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Mobile monetization and engagement

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Beclub for publishers

  1. 1. WHAT IS BEINTOO? Beintoo is a monetization and engagement platform that offers website and mobile application developers the opportunity to create their own loyalty program in partnership with real-world retailers. Developers monetize on their user engagement, which is rewarded in Bedollars, a cross-brand virtual currency. The user can then redeem Bedollars for real-world offers. Join the revolution in mobile monetization
  2. 2. At Beintoo, our goal is to provide Developers with a means to create and maintain user engagement while increasing revenues via participating Sponsors. Our solution enables developers to build their own loyalty program in partnership with their own or with Beintoo’s retail partners in order to best match their app’s theme and audience. Bring users to the program by allowing them to earn Bedollars for goals completed within your app. Each goal or in-app challenge can be subsidized by Sponsors, offering you with a unique monetization opportunity while maintaining an entertaining user experience. YOUR CUSTOM LOYALTY PROGRAM
  3. 3. BEDOLLAR EARN BEDOLLAR SPEND BEDOLLAR EARN App Publishers issue Bedollars for in-game achievements, missions or behaviors, e.g. reaching a new highest score Beintoo members spend their Bedollars on real world rewards with their favorite brands! Brands issue Bedollars to reward off- or online behaviors, e.g. store visits or purchases THE BEINTOO MOBILE ECOSYSTEM
  5. 5. 3. IN!GAME CHALLENGES Players will be presented with the opportunity to complete a challenge related to the game 2.IN!APP PURCHASES Each time members make a purchase in the apps, they will be rewarded with Bedollars REWARDING USER ENGAGEMENT The program described in this presentation aims to add new features to your titles and boost monetization in a way that enhances users’s gaming experience. Beintoo members will benefit from various rewards and will be able to earn Bedollars in five ways: 4.BRANDED MISSIONS Members will be able to journey on missions to partner retailer stores to increase their Balance 1. IN!APPACHIEVEMENTS Each time members unlock an achievement set by developers, they will be rewarded with Bedollars 5.PURCHASESAT PARTNERS In-store purchases at participating retailers will be rewarded with Bedollars
  6. 6. IN APP ACHIEVEMENTS Members are rewarded every time they reach a good result in the apps. Retailers can sponsor the Bedollars users earn to reward their achievements in the apps, which users will be able to use towards numerous valuable perks. Monetization: Retailers pay for the Bedollars issued
  7. 7. IN APP PURCHASES Members are rewarded every time they purchase items in the apps. Beintoo’s loyalty program helps to facilitate and drive user spend in your games. With Beintoo, users will be able to earn Bedollars each time they make an in-app purchase and redeem them in real world rewards. Congrats! You’ve earned 10 Bedollars. Monetization: Retailers pay for the Bedollars issued
  8. 8. Monetization: Retailers pay for the Bedollars issued for challenges and for in-store purchases IN GAME CHALLENGE Sponsored challenges gamify brand experiences by setting goals for members using your apps. To reward their achievements within the challenge, players are presented with exclusive brand offers and also with Bedollars redeemable for real-world benefits.
  9. 9. BRANDED MISSIONS Members are invited to unlock achievements even outside the apps. Members will be able to find offers and Bedollars sponsored by brands they can unlock for completing missions set by brands. Monetization: Retailers pay for each Bedollar and reward issued
  10. 10. PURCHASES AT PARTNERS Create a customized loyalty program by establishing a true network among your users and your partner brands. Within the Beclub section, members will be invited to link their credit card details to their Beintoo account in order to receive Bedollars each time they make a payment at your participating partner retailer. Monetization: Sponsors pay for every Bedollar issued at every purchase at Sponsor store.
  11. 11. THE BESTORE Present your virtual goods in the Bestore and allow members to redeem them for bedollars. Members will be encouraged to increase their Bedollar balance to gain access to better offers. As our members increasingly engage brands available in the Bestore, they will receive even more exclusive deals.
  13. 13. EXTENDING YOUR MONETIZATION CHANNEL Promotion through Mobile and Networks BeClub in SDK BeClub App Keep monetizing on members who use the Beclub app. The Beclub app gather online and offline missions to drive engagement, purchases and advocacy to Beintoo Sponsors. In the Beclub app, members can also find the widest range of offers they can redeem with the Bedollars they earned in the whole Beintoo network.
  15. 15. MONETIZATION SCHEME The model relies on sponsor funding, of which 40% is reinvested in rewards and the remainder is split 50/50 with the app developer Increased spend and loyalty 40% of Sponsor revenues allocated to funding Rewards and other benefits of your users Increased Engagement and In-App Purchases $$ Gross Margin from sponsor revenues split 50/50 with App Developer Impressions and Traffic
  16. 16. THE CASE OF APP DEVELOPERS Access Beintoo Sponsor marketing budgets through Reward-based Display Ads Offer users In-Game Rewards, paid by third parties Benefit from your users’ in-store spend through sponsored Navigation Campaigns MONETIZATION Acquire paying users from Beintoo’s member base Convert non-paying users by rewarding profitable behaviors Increase average user spend through rewards and targeted incentives ENGAGEMENT AND LOYALTY
  18. 18. SUMMARY AND NEXT STEPS Beintoo is excited about the opportunity to contribute to your success of your apps. We envisage a partnership whereby our partner Developers get full access to Beintoo’s powerful engagement and monetization tools to grow revenues. Developers will benefit in three ways: -  Have the opportunity to retain more users - Increased monetization from their existing user base - Monetize outside their apps online and offline As next steps, we propose: -Agree on partnership structure -Draft user journey -Develop joint business case