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[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] Bull Session on UI/UX


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After a series of successful webinars, we tried a more interactive form of discussion. We hosted an open-ended interactive session. People had posted their questions before the webinar and those were answered during the webinar by our speaker (Sree Unnikrishnan, UX Lead, Google India).

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[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] Bull Session on UI/UX

  1. 1. Bull Session on UI/UX With Sree Unnikrishnan Lead Designer, Google India
  2. 2. Which Design Process (Waterfall, Agile or Lean) do you follow at Google?
  3. 3. Do you have a UX checklist (like heuristic evaluation) to follow before product releases, user testing to design validation?
  4. 4. What is the best way/s to explain "what is User Experience Design" to clients who think UX is the modern design term as a process just to beautify anything via Adobe tools?
  5. 5. Why do people (including recruiters) use UI/UX, UI or UX, UI & UX though everything falls under the umbrella of UX (User Experience)?
  6. 6. If some project is starting from scratch , what should be the ideal phase when the UX-Designer's role should start ? and when should it end?
  7. 7. What should be the approach/process for the UX team if the company follows the agile process?
  8. 8. How to tackle product managers having no knowledge about user research/testing being a user experience designer in an agile product company?
  9. 9. How does Google (India) take feedback from customer? For example, asking few users on board, meet them personally or online feedback module!
  10. 10. When the project has limited time period(e.g To deliver within 1 month), how can we start on UX/UI?" how can we come out with good UX/UI?
  11. 11. When you start a project for a native mobile application, which software do you use for wireframing, prototyping and for the graphic design?
  12. 12. What % of users really understand and give feedback when you conduct usability research by showing low fidelity (paper sketches) mockups? For instance, most of the clients don’t understand logo design sketches rather than a polished makeover.
  13. 13. How to do UX research without going out on the street and to the user?
  14. 14. Does Google have one UX team in India? What's the structure of this UX team and how do they work/collaborate with other (designers/engineers/product managers) Googlers around the world to solve a global design problem?
  15. 15. What's your call on this if a client wants a product design within 3 days by using UX principle?
  16. 16. Which research method do you apply in Google, India?
  17. 17. Where should the UX team be reporting to? Should it report to the Engineering side or the Product management?
  18. 18. What is the ideal design strategy/process for designing apps suite which provides consistent user experience? ex. each product in MS-Office is designed for different purpose but has predictable interaction and look & feel.
  19. 19. What is your take on the current scenario of UX in India? What do you think it will be in the next couple of years. How much more time until organizations/ client will understand the dept and importance of UX in a product design process?
  20. 20. Which are the attributes (3-5) you would look from a UX designer?
  21. 21. How you balance business goal and user goal in your ux design?
  22. 22. What steps should be followed, when there are relatively less members in a UX team (just 2 or 3)
  23. 23. How often do Googlers get to design a product following the full UX recipe?
  24. 24. What’s going wrong in the field of User Experience from education system into live projects with end clients according to you?
  25. 25. One of the major problems I see by looking into our design culture in India is that the “Bad habit of not writing articles/case study about user experience for better engagement” than promotional articles (benefits of CUA). What’s your views on this?
  26. 26. Live Questions
  27. 27. Disclaimer: All the questions on this document have been collected from the participants (audience) of this webinar. No attempt has been made to modify these questions. The answers and comments by the presenter are based solely on his personal opinion and do not represent the employer (Google).
  28. 28. Thank You! Sree Unnikrishnan