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Kitchen Aid Advisory Brief Presentation


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This is my first presentation I made for school. It is a little different than a creative brief in that it focuses more on the brand rather than the consumer.

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Kitchen Aid Advisory Brief Presentation

  1. 1. A Current Look at the Brand
  2. 2. A Current Look at the Brand
  3. 3. Overview Established 1919 A Whirlpool Company Variety of Products
  4. 4. Brand Essence all -m or and ak - m f r es ak d B ne d liv es ig he s s es co e li ea ok D b - ta sie in ls s r- gf oo - E - Value Consumers - Cause trend T s lo un n e ok he nc c ia - Quality - Impression sg it l -Energy Consumption oo - K pp d -A Quality -F n ive -O ee lr ea ct l a - C ttr ive - Designed looks - Variety of Products wn ela - Clean - Affordable - Quality st - A ns so - Im xed - Accessible li a d pe m po - et im he x hi rta Str in lis - E ng nt ess les - M - Po ell wo ek ing d w rth s le h ne wh - S res sig ile ef De R - -
  5. 5. Audience Urban - Rural Women ages 60+ Women ages 31-59 Women ages 18-30 Men ages 18-30
  6. 6. Consumer Brand Relationship Product Loyalty Reinforcement
  7. 7. Competitors Client Competitor Competitor Competitor Product Kitchen Aid Electrolux Cuisinart LG Product Category High­end Appliances High­end Appliances High­end Cookware and High­end Appliances Appliances !"#$%&'()*(%+,' Family oriented pepole Established people seek­ All people who are seek­ Well­off young hipsters, who seek quality at a ing the latest in appli­ ing differnt from the oth­ who want to be differ­ value price. ance technology. ers, at a value price. ent. Message Kitchen Aid will make Electrolux will make your Cuisinart will make you LG will make you Argument your food better. life easier. from cook to chef. stand out from the crowd. Ad Idea “For the way it’s “Thinking of you” “Savor the good life” “Life’s Good” made” Execution http://www. http://www. http://www. http://www. watch?v=FDbS5sEmK0U watch?v=PDBMHz1Dthw watch?v=DLTYq0SV­uw watch?v=iPMIaq1po90 Media Notes TV ­ Print ­ Online TV ­ Print TV ­ Print ­ Online TV ­ Print ­ Online
  8. 8. Strengths Established Brand Variety of Products Value Designed for all Accessible Cause
  9. 9. Weaknesses Many competitors Classic mixer Affordability Energy
  10. 10. Opportunities Value Audience Products Technology Brand name use Energy
  11. 11. Threats Quality vs. Value Market presence Technology Energy Customer Reviews
  12. 12. Trends Meals at home Heath consciousness “Going Green” Frugal Living Technology Fads Quick use appliances Rarely used items Cook’n Freeze Classes
  13. 13. Social Aging Population Quality as status symbol Cooking Desire Peer Pressure
  14. 14. Technology Smart Home Advancing Technology Obsolete Technology
  15. 15. Economical Increase cost of food Recession Going Green Strength of USD
  16. 16. Environment GE Produce Energy Efficiency
  17. 17. Political Increased or additional food tax Expensive Energy
  18. 18. Drawing Conclusions Energy Efficiency Technology