Page :
  13. 13. THANK YOU