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Dubble Bubble Positioning Strategy


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This is my student work on the difficult brand of Dubble Bubble and how they can reposition themselves among the vast competition in the bubble gum world.

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Dubble Bubble Positioning Strategy

  1. 1. Strategic Analysis
  2. 2. Overview Goal Brand History Competitive Research Analysis Consumer Strategy
  3. 3. Goal Differentiate Dubble Bubble •New target 25-35 adults •Fun factor •Connect with the kid inside
  4. 4. A Brand History The first bubble gum Walter Diemer accidently created Dubble Bubble DB given as WWII rations Sold to Tootsie Roll First bubble blowing contest 1928 1942 1954 2004 1930 1950 1998 2005 Dub & Bub mini Mini comics now features Pud Sold to Concord Confections Last bubble comics in every piece blowing contest
  5. 5. Dubble Bubble Features and Benefits
  6. 6. Competitive Change The Caregiver The Explorer Belonging Independence The Regular Guy The Advocate The Creator The Jester The Hero Stability
  7. 7. Trends Industry Bubble gum is for kids New soft chew bubble gum Unstated expectation Sugar-Free Messaging Bubble gum is fun Different Flavors Bubble gum is for kids
  8. 8. What I did Lurked on Facebook 3 one-on-one interviews for 2 weeks Wrote and distributed Explored competitors an online survey websites Observed Listened to online Cub Foods (30 mins) chatter and Tweets Super America(10 mins) Ridgedale Mall (1hour)
  9. 9. What I found Bubble gum is... a color a flavor a metaphor a story a machine Who’s talking... Teens and Tweens What are they saying “I was playing in the street with my toy water pistol one day when I was about 7. Then, I got the brilliant idea that if I stuck “i eat gum probably 8 times a day but my teeth r still healthy and clean” a piece of green bubble gum - mixed with fresh tar that had just been poured on the “I LOVE BUBBLE GUM BUT I GOT BRACES!!!! :(“ street - down inside my squirt gun, it would blow a bubble if I pulled the trigger. But it “I only eat sugarfree gum...” didn't work. That was the end of that squirt gun!”
  10. 10. What I found People watching at Cub • Observed for 30 min. Monday 5pm • Sneeky aisle set-up • Women shoppers and grocery lists • Grocery shopping = chore • 1 purchase
  11. 11. What I found People watching at SA • Observed for 10 min. Wed. 5pm • About 10 people in line, 1 gum purchase • Candy aisle = kids • POP displays = adults • Uncomfortable and in a hurry
  12. 12. What I found People watching at Ridgedale • Observed for 1 hour, Tus. 6pm • Sugar Mama • Children instigated purchase • Immediate consumption • Gum = pink • Excused dad • Opportunity vs. Obstacle
  13. 13. What I found One-on-one Interviews “I don’t chew bubble gum because it has too much sugar in it.” “I remember when I got bubble gum in my hair and my mom had to cut 3 inches off to get it out.” “I hate it when I get gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe.” “ABC gum”
  14. 14. Survey Results Average age of participant 27 Gum is chewed Snack Preference 50 37.5 8% 25% 8% 33% 33% percent 25 8% 12.5 17% 16% 25% 0 25% Sometimes Often Every Time Gum Rarely Gum offered Gummie Bears Sometimes Gum accepted Friut or Veggies Often Chocolate Everyday Baked Goods Salty Snacks Most recalled gum brand most important aspect of gum Stride Most common answer Longevity and Flavor Bubble Gum = Pink
  15. 15. What does it mean?
  16. 16. Pink
  17. 17. Art
  18. 18. Playful
  19. 19. Sharing
  20. 20. Social
  21. 21. Conversation
  22. 22. Consumer Profile Demo: Men ages 25-35, More affluent, “firsts” stage of life, skewed married with young children, Suburban dweller, corporate American Media Consumption TV, Social Media, Special Interest magazines I use gum for... Stress relief Reduce cravings Keeping my teeth healthy Clean my mouth/breath I shop “When offered gum I take it to be nice, even if I don’t want it.” “I used to chew bubble gum as a kid.” “Bubble gum has too much sugar.” Consumer learning If at a party... Friends testimonies drinking wine, because it is Reviews of products online sophisticated, but really wants a beer Tutorials on YouTube Search Engines
  23. 23. Insight Gum is an invitation
  24. 24. Come mingle in the social bubble
  25. 25. Come mingle in the social bubble Invite Socialize Share Experiences Engage Conversation Involved
  26. 26. Creative Brief Problem Clear separation between bubble gum and chewing gum. We need to re- excite the audience about Dubble Bubble and find an emotional appeal to share with others. Audience Men ages 25-35 who occasionally chew gum. In their “first” stages of life. Motivated by stress reducing activities Feel the need to impress society Insight Conversations are instigated by gum. We need to find a bridge between mint gum and bubble gum, where one feels formal and other feels laid-back and friendly. Strategy Come mingle in the social bubble.
  27. 27. Questions?