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Søren Jonas Bruun CV, January 2017


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Søren Jonas Bruun CV, January 2017

  1. 1. Søren Jonas Bruun Managing Partner,Gemstone Capital CV, 2017
  2. 2. International value creation Executive, International Business Developer, Transaction Specialist and Lead Negotiator. My background is in technology, yet I have also worked in commercial banking, corporate finance and industry. Always dedicated, ambitious and result-oriented, I act as investor, owner, board member and/or senior advisor: - Managing director and executive (+10 companies) - Successful exits (+15 IT companies) - Board member/chairman (+25 companies) - Leading negotiator (+80 transactions) I lived in Manhattan, US for 2 years and outside London with my wife and kids for 8½ years. Now based in Denmark with the family. In 2017, (co)founder of cross boarder M&A, IPO and investment company, Gemstone Capital. Value Creation Fundraising Strategy Negotiation to invest Business Development Negotiation to buy/sell Closings/ Transactions 09/01/2017 SØREN JONAS BRUUN - CV - CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. Track record TRACK RECORD from 1CT (2004-2017): Founded 1CT in 2004 with a unique business model combining investment in early stage companies with hands-on business development, exits as well as external consulting and transactions. To date (since 2004), I have negotiated and concluded 46 transactions (ref. next page), including: 2 small funds raised, 7 investments made, 1 strong exit, 3 more on horizon, several fundraisings and 23 transactions with external clients. More than 1,5bn DKK in combined transaction value. Before 2004, I was active in an even larger number of transactions and exits in the US and UK. PRIOR TRACK RECORD (1979-2005): Dedicated approach leading to major achievements in all companies. Involved in/responsible for 100+ transactions and companies. 2002-05: Gudme, Senior Advisor: succesful M&A negotiations and assignments (IT centric), local, international 2002-07: Handstep, Chairman: Pioneer in mobility, built to 30+mDKK at profits, pre-IPO valuation of 100mDKK. 1994-02: 2M Invest, Managing Director: Remarkable international investments and exits in DKs first IT venture company. 1991-94: Incentive, Vice President: DKs first private equity company, international board and strategy work, investments, exits. 1989-91: Scandinavian Industries, Vice President: Diagnosis, restructuring, exits. 1987-89: Orth Plast, Managing Director: Management buy-in/turn around, acquisitions, almost trippled in size. 1979-87: Privatbanken (now Nordea), Ass. Vice President: Early international career, commercial banking, M&A transactions, promotions. OTHER: 1996-06: Several external board positions, Chairman/member: Strong growth, strategy and exits. 1999-15: Pro-bono work as Chairman, etc. (ConnectDenmark, Danish House in London, etc.) 09/01/2017 SØREN JONAS BRUUN - CV - CONFIDENTIAL 3
  4. 4. 1CT to date: 46 transactions 23 own portfolio transactions, 1 pending 1 strong exit, 3 more in the making - out of 7 in total 05.01.2017: Launch of 27.12.2016 Menucard announces its IPO on Aktietorget 01.11.2016 Realfiction wins grant from Innovationsfonden 01.06.2016 Menucard receives pre-IPO private placement 05.01.2015 Eatcard (DK) is acquired by Menucard 01.12.2014 Menucard receives Millions and new CEO 26.11.2014 A2i Receives 5mDKK in Series A Investment 04.09.2014 A2i Systems A/S admitted to the OTC list 30.12.2014 Realfiction ApS secures external funding 20.12.2014 A2i Systems A/S secures external funding 15.08.2014 MenuCard ApS secures external funding 30.06.2014 Agreement to sell Caramba back to founder 20.02.2014 Sitexploration sold to Searcus (DK) 30.08.2012 1CT invests in Menucard (DK) 09.03.2012 HentTilbud (DK) sold to North Media (DK) 02.01.2012 1CT invests in A2I Systems (DK) 31.03.2011 1CT invests in Sitexploration (DK) 15.11.2010 1CT Invests in HentTilbud (DK) 31.05.2010 Launch of 1CTs second fund, 1CT Equity II 15.07.2009 1CT invests in Caramba Imaging (DK) 15.05.2009 1CT Invests in Mindstorm Ltd. (UK) 01.12.2008 1CT invests in Realfiction (DK) 15.04.2008 Launch of 1CT’s first fund, Ceranco SCS 23 External Transactions (10 buy side, 13 sell side) 31.08.2016 Hairtools (DK) sold to EG 26.07.2016 ExpreS2ion Biotech is IPO’ed on Nasdaq, Stockholm 01.06.2016 ExpreS2ion Biotech re-negotiates ownership structure + funding 30.06.2015 Perfion (DK) re-negotiates ownership structure 22.06.2015 NPC (DK)closed forst round of funding 20.02.2015 Medius (SE) sold to EG 02.06.2014 Tacticus (SE) sold to EG 07.06.2013 Datapro (DK) sold to EG. 07.02.2013 Unitail (SE) sold to EG 25.06.2012 A Gain (DK) sold to Inmeta Crayon (NO) 20.04.2011 Computer Services AB (SE) sold to EG 13.05.2010 ASP AS (NO) sold to EG 10.06.2009 ENERGYfront (NO) sold to EG 01.05.2009 Corvent sold to Intercall Inc. (US) 09.06.2008 DiviTech (DK) sold to Cisco (US) 20.02.2008 Thinstall sold to VMware (US) 13.09.2007 IT Gruppen (DK) sold to EG 01.09.2007 Fridrix (DK) sold to LogoPaint (DK) 29.06.2007 SQL (CH) sold to Infoniqa (Austria) 16.02.2007 Founded Gazellegrowth, won 32mDKK tender (now Accelerace, the largest accelerator in Northern Europe) 10.12.2006 SKI (DK) realized spin-off to EU-Supply (SE) 26.06.2006 Pixmantec (DK) sold to Adobe (US) 22.07.2005 KiSS Technology (DK) sold to Cisco (US) 09/01/2017 SØREN JONAS BRUUN - CV - CONFIDENTIAL 4