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Your personal fitness trainer description


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Your personal fitness trainer description

  1. 1. My job description for being your: Personal Fitness Trainer My main responsibility as your personal fitness trainer is to assess, instruct, and coach both groups and individuals in various exercises and activities. After conducting an Initial Fitness Assessment I establish a profile for each client so they have a “benchmark” to spring from; this allows me to monitor their progress so I know: where the client is coming from how they got to where they are today and serves as a basis for me to reasonably project where they will be going in the near future By continually evaluating my client’s past and present physical fitness levels I help my clients set and achieve realistic fitness goals. Some other activities I’m involved with as your personal fitness trainer also include (but not limited to): motivating clients and fellow team members assisting clients in various breathing & stretching exercises identify specific training wants & needs actively observe client’s exercise movements to minimize any risk of injury apply first aid procedures (when necessary) develop instructional fitness programs based on client’s individual needs lead various physical and recreational activities monitoring and communicating client progress demonstrate the bio-mechanics of prescribed exercises & any other physical activities In addition to the above, it’s essential for me to go over how important nutrition is with each client. About ¼ of the material I share and teach my clients are about specific nutritional practices that they are advised to follow while working with me. I’m consistently sharing new and relevant fitness/health/wellness information and other useful tools that can be used as a resource in regards to nutrition, weight control and other lifestyle issues. I train my clientele in various gyms and recreational facilities; however I prefer to work with clients on a one on one basis either at gym or in the privacy of a client's home. Since people are becoming more aware of health issues everyday and want to change the way they live, careers in personal fitness training are growing dramatically in job demand and pay range each year. If you’re interested in learning more or have any questions regarding the above than don’t delay and please contact me today.