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Single sign on- it’s types


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SSO simplifies the user authentication process and removes password fatigue by allowing users to remember only a single set of username and password.

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Single sign on- it’s types

  1. 1. Single Sign-On: It’s Types Submitted By: Mirian Shade
  2. 2. ● Single Sign-On simplifies the user web authentication process. ● Allows users to login to multiple websites of same business by using single credential. ● Removes password fatigue. ● The technology is highly secure and safe. PPT will explain its types: Resource:
  3. 3. Types of Single Sign-On: 1. Enterprise Single Sign-On(ESSO) 1. Web SSO(WSSO) 1. Container based SSO Resource:
  4. 4. Enterprise Single Sign-On: ● It is the most important type of SSO for the organizations. ● It comprises of central database and client’s server. ● It gives flexibility to user ID credentials into web sign-in prompt automatically. Resource:
  5. 5. Web Single Sign-On: 1. It allows users to access group of applications. 1. Mainly it reduces the fear of remembering passwords. 1. Also reduces the support help desk cost. Resource:
  6. 6. Container Based SSO: 1. It is also called limited SSO. 1. It is used only within the container. 1. In this ID credentials are only shared within the web apps that are deployed on same server. Resource: