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Selenium Demo


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This is NS Reddy.

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Selenium Demo

  1. 1. N S Reddy… 2 In this presentation…..In this presentation…..  What do you mean by Automation?  Why should we go for Automation?  Different Automation tools… Functional Automation Performance Automation  What is Selenium?  Introduction of Selenium…  Advantages of Selenium  Disadvantages of Selenium
  2. 2. N S Reddy… 3  What do you mean by Automation? In order to overcome the drawbacks of Manual Testing and provide speed and accuracy to the existing testing process we choose Automation..
  3. 3. N S Reddy… 4 Whenever something needs to be repeatedly tested again and again then we choose Automation testing. There are so many other situations which will learn slowly. As around 60% of the companies yet to implement Automation Testing. There is a good scope in Future.  Why should we go for Automation?
  4. 4. N S Reddy… 5 Automated tool is an assistant of a Test Engineer, which works based on the instructions and information given by the Test Engineer and finally shows the result. By using a tool we can convert the manual test cases into the test scripts and can we executed on the targeted application when user required.  What is an Automated Tool?
  5. 5. N S Reddy… 6 • We can save time. By executing the test cases without manual effort. •We can reduce cost to the company. •Accuracy (Repeatable work) can be maintain by repeating the task in a same manner. Where human can’t do this. •We can identify the bugs and report the bugs. •We can ensure for Quality.  Advantages of Automation tools…
  6. 6. N S Reddy… 7 There are two types of Automation tools… Functional Automation tools  Performance Automation tools  Different Automation tools…
  7. 7. N S Reddy… 8 Testing Manual Testing Functional Testing Performance Testing  Selenium  Load Runner  QTP  J-Meter  RFT  Silk Performer  Test Partner  Water Black box Automation Testing tools are broadly divided into 2 types: Functional and Performance tools Commercial Tool: QTP Open Source Tool: SELENIUM  Different Automation tools…
  8. 8. N S Reddy… 9 Selenium is a free (open source) automated testing suite for web applications across different browsers and platforms.  It is quite similar to HP Quick Test Pro (QTP) only that Selenium focuses on automating web- based applications.  It has four components. Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Selenium Remote Control (RC) WebDriver Selenium Grid  What is Selenium?What is Selenium?
  9. 9. N S Reddy… 10  Please open “Selenium_Authors.ppt”  Selenium introduction?Selenium introduction?
  10. 10. N S Reddy… 11  Images of Selenium ComponentsImages of Selenium Components??
  11. 11. N S Reddy… 12  Difference between Selenium and QTP?Difference between Selenium and QTP? Selenium QTP 1) It is an Open source tool 1) It’s commercial tool 2) It supports Java, c#, Perl, Python, Ruby and HTML 2) It’s supports VBScript language (To buy any language licence and use it ) 3) It’s work on IE, FF, Opera, Chrome and Safari browsers 3) here only IE and Firefox 4) OS: window, Mac, Linux 4) OS: windows 5) Flexible and extendable and Web Application 5) Flexible and extendable and Web and Desktop Application 6) Support more web applications 6) it’s under development, the tool is UTF(Unified functional tool)
  12. 12. N S Reddy… 13  Open source, free to use, and free of charge.  Highly extensible and Flexibility(because of a number of programming languages, browsers, and platforms it can support)  Can run tests across different browsers  Supports various operating systems  Supports mobile devices  Can execute tests while the browser is minimized  Can execute tests in parallel. Parallel testing(something that QTP is capable of but only with use of Quality Centre)  Advantages of SeleniumAdvantages of Selenium
  13. 13. N S Reddy… 14  Can only test web applications.  Has no built-in object repository  Automates at a slower rate because it does not have a native IDE and only third party IDE can be used for development  Data-driven testing is not easier to perform because it has no built-in global and local data tables.  Cannot access elements outside of the web application under test  Doesn’t Provides professional customer support  This Free of cost server, we don’t know when the service is stopped. Disadvantages of SeleniumDisadvantages of Selenium
  14. 14. Thank YouThank You NS Reddy…NS Reddy…