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Social responsibility and_three-dimensional_libraries1

  1. 1. Srikanthaluxmy Arulanantham,B.A (Econ.), B.Sc. LIS, A.D.I.Sc.Librarian, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.T. Ramanan,B.Sc. (Agric), MLIS, Dip. HRM & OB.Senior Assistant Librarian, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.Social Responsibility and Three-Dimensional Libraries:sustaining the information ‘life’ in Sri Lanka
  2. 2. Our Existence• Developing Country• Globalisation• Information society• Era of Electronic Informaton explosion• Expansion and fragmentation ofknowledge
  3. 3. Our Challenges• War torn society• Thirst for learning• Acceleration of social change• Isolation of individuals• Poor reading habits• Limitations in consumption ofinformation
  4. 4. Our Limitations• Scarcity of library resources• Incompetency of the library staff• Low literacy rates of the potential libraryusers• Poor reading habit of the users• Availability of mobile devices• Cultural and social norms
  5. 5. Our Aim• Freedom of Information• Social Development– Emotional– Cultural– Livelihood– Religious• Educational Development• Economic Development
  6. 6. Our Responsibility• To increase the utilization of information resources• To justify their existence in the society• To re-build the community from the repercussions of thewar and natural disasters• To perform greater role in bridging the communities andreligious groups• To offer social communication opportunities andcapabilities for learning• To play an indispensable role in developing theeconomy, education, and cultural heritage• To function at 360 degree on vertical and horizontalplanes
  7. 7. NewideasNewDimensionsNewSkillsNewviewsNewProductsNewProjectsOurDetermination
  8. 8. 3DL: A new strategy• 3D library is the new concept consisting of threeimportant elements in a unique discipline arranged in ameaningful manner to explore information for selflearning process. It is• a guide to identify the limits of information search• an intellectual motivation in the pursuit of informationsearching• a step-stone for sharing of cultural, information in theregion• expedition into the multimedia information access.
  9. 9. An image is worth of 1000words. Objects usuallyinvoke new ideas, have aninquiring mind,improvetheir creativeability/thinking, promotelogical reasoning, couldact as an alternative tobroader exposure tostudents to inspire them.Poor infrastructure topromote self learning atfamily level. Absence ofartifacts in the collections ofschool or public library level.Absence of social institutionssuch as museums, artgalleries, exhibitions orexcursions to get exposure atsociety level.
  10. 10. Substantialnumber of schoolstudents wereinculcated by theevidence baseddisplay.realia andartifacts couldact as the mostimportantinformationresources forsupportingteaching andlearningactivitiesInformationseekingbehaviour ofstudents wasenhancedthroughevidencebased displayof information.
  11. 11. 3DL: Pyramid ConceptObjects and their meanings(1stDimension)Resources and their formats(2ndDimension)Information and their standards(3rdDimension)
  12. 12. Basic Elements of 3DLObjectsObjectsRealia Modelsobjects of archeologicalimportance, cultural evidence,sculptures, laboratoryspecimens
  13. 13. 3DL: Basic ElementsDocumentsDocumentsBookform materials Non Book materials Electronic resources
  14. 14. 3DL: Basic ElementsInformation• Interviews• Translations• Photographs• Graphs• Abstracts• Websites• Diagrams
  15. 15. ExperimentsAt Public library level
  16. 16. ExperimentsAt School Level
  17. 17. Experimentsat University library level
  18. 18. 3DL:at University library level
  19. 19. Sustaining the information ‘life’ with 3DL3DL is significant• In resolving emotional instability of a society• Uplifting the country’s education• Devising new strategies to thrive in the business.• Increasing the reading habits among thepopulation of the country• Sustaining peace process, whilst preservingregional heritage• Balancing ‘social equilibrium’ as the society isencountering ‘polarization’
  20. 20. 3DL for the nation• 3DL service is an innovative and proactivelibrary practice.• It could be networked to bring libraries in thecountry to share information that value nationaldevelopment and heritage.• not only for the nation but it could be expandedto other developing regions of the world!!!
  21. 21. Time for DiscussionThank you very much“The journey may be long and difficultbutthe first step has to be made”