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The State Of Social Media First Edition


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The State Of Social Media First Edition

  1. 1. The State of Social MediaFIRST EDITIONJanuary 2012Data based on US Internet browser population • 866-633-8390 •
  2. 2. The State of Social MediaFor years, industry experts and thought leaders have been advocatingfor the adoption of social media as a key component of any marketingstrategy. By now, very few marketers need to be convinced. So what’snext? How do you ensure that your social media efforts are as effectiveas possible? Like any traditional marketing channel, the answers are inthe data.The first step is to understand consumer behavior – before, during andafter their time spent using social media. Only then can you effectivelyplan your campaigns, target your message and achieve optimal results.In this report, we take a look at the numbers and analyze shifts inbehavior as it pertains to the most significant social networking sites formarketers – Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. FacebookUnique Visitors to (November 2009 to November 2011)170,000,000 Facebook is the #2 on160,000,000 the Internet with over150,000,000 800 million active140,000,000 users, half of which130,000,000 sign in everyday.120,000,000110,000,000100,000,000 09 10 0 10 0 10 10 11 1 11 1 11 11 r-1 l-1 r-1 l-1 v- n- y- p- v- n- y- p- v- Ju Ju Ma Ma No Ma No Ma No Ja Se Ja SeDid you know that as of September 2011, Internet users were spending14% of their total time online on Facebook? The MSN and the Myspaceof our current Internet age, Facebook has found a way to be the numberone referrer to sites simply because people are spending the most timethere. On the clear up and up, Facebook garnered over 160,000,000unique visits in November 2011, with a growth rate of 2.47% from themonth prior and 22.75% year over year. But what does this all mean formarketers? How can you interact with Facebook and use it to garnertraffic, cultivate new customers, and engage with existing ones? Checkout the data and analysis below to take the first step in understandingthe ins and outs of Facebook and how you might use this to yourcompetitive • 866-633-8390 • pg.2
  3. 3. KeywordsSelected Keyword Referrals for (November 2011)Keyword Search Referrals Share Average Time Index Total Time Indexlogin facebook 0.05% 2.20 5.61yahoo mail 0.05% 2.17 5.41craigslist 0.05% 2.17 4.60facebook login 0.04% 2.47 5.04fcebook 0.04% 3.15 5.99facebook login help 0.04% 2.61 4.73ebay 0.04% 2.61 4.68facebook 0.04% 2.63 4.57faebook 0.04% 2.23 0.04% 3.73 6.15welcome to facebook 0.03% 1.84 3.04acebook 0.03% 2.43 0.03% 2.36 3.65gmail 0.03% 2.42 3.72faebook login 0.03% 2.37 0.03% 2.99 4.29farmville 0.03% 2.62 3.75We as marketers too often get tunnel vision when it comes to searchmarketing. We tend to care about the keywords that we rank high in and Facebook garneredthe ones working well in our industry. If we were to stop there, however,we would surely miss out on many key insights tucked in Compete over 160 millionPRO’s data. Often times, when beginning to analyze a platform forpotential advertisement or marketing engagements, it’s best to examine unique visits inwhich keywords have successfully driven traffic to their site, and of those November 2011,referrals, what percentage is Paid Share and what percentage isNatural Share. growing 22.75%As we can see, Facebook is seeing many referrals keywords like “yahoo year over year.mail”, “craigslist”, “ebay”, “”, “gmail”, and “youtube”, all brandkeywords not associated with their own brand. Here we uncover thatFacebook sees these companies as assets to its brand, in whateverregard, and it feels that investing in connections between Facebook andthese sites will further its success. A marketer running a multi-channelcampaign centered around Facebook may want to start with one ofthese affiliated sites as to increase the visibility of the entire campaign.Examples of this could be sending out a complementary email campaignlinking to your Facebook page or creating a video on your YouTubechannel that you host on your Facebook page. When Facebook isfooting the bill, it’s wise to order everything on the • 866-633-8390 • pg.3
  4. 4. Referring SitesTop Growing Site Referrals for (November 2011)Site Industry Category Visits +/- +/- (%) Incoming Change in Share (%) Messaging and Chat 925,326 702,076 314.48% 0.03% Electronics 1,018,309 601,489 144.30% 0.03% Children & Baby Needs 864,082 480,271 125.13% 0.03% Mass Merchant & 3,867,318 1,967,254 103.54% 0.12% 110.07% Department Mass Merchant & 807,494 355,886 78.80% 0.03% 84.89% Department Mass Merchant & 1,530,295 619,777 68.07% 0.05% 73.31% Department Specialty Portals & Search 1,721,009 626,354 57.22% 0.05% Mass Merchant & 906,597 292,616 47.66% 0.03% 52.91% Department Local Search 948,834 296,214 45.39% 0.03% Mass Merchant & 6,189,302 1,868,821 43.25% 0.20% 47.79% Department StoreExamining sites that direct visitors to Facebook is an important practicefor an online marketer looking to create social engagement with theircustomers or prospects. Sites that send many referrals to Facebookcould be great examples of brands running successful social campaignslinked with a Facebook page and thus building their engagement withusers, ultimately increasing their chances of conversion and retention.Another situation that might be occurring is that the site is successfully As Facebook’sgetting online users to create social chatter online via Facebook, which number one referrerboosts the brand’s publicity. in November 2011,As the number one referrer to Facebook, is a site to watch.As a compiler of personalized user interests, Meebo helps Internet users is a sitenavigate through the web and share content relevant to them. Withadvertising as a component of their business, it might be wise for those to watch.looking to run a Facebook campaign to advertise through Meebo.As we can see above, the majority of the top growing referrers areactually retail sites. Given that this data was pulled smack dab inthe middle of the holiday season, this comes as no surprise. Insteadof making an industry vs. industry analysis, this data gives us theopportunity to examine who across the retail industry is having successincreasing their Facebook interactions and what their methods are fordoing • 866-633-8390 • pg.4
  5. 5. Also, it is interesting to note the success that an education-basedgaming site is having in connecting with Facebook users. At #11, holds .02% of the share of site referrals toFacebook. We often see referral connections between gaming sites andFacebook which might inspire brands to think about creating a relatedonline game themselves. If you are a retailer, maybe you would want tothink about building a holiday themed game showcasing your brand orproducts and sync it with Facebook for social growth and engagement.Outgoing TrafficTop Growing Site Destinations for (November 2011)Destination Site Industry Category Monthly Outgoing Share Change in Mass Merchant and Department Store 0.20% MMORPG Games 0.08% Specialty Portals and Search 0.16% Mass Merchant and Department Store 0.07% Mass Merchant and Department Store 0.35% Blogging Services 0.37% Online Leisure Gaming 0.09% Free Software/Downloads/AddIns 0.06% Think of Facebook Videos 0.15% Personal Networking 1.31% 3.42%Since Facebook is the #2 site on the Internet with over 800 million as a giant pondactive users, half of which sign in everyday, it is extremely important for filled with fishmarketers to understand how their brands can integrate genuinely andsuccessfully into this social powerhouse. As an online marketer, how are and your onlineyou going to meet your customers and potential customers where theyspend the most time and furthermore, how are you going to then entice marketing strategythose users to make your page the next stop in their session? Think as the fishing poleof Facebook as a giant pond filled with fish and your online marketingstrategy as the fishing pole and lure. If you’re, Pinterest, and lure.Blogspot, Wooga, or Insta.gram, you’re either new to the neighborhood,upgraded your equipment last month, or changed your technique. Ifyou’re Walmart, Target, or Amazon, maybe it’s just the perfect seasonfor you.Since blogging service websites such as Blogspot (Destination #6) andTumblr (Destination #12) have seen recent success in referrals fromFacebook, think about starting a company blog if you haven’t already.Since Facebook is home to short status updates, it gives to reason thatthe syndication of more engaging content—like blog posts—would dowell to drive traffic to your site from Facebook. If you already have ablog, don’t forget to incorporate Facebook share buttons and regularlyshare your own content across company • 866-633-8390 • pg.5
  6. 6. At #8, is, at its core, efficiently and simplistically integratedinto various social channels. Increasing in popularity and referrals fromFacebook, Insta.gram site isn’t even home to the application. Users onthe site are redirected to the App Store in order to utilize the program. Itbecomes apparent that users are interested in documenting their livesvisually in real time. As an online marketer, you may want to create anInsta.gram account yourself and document daily life at your office, yourcity, and industry related events. Also, you could host an Insta.gramcontest based on a relevant theme and promote this heavily throughyour business’s Facebook page. Google+Unique Visitors to in the US (June to November 2011)16,000,00014,000,00012,000,00010,000,000 Just months 8,000,000 after launching, 6,000,000 Google+ saw nearly 15 million 4,000,000 2,000,000 0 unique visitors in November 2011. Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 (US only)Launched June 28, 2011 as an “invitation only” social platform, theworld waited with anticipation to see just how “circles,” “hangouts,” and“sparks” might change the social media game. Marketers jumped overto the drawing board to see just how they could pioneer themselveswith this new tool to a more engaged and bountiful social horizon. Whilemuch is still left up to the imagination, the launch of brand Google+Pages on November 7, 2011 has cut out an official place for onlinemarketers to set up shop and continue to promote their brands andengage with potential customers in new and evolving ways. The factthat Google+ is so young makes our analysis of how people are gettingto the social site and where they are going all the more exciting. Let’scheck it out! • 866-633-8390 • pg.6
  7. 7. KeywordsKeyword Referrals for (November 2011)Destination Site Number of Referralsgoogle plus 40,259google 30,919google+ 16,804google + 5,131billy rios 4,854gmail 4, 4,550beau hayden 4,395boulton hayden 4,029googleplus 3,540Although most of the top keyword referrals are naturally associated withthe Google+ brand, we noticed a fair share of proper names in the topsearch terms, leading us to believe that much like LinkedIn, Google+will be heavily focused on personalization. We are also eager to see inthe coming months whether or not there will be an increase of searchterms with “+” tacked on, given the new functionality to search “NAME/BRAND NAME +” in Google and be automatically redirected to the givenGoogle+ page. Marketers should be aware of the unique integration of Marketers shouldtheir Google+ pages into the Google search algorithm. be aware of theReferring Sites unique integration ofTop Growing Site Referrals for (November 2011)Destination Site Change in Share Google+ pages 200.64% the Google 199.84% 199.70% 198.66%In the first 6 months of Google+, brands have tried to figure out how andwhy they are going to get people to interact with their Google+ pages.Given that Pages were just released this past November, this data isperhaps the most telling for brands because it shows who has increasedtheir referrals to Google+ the most since the addition. Companies onthe list above might be successful in directing users to their Google+page by inviting them to a hangout or other social campaign, or maybethey are good at getting others to share their content on Google+, withperhaps a prominent Google+ share • 866-633-8390 • pg.7
  8. 8. Outgoing TrafficTop Site Destinations for (November 2011)Destination Site Number of 202,698, 19,064, 8,122, 6,726, 3,398, 2,794, 2,378, 2,365, 2,283, 2,281,328How are marketers capitalizing on an engaging Google+ Page andconverting visitors into leads? We took to our destination data to seewhich sites people were going to after Google+ in month of November.Unsurprisingly, we see that many of the top sites are also in the topdestinations from Google+. That piece of data isn’t insignificant by anymeans; it just reinforces the idea that as a company you should havea strong presence on the top players in the social media game so thatthere is a chance to build upon the relationship you’re forming with usersat every step of their browsing session.Aside from this, we see that,, and It’s time to are all retailers that Google+ has redirected visitors to. Itwould be interesting to research the kinds of campaigns and strategies utilizing the Google+these companies may be implementing in order to cultivate traffic fromGoogle+. In addition, is an interesting destination, as share button.we may infer that syndicating blog content through Google+ is aneffective • 866-633-8390 • pg.8
  9. 9. LinkedInUnique Visitors to (November 2009 to November 2011)30,000,00025,000,00020,000,00015,000,00010,000,000 5,000,000 0 09 10 0 10 10 10 10 11 1 11 11 11 11 r-1 r-1 v- n- y- l- p- v- n- y- l- p- v- Ju Ju Ma Ma No Ma No Ma No Ja Se JaLinkedIn, the social network for professionals, has been growing steadily Sesince it was created, and following a nearly $8 billion IPO this spring,has seen even more rapid growth. Garnering roughly 25,000,000unique visitors in November 2011, LinkedIn is clearly a social force to bereckoned with and should not be discounted by their larger competitors. As of November 2011,Advertisers have a great market available to them with LinkedIn; as ofNovember 2011, 58% percent of the visitors to made 58% of visitors toover $60k and 30% made over $100k! How will LinkedIn factor into your madecompetitive intelligence strategy? Read on to find out!Keywords over $60k and 30%Keyword Referrals for (November 2011) made over $100k.Keyword Search Paid Share Natural Average Time Total Time Referrals Share Index Index Shareweyland chan 0.02% - - 0.35 0.04james barney shaw 0.02% - - 0.18 0.02michelle chen odwalla 0.02% - - 0.84 0.09edward mugits 0.02% - - 2.3 0.25kurt meyer seattle 0.02% - - 17.05 1.77george kottayil 0.02% - - 1.12 0.11acuson and sales rep 0.02% - - 4.3 0.43and los angelesodwalla accountant 0.02% - - 0.3 0.03jim del ciello 0.02% - - 5.78 0.56salarius pharmaceuticals 0.02% - - 2.53 0.24james stoodt 0.02% - - 2 0.19link in 0.02% 0.00% 100.00% 1.23 0.11linkedln 0.02% 79.99% 20.01% 1.97 0.18norma jeanne sewell 0.02% - - 1.08 0.1susan cook, texas 0.02% - - 1.35 0.12stella and dot tax analyst 0.02% - - 1.02 0.09alex legrande 0.02% - - 11.28 0.99french vocabulary 0.02% - - 0.02 • 866-633-8390 • pg.9
  10. 10. As opposed to Facebook’s referrals, which come mostly from countlessmisspellings of their brand name, LinkedIn’s keywords tell a morepersonal story. Instead of searching for brands and companies, peopleseem to be searching for specific names when they arrive at One potential option for marketers to take advantage of thistrend is to communicate more with customers through LinkedIn.Like Facebook, LinkedIn gives marketers the advantages of talkingto someone who is using his or her real name, but Facebook’s usersare less likely to be interested in B2B products, simply because theirage range is much wider and many people consider their Facebookaccounts to be too personal to deal with a slew of marketing materials.Researching and connecting with prospects with LinkedIn is a great wayto personally tailor your sales and marketing messages for individuals.Referring SitesTop Growing Site Referrals for (November 2011)Site Industry Category Visits +/- +/- (%) Incoming Change in Share (%) Job Search 26,977 17,982 199.91% 0.04% Miscellaneous 20,237 12,758 170.58% 0.03% Department Store 31,739 19,790 165.62% 0.04% E-cards 19,313 11,739 154.99% 0.03% 178.02%organizationdirect. Miscellaneous 28,243 17,058 152.51% 0.04% 174.07% Keywords Videos 16,439 9,774 146.65% 0.02% 168.75% traffic to Coupon and Bargain 20,445 11,595 131.02% 0.03% 150.47% Search are personal— Miscellaneous 17,895 10,083 129.07% 0.02% News: World 17,450 9,778 127.45% 0.02% 146.24% are specific people’ Electronics 19,210 10,259 114.61% 0.03% 133.33% names.The holiday season officially begins in November for most retailers, butLinkedIn may have also seen some interesting holiday-style use thisyear. The social network has seen a large rise in referrals from retail sitessince October 2011, perhaps due to people looking for seasonal holidaywork at retail stores. Add into the mix sites like and, and It may be a safe bet that people are starting to use LinkedInas a primary social network—including both personal and professionalneeds—and sharing deals and products with their LinkedIn connections.Marketers should consider using LinkedIn to promote B2C and B2Bproducts through advertising and other promotions. As mentionedabove, LinkedIn is a great tool to personalize marketing campaigns foryour customers and prospective clients and staying current with howpotential customers use social media outlets like LinkedIn is a criticalcomponent of how they will buy what you’re • 866-633-8390 • pg.10
  11. 11. Outgoing Traffic Top Growing Site Destinations for (November 2011) Destination Site Industry Category Monthly Outgoing Change in Share Share General Portals and Search 0.06% 143.14% Magazines: Business 0.08% 134.17% Business 0.07% 60.51% Personal Networking 0.10% 54.11% News: Business 0.31% 51.38% Job Search 0.97% 48.72% Blogging Services 0.08% 45.93% Job Search 0.06% 44.49% Freight and Storage 0.09% 43.36% Shopping Search 0.06% 42.56%As noted above, it seems like the more users that join LinkedIn, themore that it’s becoming a social network like Facebook rather thanexclusively professional focused. By the increase in news sites gettingtraffic from LinkedIn, it’s pretty clear that people are sharing interestingarticles with their co-workers and friends. Additionally, as the growth has exploded in recent months, people seem to be usingLinkedIn as an outlet for sharing their personal blogs in addition tobusiness focused ones. For marketers, in similar fashion to how theyare using Facebook, should be starting to see LinkedIn as a personal The line betweenplatform as well. personal and professional Twitter networking is blurring.Unique Visitors to (November 2009 to November 2011)40,000,00038,000,00036,000,00034,000,00032,000,00030,000,00028,000,00026,000,00024,000,00022,000,00020,000,000 09 10 0 10 0 0 10 11 1 11 1 11 11 r-1 l-1 -1 r-1 l-1 v- n- y- v- n- y- p- v- p Ju Ju Ma Ma No Ma No Ma No Ja Se Ja • 866-633-8390 • pg.11
  12. 12. With their recently announced brand pages and expansion of promotedtweets and users, Twitter is becoming a more valuable marketing toolthan ever before. By the explosive growth seen on the chart above, it’sclear that Twitter is not going anywhere and brands should absolutelyconsider making Twitter a part of their marketing strategies if theyhaven’t already. With over 140 million tweets sent every day, Twitter isbecoming an invaluable component of any content marketing strategy.Keywords Keyword Referrals for (November 2011) Keyword Search Paid Share Natural Share Average Time Total Time Referrals Share Index Index kim kardashian twitter 0.09% 0 1 0.65 0.25 kamron mostofi twitter 0.09% 0.0477 0.9523 0.16 0.06 justin bieber 0.09% 0.0089 0.9911 0.96 0.34 justin bieber twitter 0.08% 0 1 0.45 0.15 india westbrooks 0.08% - - 0.76 0.25 jsarge10 on twitter 0.08% - - 0.21 0.07 leann rimes 0.07% 0 1 2.58 0.8 hatecheaters23 0.07% - - 2.81 0.87 twitter home page 0.07% 0 1 3.07 0.94 0.07% 0 1 0.52 0.16 channinbaby 0.07% - - 1.04 0.3 With over 140 sam khan twitter 0.07% - - 0.61 0.17 kingjughead 0.07% - - 0.08 0.02 million tweets every kim kardashian kasey mann 0.07% 0.07% 0 0 1 1 0.4 0.34 0.11 0.09 day, Twitter is an brandi glanville 0.06% - - 2.08 0.56 invaluable part of any twiiter 0.06% 0 1 1.16 0.31 ashley spivey on twitter 0.06% - - 1.75 0.47 content marketingSearching for celebrities is one of the most important search drivers to strategy.Twitter. Twitter handles in the top 30 search referrals reveal names likeChris Brown, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Leann Rimes, and JustinBieber. This is important to note for marketers as celebrity partnershipswith their brands may be a viable option to drive even more traffic. Withthe additional promotion of these Twitter power users, and even minorcelebrities, brands will likely see a lift in interest to their websites. Alsointeresting to marketers is that some celebrity keywords like “justin bieber”are paid for by Twitter. They certainly know who their power users are, andby using competitive intelligence tools like Compete PRO, marketers cansee who Twitter is trying to promote and take advantage of • 866-633-8390 • pg.12
  13. 13. Referring Sites Top Growing Site Referrals for (November 2011) Site Industry Category Visits +/- +/- (%) Incoming Change in Share (%) Share Videos 49,354 32,791 197.98% 0.02% 185.88% Videos 1,160,557 762,280 191.39% 0.57% 181.50% Dictionary/Thesaurus/ 125,373 74,157 144.79% 0.06% 136.78% Encyclopedia Local Search 88,852 51,723 139.31% 0.04% 131.75% Music 43,821 24,371 125.30% 0.02% 118.18% Electronics 76,006 41,152 118.07% 0.04% 110.67% Geriatrics 44,325 22,930 107.17% 0.02% 100.00% Personal Networking 85,962 44,076 105.23% 0.04% 98.13% Shopping Search 132,272 66,715 101.77% 0.07% 95.21% Fashion and Style 42,665 20,294 90.72% 0.02% 84.21%As we’re sure you’ve guessed, Twitter is a great place for people toshare multimedia content, and the list of site referrals to Twitter.comcertainly reflects that. By producing more unique content, marketersare sure to appeal to Twitter users who are likely to share that contentwith their peers. Videos are of particular interest to Twitter users, anddriving more traffic to Twitter than ever before. Content marketersshould start to consider videos to be an important part of their contentstrategies and become more involved with popular platforms likeYouTube, Crackle, and Mevio. Content marketersOutgoing Traffic take note: Twitter Top Growing Site Destinations for (November 2011) Destination Site Industry Category Monthly Outgoing Share Change in Share has become a Miscellaneous Messaging and Chat 0.08% 0.06% 817.78% 262.05% media haven. Videos 0.42% 232.05% Personal Networking 0.08% 138.82% Music/Video 0.07% 67.65% File Sharing Specialty Portals 0.12% 48.61% and Search Entertainment and Celebrity 0.13% 47.54% Blogs Free Software/Downloads/ 0.70% 40.80% AddIns Music/Video File Sharing 0.06% 28.89% Blogging Services 0.13% 26.06%Similar to incoming referrals, destination sites are primarily populatedwith multimedia, specifically videos and music. Again, a great way formarketers to take advantage of this is to develop a more robust contentstrategy to include videos and music. One of the most interestingincreases in change in share is Pinterest. What was—only a few monthsago—a small social aggregation site has developed into what is sure tosoon be a social media powerhouse. Marketers should be encouragingthe use of Pinterest by their customers to aggregate content and jump onthe Pinterest train while they can still be seen as an innovative social • 866-633-8390 • pg.13
  14. 14. About CompeteCompete, a Kantar Media company, helps the world’s top brandsimprove their marketing based on the online behavior of millions ofconsumers. Leading advertisers, agencies and publishers rely onCompete’s products and services to create engaging online experiencesand highly profitable advertising campaigns. Compete’s online panel —the largest in the industry — makes the web as ingrained in marketingas it is in people’s lives. Become a fan on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ Join our group on LinkedIn Subscribe to us on YouTubeThis report is part one of a series that will take you inside the most importantchannels available to marketers and shed light on how and why changes inconsumer behavior should influence our approach to marketing. Stay tuned forthe next update! • 866-633-8390 • pg.14