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Paredes de coura _festival


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Paredes de coura _festival

  1. 1. • Paredes de Coura began in 1993 at a time when shortages of several years of popular music festivals in Portugal. Since this year has been growing in size and is now considered one of the biggest summer festivals in Portugal, and certainly the largest in the North of the country. In 2005, the Spanish edition of Rolling Stone magazine considered it as one of the five best summer festivals in Europe.
  2. 2. • Not only music does this music festival.• The Paredes de Coura Festival holds the best possible environment. A large lawn, a beautiful river, an endless campsite and a scene of "Jazz on the Grass" that sounds beautiful during the festival days. In the morning any ”festivaleiro” can opt for a relaxing yoga class on waking. To many, is paradise.