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Srijan Technologies is an IT Services company which specializes in building high traffic websites and complex web applications. Srijan has been consulting, designing and engineering online products and solutions for over 12 years. Today it is the largest Drupal services provider in India. Srijan has served over 200 clients across USA, Asia, Europe and the Middle East in various lines of services. Srijan is the only Acquia partner in India for Drupal development and has been awarded the ‘Most Democratic Workplace’ two years in a row by WorldBlu.

Among its key customers are Zee News, AVTranz, Alfaisal University, Jiva Education, Conde Nast Traveller India, Vogue India, I7san, OnCorps and Aga Khan Foundation.

Srijan’s areas of expertise include Web Content Management, Drupal Solutions and Outsourced Product Development supplemented with a high level of maturity in Agile practices. Web Content Management comprises Content Management System design and development, implementations of Workflow management system, powerful Search Solutions, Responsive/Mobile friendly website development, third party BPM tools integration and Content Personalization. Website performance and code audits, migration from proprietary CMSs to Drupal, website support and maintenance and optimized website hosting are Srijan’s offerings in Drupal services. Srijan also offers dedicated Product Engineering teams for Drupal and Node.js which function as in-house development teams. Product conceptualization, wireframing, UI/UX design and then rapid prototyping using HTML5, CSS3 and Angular.js to create a Minimum Viable Product enabling early Go-To-Market is another area of expertise.

Srijan is staffed by a team of over 80 Drupal professionals and is headquartered in New Delhi, India with development offices in Gurgaon, Dharamshala and Goa, India and a liaison office in Delaware, USA.

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An introduction to Srijan

  2. 2. ABOUT SRIJAN Consulting, designing and engineering products and solutions for online businesses for over 10 years India’s largest Drupal company Clients across US, Europe, Middle East and APAC across industries Agile / SCRUM process maturity Preferred Acquia partners 25% of Drupal engineers Acquia certified
  4. 4. Web Content Management ● Content Management solution & design ● Editorial Workflows for hassle-free online publishing ● Responsive/Mobile UI design & development ● Content Personalisation ● Integration with 3rd party BPM tools ● Powerful Search solutions (Solr, GSA, Elastic) AREAS OF EXPERTISE - SERVICES Drupal Solutions ● Performance & code audits ● Rehabilitation of broken/delayed Drupal projects ● Migration from proprietary CMSs & end-of-life CMSs to Drupal ● Drupal Support & Maintenance ● Drupal optimized hosting ● Custom module development
  5. 5. Outsourced Product Development AREAS OF EXPERTISE - SERVICES ● Product Conceptualization; Wireframing & UI/UX Design ● Rapid “prototyping” using HTML5, CSS3, Angular.js ● Dedicated product development teams for Drupal, Node.js ● Test Automation using JMeter, Selenium, Behat & Cucumber ● Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployments Agile Process Maturity ● Trained SCRUM teams ● Certified Scrum Masters ● Resident Agile Coach ● Continuous Testing, Integration & Deployment ● SCRUM and Project burndown charts using JIRA Agile ● Demo-script document for current-state progress
  6. 6. Databases: Document Management: Content Management System: Quality tools: New initiatives: AREAS OF EXPERTISE - TECHNOLOGIES Search: Programming Languages:
  7. 7. Enabled full migration and decommission redundant servers saving more than $1,000 per month Performance improvement of in-crisis Drupal applications; improved security & communication between the applications Over 30% increase in productivity of contractors SUCCESS STORY On-time delivery of projects improved from 86% to over 95% each month Support calls from external customers reduced by 50% File transfer time reduced from 15 mins to less than 6 seconds
  8. 8. Building and evolving an analytics platform on Drupal to enable business collaboration, within and across enterprises Built to scale to thousands of Enterprise users SUCCESS STORY Complex project involving Drupal, Angular JS, and Data Analytics Continuous Integration & Consistent Product Improvement Product engineering using Agile & Lean approach — first prototype built in two months
  9. 9. Integration with Doubleclick for Publishers, parallax ads, overlay ads SUCCESS STORY Improved productivity of online editorial team through improved workflow management Increase in page views, ad revenues, social sharing of content & images Responsive mobile accessible website tested across 16 devices
  10. 10. SUCCESS STORY Template based marketing platform to create promo pages within minutes SEO-friendly marketing pages for enabling high rankings in a fiercely competitive travel-ticketing industry Eliminated dependence on external design & software agencies for launching promo pages
  11. 11. MANAGEMENT TEAM Rahul Dewan CEO Avienaash Shiralige Resident Agile Coach Hareish Gur Advisor & Board Member Deepak Vasudeva Head of Enterprise Services
  12. 12. Feel free to reach out to us through any of these channels. Happy to help! Contact us NEW DELHI GURGAON GOANEW YORK DHARAMSHALA Headquarter: 8A - Vandana Building, 11 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi - 110001 INDIA