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Hugo paulo


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Hugo paulo

  2. 2. NOVA ERA BEACH PARTY• Nova era beach party is a musical event (electronic music), joins about 30 thousand people per year, it has passed very reputable names such as David guetta, dj tiesto, Bob Sinclair and others relying on national attendance Diego Miranda, Pete Tha Zouk, sexy sound system. As the name says the festival is held in the Beach Landfill Matosinhos (Oporto), and the biggest party of the summer in the north, attracts public from around the world.
  3. 3. Nova Era Beach Party • It was on July 24, 2008 that happened to the first beach party of the New Age Radio. This lasted three days with the presence of djs with a great value at the global level, such as Tiesto, Bob Sinclar.
  4. 4. Nova Era Beach Party • In 2009 repeats the party Erick Morillo, DJ and this only took place Pacha resident just one day. of New York that leads to As featured headliner Erick red when Morillo and once again Bob thousands of Sinclar and Portuguese Pete people in all tha zouk. parties that Bob Sinclar, French sesação already passes. last year had been the headliner of the New Era Beach Party, was to show the new singles from his new CD recently released. Pete Tha Zouk, considered by many as the best national dj
  5. 5. Pete Tha Zouk• Antonio Pedro is Pete tha Zouk was born in 1978, Olhão, Portugal, Portuguese professional DJ and producer. In 2010 began on a large, Pete Tha Zouk released her new single "I am Back Again", along with Abigail Bailey (singer of several worldwide hits) and Mastercris. The singles music video was filmed on the beautiful island of Florianopolis, the prestigious Portuguese film director Leonel Vieira. On 15 August the same year, was released a CD mixed by Pete Tha Zouk and Pedro Cazanova (Lost & Found), due to musical understanding between them, and in October launched another "hit" (Check This Out). This whole set of "hits", prizes and their performances on the stages of various clubs and festivals, won him the award for Best DJ 81 of the World 2010 (DJ Mag), being the only Portuguese DJ to join this list.
  6. 6. Pete Tha Zouk• In 2008 mixed compilation "Sasha Summer Sessions," which reached the Gold Award and won another award, "Best DJ National", awarded by Awards Pete Tha Zouk is the most requested DJ in the last three, four years in Portugal, which is why created around an authentic fan base, which makes their performances are real performances of music, joy and passion. As a producer has edited a number of originals and remixes for Stereo, Low Pressings, Magna, Anodyne, among others. Brand usually present in WMC Miami. In 2005 and 2006 took home the award for DJ of the Year awarded by Portugal Night. Protagonist of one of the most promising careers of the Portuguese Djing, Pete Tha Zouk was the winner in the Dance Club Awards 2002, with the "Breakthrough DJ", winning also in 2004 edition, the categories of "Best Producer" and "Single of the year "to" Solid Texture "in partnership with DJ Vibe. By the way ... You know the meaning of Zouk? "Fusion music rhythms, Latin America and Africa using electronic instruments whose production is high-tech.