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[Srijan Wednesday Webinar] Mastering Drupal 8 Development with Drupal Console


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Speaker: Eduardo Garcia, Enzo
This session explores the basic uses of Drupal Console in code development, and gives you some pro tips to improve your Drupal 8 development process.
Enzo takes you through the Drupal Console and explains
-The latest changes in Drupal 8 module development
-What is required to generate a Drupal 8 module
-How to develop faster and smarter with Drupal 8
-How to generate the code and files required by a Drupal 8 module
-How to interact with and debug your Drupal 8 installation

Published in: Software
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[Srijan Wednesday Webinar] Mastering Drupal 8 Development with Drupal Console

  1. 1. Mastering Drupal 8 Development Drupal Console enzo - Eduardo Garcia @enzolutions
  2. 2. @srijan #SrijanWW About me enzo - Eduardo Garcia @enzolutions CTO - Anexus
  3. 3. About us @srijan #SrijanWW David Flores @dmouse Jesus Manuel Olivas @jmolivas Eduardo Garcia @enzolutions Omar Aguirre @omers
  4. 4. Supporting organizations @srijan #SrijanWW
  5. 5. Spread the word and love. @srijan #SrijanWW @drupalconsole | #drupalconsole
  6. 6. Landing Page Documentation Support Where do you find the project? @srijan #SrijanWW
  7. 7. faster-and-smarter-development- drupal-console/ Drupal Console - 101 @srijan #SrijanWW
  8. 8. •Remote commands •Multi site •Autocomplete support •Support for Acquia desktop installations General features @srijan #SrijanWW
  9. 9. Use multi language feature Tip # 1 @srijan #SrijanWW Languages available: en, ca, es, fr, hi, hu, pt_br, ro, ru, vn, zh_hans # ~/.console/config.yml application: environment: 'prod' language: en editor: vim temp: /tmp
  10. 10. Use --generate-inline Tip # 2 @srijan #SrijanWW $ drupal generate:entity:config --generate-inline
  11. 11. Use --generate-chain Tip # 3 @srijan #SrijanWW $ drupal generate:module --generate-chain
  12. 12. Languages @srijan #SrijanWW
  13. 13. CMI @srijan #SrijanWW config:debug config:override config:export:single config:diff
  14. 14. Cron @srijan #SrijanWW cron:debug config:execute config:release
  15. 15. Update @srijan #SrijanWW generate:update generate:post:update update:debug update:execute
  16. 16. Create @srijan #SrijanWW create:comments create:nodes create:terms create:users create:vocabularies
  17. 17. Chain @srijan #SrijanWW chain:debug chain
  18. 18. Database @srijan #SrijanWW database:client database:dump database:restore database:table:debug database:drop
  19. 19. Code Generation (1) @srijan #SrijanWW generate:entity:content:bundled generate:event:subscriber generate:plugin:views:field generate:form
  20. 20. Code Generation (2) @srijan #SrijanWW generate:form:alter generate:routesubscriber generate:plugin:ckeditorbutton generate:plugin:mail
  21. 21. Images @srijan #SrijanWW image:styles:debug image:styles:flush
  22. 22. Site @srijan #SrijanWW site:install site:debug site:import:local site:statistics
  23. 23. State @srijan #SrijanWW state:debug state:delete state:override
  24. 24. Others @srijan #SrijanWW node:access:rebuild plugin:debug server update:entites views:plugins:debug
  25. 25. Contributors @srijan #SrijanWW
  26. 26. Upcoming implementations @srijan #SrijanWW Drupal Commerce Meta Tag Page Manager Rules Scheduled Updates [Your module here]
  27. 27. How you can help? @srijan #SrijanWW
  28. 28. enzo - Eduardo Garcia @enzolutions Thank You! Take this conversation online by tweeting using the hashtag #SrijanWW