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[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] How To Build Products That Customers Want


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Speaker: Nancy Sharma, Agile Coach, Srijan

A lot of businesses today are struggling with generating value for their customers. However, according to a Standish report, around 47% of features that are built are NEVER used by our users. If that’s the case, are we truly generating value for them?

While Scrum focuses on bridging the gap between engineering and business, it does not help the business in uncovering what the user wants. Lean startup, on the other hand, is a movement which has gained lot of trust in the industry in solving the mystery of “customer value”. It talks about experimentation in terms of the build-measure-learn cycle.

I believe that lean startup can very well supplement the scrum framework in discovering the features that can generate value for our users. Join the webinar and explore how we can apply both lean startup and scrum principles in bridging the gap of “customer value”

Who Is This For?
- People who have an intermediate or above level of experience with the Scrum framework
- People working in the role of SM, PO, with a good understanding of Scrum
- A little exposure to the lean startup concept would be an added advantage

What's In It For You?
- Understand how to focus on the question “ How to build a right product” rather than “How to build this product right”
- Get insight into Lean startup principles and how to apply them in a scrum set up.

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[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] How To Build Products That Customers Want

  1. 1. How to Build Products That Your Customers Want Nancy Sharma | Agile Coach, Srijan Technologies @thethinkinhat #SrijanWW | @srijan
  2. 2. #SrijanWW | @srijan Who Am I? ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢
  3. 3. #SrijanWW | @srijan “
  4. 4. #SrijanWW | @srijan ▶ ▶ ▶
  5. 5. #SrijanWW | @srijan ▶ ○ ○
  6. 6. #SrijanWW | @srijan
  7. 7. #SrijanWW | @srijan “Apply Lean Thinking to Innovation Process”
  8. 8. #SrijanWW | @srijan The goal of the startup is to figure out the right thing - the thing customers want and will pay for - as quickly as possible. ● Inspired by “Lean Thinking” ○ Just in time ○ Measure driven ○ Speed up development cycles ● If you make something that nobody wants, doesn’t matter if you make it on time or budget. ● Difficulty of a startup/innovation comes from the inherent uncertainty. They don’t know their customers or the product they want to build. ● Lean startup is a methodology/best practises that help startups to move in right direction quickly by systematic experimentation.
  9. 9. #SrijanWW | @srijan What is Lean Startup? “Lean Startup” is an approach for launching businesses and products, that relies on validated learning, scientific experimentation, and iterative product releases to shorten product development cycles, measure progress and gain valuable customer feedback. - Wikipedia
  10. 10. #SrijanWW | @srijan What is Lean Startup? “Lean Startup” is a process for validating and invalidating your assumptions as quickly as possible to discover and deliver what people actually want. - Me
  11. 11. #SrijanWW | @srijan Lean Startup- Principles
  12. 12. #SrijanWW | @srijan The Feedback Loop
  13. 13. #SrijanWW | @srijan ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ “MVP != A Compromise!!”
  15. 15. #SrijanWW | @srijan
  16. 16. #SrijanWW | @srijan “Customers care about the problem, not your solution!” Dave McClure Building this When customer needs this
  17. 17. #SrijanWW | @srijan Customer Development ● Focus on your customers, markets from day 1. ● Emphasis is on learning and discovery before execution. ● Parallel process to Agile Development Customer - Who is using your product? Problem - What problem do they have? Solution - How will you solve the problem?
  18. 18. #SrijanWW | @srijan Customer Development - Benefits
  19. 19. #SrijanWW | @srijan Lean Canvas
  20. 20. #SrijanWW | @srijan Test your plan!
  21. 21. #SrijanWW | @srijan Customer Development
  22. 22. #SrijanWW | @srijan Customer Development
  23. 23. #SrijanWW | @srijan Customer Discovery Customer Validation
  24. 24. #SrijanWW | @srijan *Source - Steve Blank ● Quick, Incremental, minimum features, customer validation/revenue
  25. 25. #SrijanWW | @srijan Product Development Traditional product development has four stages - ❑ Idea/Seed ❑ Development ❑ Beta Tests ❑ Launch The basic flaws - ❑ Customers are no where in the flow chart ❑ Emphasis on execution over learning ❑ Lack of meaningful sales/marketing milestones
  26. 26. #SrijanWW | @srijan Product Development With Lean Startup ❑ ❑ ❑ Use of Scientific Methods ● Small batches ●
  27. 27. #SrijanWW | @srijan A Perfect Blend?
  28. 28. #SrijanWW | @srijan There is a scientific method to follow Agile Principles on the business side to validate ideas before starting the product development. Use the Business Model Canvas to frame hypotheses Customer Development to get out of the building to test and validate hypotheses Agile Engineering to build the product iteratively and incrementally Lean Startup to build products that customers want!!
  29. 29. #SrijanWW | @srijan nancysharma THANK YOU! LET’S FOCUS ON BUILDING THE “RIGHT” PRODUCT!