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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Animated PPT ):- Sreedevi V.S, LIBRARIAN, Holygrcae Academy of Engineering For Women.


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Seminar on 'Modern Library Technologies' held
THRISSUR: Modern library technologies should be targeted to provide better services to the library clientele, opined Dr CT Abraham, Associate Dean, Horticulture College, Kerala Agricultural University (KAU).
He was inaugurating the seminar on 'Technology Management in Modern Libraries' jointly organised by the Kerala Library Association (KLA) and the College of Horticulture, KAU on Monday in the university compound.

KLA (Thrissur region) President Dr AT Francis presided over the function and KP Sathian, librarian of the KAU, delivered the keynote address.
C Abdul Razak, former librarian of KAU; VC John, librarian of Thejus Enginnering College, Vellarakkad and PM Biju, librarian of Quilandy Centre of Sanskrit University spoke on the occasion.
Dr P Vijayakumaran Nair, former scientist of Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI), Peechi; Vinitha Davies, librarian of St Aloysius College, Elthuruth and N Sarojam, scientist and chief librarian of KFRI were presented theme papers 'Digital Library: A Critical Survey of Packages Available', 'WiFi Networks in Libraries' and 'How to Make Available the Contents of the Journals Subscribed in the Library for Searching in Online', respectively.
KN Vijayalekshmi, librarian of the Govt. Nursing College; PD Anto, Librarian of Prajothi Nikethan College, Pudukkad; EK Mohanlal from Veterinary University; VG Siju of Cochin University; KR Nagarajan, librarian of the Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur; MC Sathi, librarian of Veterinary College, Mannuthy; KA Fincy, librarian from Valappad Grama Panchayath and
VS .Sreedevi, librarian of the Holy Grace Academy, Mala led the discussions.
(Kerala Kowmudi, Janayugam, Times of India Dated 25-10-2012)

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  • IB information technology in a global society
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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Animated PPT ):- Sreedevi V.S, LIBRARIAN, Holygrcae Academy of Engineering For Women.

  2. 2. Information Technology is Known as Information Communication Technology1. Micro film2. COM Computer Output Medium3. Video Disc4. Internet5. CD / Rom6. Electronic Resources7. Digital Library8. Virtual Library
  3. 3. IT Deals with the use of Electronic Computers & Computer Software to Convert, Store, protect, process, Transmit & Retrieve Information. The Term “ Information Technology”is used to describe the process involving recording , Processing, Storing, Retrieving , Transmitting and again recording of Information from the Feedback.
  4. 4. 1. It is an automatic identification technology2. Bar code is a predefined format of dark bars and white spaces3. Structured to contain a specific piece of information4. It allows real-time data to be collected accurately and rapidly5. Combination of barcode technology with computer and application software improves performance, productivity and profitability
  7. 7. 1. Quick and error free entry of access and membership codes2. Ensures total integrity of collected data3. No queuing up at check out/check in counters4. Avoids piling up of data entry work for counter staff5. Aids generation of suitable reminders to delinquent borrowers
  8. 8. Integrated Library Management System1. KOHA2. EvergreenDigital Library and Repositories1. Dspace2. Eprints3. Fedora4. Greenston
  9. 9. More than 15 Institutes are using KohaA good number of workshop have been conduct to promote koha.Large Academic and research libraries are also look in to koha for their library management.Delhi Public Library is the chain of public library using koha.And Big news is kerala govt declaration of using koha in all govt. library.
  10. 10. 1. Faceted Navigation2. Browse by Most Popular3. Rss Feeds4. Amazon Reviews5. Virtual Shelves Book List6. Enriched Content- Images7. Virtual Shelves Book List
  11. 11. Suite of software for building digital library collection Developed by University of Waikato, New Zealand in cooperation with UNESCO and the Human Info NGO License under GNU General Public License
  12. 12. 1. There are a good number of libraries are already using Greenstone , few of them are Archieve of Indian Labor2. Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode3. Indian Institute of Science Publication Database4. Electronics Thesis and Dissertation , IITB Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode provide support for Greenstone in South Asia details you can visit through
  13. 13. •More than 25 libraries are using Dspace forIR.•A good number of workshop and advocacyprogramming running through out in Indiato support Dspace in india Organization like DRTC, INFLIBNET aresupporting Dspace in India.
  14. 14. More than 25 libraries are using Dspace for IR.A good number of workshop and advocacy programming running through out in India to support Dspace in india Organization like DRTC, INFLIBNET are supporting Dspace in India.
  15. 15. More than 8 institution are using eprints asInstitutional Repository.Few of them are IISC, Bangalore , NALBangalore, National Center for Catalysis Research,IIT MadrasIISC, Bangalore is one of the fastest growingrepository in India and World, having collectionnear about 12,000.
  16. 16. It is an open source software to build high quality high value repository for research article, thesis , scientific data. It is Developed by School of Electronic andComputer Science, University of UK
  17. 17. 1. Greenstone (Digital Library)2. Dspace (Institutional Repository)3. Eprints (Institutional Repository)4. Koha (Library Automation and Management) These are the few software which are playing a great rule in library automation and management
  18. 18. Computer Networks are for Resource Sharing. TheDepartment of Electronics and the Department ofTelecommunication have proposed the Networks asfollows…1. EARNET :- Education and Research Computer Network2. RAILNET :- Computer Network for Railways3. BANKNET :- Computer Network for Banks4. INFLIBNET:- Information & Library Network
  19. 19. WANIt Promote Sharing of Resourcesamong the libraries in India CALBINETIt Collecting, Storing &Dissemination of Information
  20. 20. INFLIBNET has Introduced an Online Journals Service to University & College Libraries in India1. To create Online Information Service2. To Encourage Co- operation among Libraries3. To Provide Information Resource Utilization through cataloguing Inter – Library Loan Service.
  21. 21. It Provide automation facilities in the following areas…1. Acquisition and fund Accounting2. Serial Control Books & Journals3. Circulation4. User Services5. Inter Library User services6. Document Copy & Transfer Facilities7. Creation and Maintenance of Bibliographic Database.
  22. 22. NETWORK is a Processing Complexconsisting of Two or More InterconnectedComputers.INTERNET in the context of InformationStorage, Organization & Retrieval.
  23. 23. 1. Visit Websites2. Read & Post article in News Groups3. Download files to your PC4. Chat with other users online5. Create Ur Own WEBSITE6. Online Shopping and find Jobs7. Subscribe to Electronic Newsletters.8. Search the Internet Information9. Access On-line Multimedia Including Radio & Video Broadcasts10. Find Persons Details11. Send greetings to Others
  24. 24. Operating System Linux, UnixWeb Browsers Firefox, Google ChromeBlogs Wordpress,BlogspotOpen Software, PDF Creator
  25. 25. CD – ROM TECHNOLOGYIt is High Electronic Storage media.CDROM Disc is 12 cm Inn Diameter with a spindlehole measuring 1.5 cm in diameter and has a thicknessof 1.02 cm.It has 3 Type CD Database1.Bibliographic2.Full Text3.Referral
  26. 26. A simple library management system thatprovides following facilities login, register, addcategory, add / remove book, search / issuebook, return book.Library system keeps track of all the transactionthat takes place in the library .Starting frombook transaction to financial transaction
  27. 27. Online Public Access Catalogue. It is ComputerizedOnline Catalogue of the materials held in a LibraryThe Library Staff and Public can Usually access it atseveral Computer Terminals within the Library, Orfrom home Via The Internet