Squiz IUC 2010 - CPIT - Semantic Content


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Squiz International User Conference 2010

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Squiz IUC 2010 - CPIT - Semantic Content

  1. 1. displaying s semantically related content with MySou urce Matrix
  2. 2. today’ talk ’s why it’s done it s how to go about it (& what I learned) not in depth step-by-step, I created a tutorial for that: step-by- http://community.squizz.net/advanced/displaying -semantically-related-c semantically-related-content-with-stored- content-with-stored- search- search-pages
  3. 3. sema antics a way to give meaning to inform mation RDF & OWL Microformats (hCard hCalendar etc.) d,
  4. 4. wh hy? nformation foraging g if we think of people as being task (or activity) s focused, focused, we want to pr rovide an “information “information scent” scent” that will lead us sers to the information tha they are looking for.
  5. 5. wh hy? progressive disclosure is an interaction design technique that sequences t information ... across se everal screens in order to reduce feelings of overwwhelm for the user. by disclosing information progressively, you n reveal only the essentials and help the user manage the complexity of feature-rich sites... feature-
  6. 6. Metadata & Search vs TTagging & Related Asset Listi ings Firstly I had a very rea problem looking for a al solution & I had embar rked on using Tagging & Related Asset Listings but were unhappy with s, s the result (& were told so as well). I critiqued these two m mechanisms (twice) to weight up the feasibilit of each of the two ty mechanisms. There are a great num mber of disadvantages with Tagging & Related Asset Listing & only Listing, one real significant adv vantage.
  7. 7. Metadata & Search This meme was created by Tait Electronics & Squiz NZ y This meme uses; A controlled vocabulary (the T Thesaurus Asset) M t d t Schema ( Metadata S h (several us ll ) l sually) Paint Layouts Search P S h Pages ( ith stored sea h ) (with t d arches) If & when I say taggingg/labelling I mean the metadata type, not the MySource Matrix e tagging. (& not the folk ksonomy type either)
  8. 8. lets have a story e cause I like stories ;-)
  9. 9. let’s start with a user Julian
  10. 10. ... he needs a goal Kathy Julian
  11. 11. ulian, how’d tra avel! e to come to hmm, OK. e Squiz what do I nference do now? elbourne? Kathy Julian
  12. 12. great! regis g first you’ll n you ll need to register Kathy Julian
  13. 13. Goal: get to Squiz conference First Task: register for conference Remaining Tasks: get tickets sort out travel insurance book hotel b kh t l renew passport Julian ???
  14. 14. gistering for conference have any i conferenc Julian
  15. 15. gistering for conference we have a p that Julian
  16. 16. gistering for conference. But wait, ... there’s Related T inc. Tra Insuran Relate Docume Doc me
  17. 17. Hey! how vel insurance !? they know I need that Julian
  18. 18. ravel :-) a whole g goodies h Julian
  19. 19. Topic: Topic: p • Travel Related Topics: • Allowances • Conference Registtrations • Credit Cards • Foreign Currency • GST • Koha/Donation • Travel Insurance
  20. 20. Topic: Topic: • Travel Related Topics: • Allowances • Conference Registtrations • Credit Cards • Foreign Currency • GST • Koha/Donation • Travel Insurance
  21. 21. ulian, I’d to edit the It’s easy! ance web I’ll show you es, how do I do it? Jess Julian
  22. 22. ing & editing the conte ent the simple edit interface See this is i easy!! Jess
  23. 23. ing & editing the conte ent the simple edit interface No creating links! li k ! can’t go live o without one Jess
  24. 24. things to do s read my tutorial (& ask qu ti k uestions if you need t ) d to) start small with a nice easy area y pick off an area of your site that groups content together e nicely start from the bottom & work your way up the hierarchy of the site
  25. 25. things to watch o g don’t re-create the left navigation re- make a global schema onc you get a couple of areas ce i going terms/topics in one area of the business mean different f things in other areas some content i not meant to b f is be found d (I’m not kidding!)
  26. 26. where to f from here weighting of the topics/rela ated topics possibly with some s of Likert scale (1 to sort 5) ) farming the relevance f m some sort of web analytics f i th l from t f b l ti
  27. 27. Making the simple comp plicated is commonplace; p making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’ creativity. ’s - Charles Mingus
  28. 28. ulian, how’d great! hmm, OK. e to come to first you’ll n you ll need what do I e Squiz to register do now? nference? regis Kathy Julian