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[Srijan Wednesday Webinar] How to Make Your Content Architecture AI-First


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Turn your Enterprise Content Chatbot-Friendly

AI-powered bots can make frictionless customer experiences, and drive more conversions. But what about the content fueling your chatbots? How are you getting your chatbots to deliver the right, precise answers? Are you stuck recreating all your content in a format that bots can use? That's definitely needless duplication of work, and the slower way, so your competitors could beat you to market.

The intelligent way is to future-proof your content with an AI-first architecture. This means structuring and organizing your content in a way that is usable by chatbots and other AI-powered assistants. It also matches content to context, to make sure that the AI can deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

So, how do you make your content chatbot-friendly? Let's talk about that!

Key Takeaways:
- Know how to change your content architecture, to future-proof it and make it chatbot-friendly
- Understand the challenges to expect, and how to resolve those
- Identify the technologies that power an AI-first content architecture

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[Srijan Wednesday Webinar] How to Make Your Content Architecture AI-First

  1. 1. How to Make Your Content Strategy AI First? Gaurav Mishra | Business Head - North America, Srijan #SrijanWW | @srijan
  2. 2. Twitter: @gmishra Linkedin: Email: Hashtag: #SrijanWW
  3. 3. By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the organizations without interacting with a human* *Source: Gartner Customer 360 Summit 2011
  4. 4. World is Moving Away from Screens
  5. 5. Bots | Access is getting Cheaper * Coming Soon Source : Company Websites $49.00 Google* Home Mini $49.99 Amazon Echo Dot $99.99 Amazon* Echo $149.99 Amazon* Echo Plus $150.00 Harman* Kardon Invoke $349.00 Apple* Home Pod $129.00 $399.00 Google* Home Max Google Home Sonos* One $199.00 Google Assistant Alexa Alexa Alexa Google Assistant Google Assistant Siri Cortana Alexa
  6. 6. Bots | Digital Assistants on the Rise 20192015 2016 2018 20212017 2020 390m 504m 1016m 1831m1376m 1642m710m * figures do not include enterprise usage | Source : Tractica
  7. 7. But, let’s face it! Bots are frustrating...
  8. 8. And there are other worries!
  9. 9. But, we’ve to be ready for the future!
  10. 10. Web based Content Vs Conversational Content ● High Verbosity Tolerance ● Screen based -- Visual ● Hyperlinked content -- Maintains relationship to different content ● Complex Information architecture ● Low Verbosity Tolerance ● Zero User Interface (Verbal and Aural) ● No multi-directional flow (mostly uni-directional) ● Context precedes the content
  11. 11. Why Voice Content Strategy is important? ● Building great content is expensive and difficult ● Content writers can’t write content for 2 different platforms (expensive and impractical) ● Conversational Legibility of content -- Can listener understand this. ● Search ● Unidirectional flow vs link rich pages
  12. 12. How these Bots work?
  13. 13. FAQ Example! Old: How long can I receive benefits? New: How long can I receive employment benefits? Old: Are benefits taxable? New: Are employment benefits taxable?
  14. 14. FAQ: Call to Action and Link-rich text Old: You can receive payments through either a debit card or direct deposit. Learn more about payments New: You can receive payments through either a debit card or direct deposit Old: Read more about this New: In Georgia, the Family Support Registry typically pull payments directly from your paycheck. However you can send your payments through bank account, credit card or Western Union.
  15. 15. Conversational Usability ● Completely new area: Completely aural, not physical or visual like typical interfaces ● No eye-tracking, No thinking aloud ● Retrospective Probing technique Example Test Cases: You have a business licence in Georgia, but not sure if you’ve to register it on an annual basis. Talk with Alexa and find out information you need. At the end ask for a phone number for more information.
  16. 16. Voice Search Optimization would be big
  17. 17. How VSO is different than SEO ● Action oriented search query: Find nearest Gas station, Find best Pizza places in New York ● More real time; most of the queries happen with low proximity to the computers. ● VSO optimize for local search (usually for near me queries)
  18. 18. When these Voice Search happen? ● Asking For Directions ● To call somebody ● To dictate texts ● To get help with homework ● To play a song ● Find out movie times ● Check the time ● Play song or movie!
  19. 19. Basics of Voice Search Optimization ● Optimize For Long-Tailed Keywords – Natural language vs traditional keywords. 3 to 5 words or more... ● Use Question Phrases – Optimize content for who, where, how ● Use More LSI Keywords – Context over Content ● Use Microdata Markup – Use and Dublin Core to do this.
  20. 20. Basics of Voice Search Optimization ● Optimize local pages; have location data tagged with the content. ● Keep contact information (phone number) available with the local listing. ● Get Mobile Friendly ● Optimize content for Google search Featured Snippet
  21. 21. Featured Snippets: How Google treats Voice?
  22. 22. Snippets & VSO Similarities ● Write a topic-specific page. ● Create content that answers a specific question. ● Look for questions that you will be able to answer in great depth. ● When optimizing for voice search, research longer, long-tail keyword phrases. ● Think of semantic keywords, different ways of saying the same thing (i.e., synonyms). ● Use trigger words like “how,” “what” and “best.” ● Understand your customer’s intent, and optimize the content on your pages for every stage in your customer’s buyer’s journey. ● Use conversational language — write like you’re talking to a friend. ● Use Headings (H1, H2, H3, H4). ● Make sure to use unique title and description tags on each page — use keywords in those tags. ● Include keywords toward the front of the very first sentence/paragraph. ● Use the keywords in the page’s universal resource locator (URL).
  23. 23. Bots | Build once and consume everywhere ● Leverage Amazon Lex (Alexa NLP engine and voice synthesis) ● Can be consumed by voice over phone, Social Messengers and Mobile based apps. ● Extensible to other future platforms. ● Uses machine learning to make the bot ask intelligent questions -- Learn from user response.
  24. 24. Bots | And they speak multiple languages
  25. 25. Engagement Understanding Natural language maps user request to simple intent Intent maps to the best response in the content database Informational Understands natural language to provide answers to the questions posed Personalized responses include results from backend systems (eg, CRM) Clarifies user intent using menus or simple questions Personalized Presents user specific responses by connecting to enterprise systems and clarifies user intent using menus or simple questions Emulates human conversation and understands context to complete transaction Executes transaction on behalf of users Handles complex intents Expedites resolution through proactive service Transactional Guides the user through a series of steps to complete a task and can integrate customer data Bot Maturity
  26. 26. Bots | Architecture
  27. 27. Bots Landscape | Confused?
  28. 28. The bank personal assistant to its customer helped save more than 360,000 hours of workforce Increased lead generation by 600% OnChat handled more than 2.4 million messages with 160% month of month growth; Eva saw 2.7 million messages Eno helping people save money Facebook messenger for better digital services. Contextual recommendations and real time sales notifications. JPMorgan Tata Capital HDFC Bank Capital One MasterCard & American Express Bots | Success Stories
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