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  1. 1. During the The King and Queen Columbus named the Renaissance a time of Spain sponsored Island San Salvador. period of learning a his voyage. After 30 He made four book about India and voyages claiming days he landed in Asia by Marco Polo parts of North and what is now the was published. This South America in the Caribbean mistakenly book inspired the name of Spain still thinking he was in Italian Sailor believing it was India. India. He referred to Columbus to search This triggered others the Taino as " for a new route to Asia to explore the unsuspicious and by traveling west Americas. generous with what they posses."
  2. 2. Columbus discovery Native Americans Due to the high lead to the transfer gained some new mortality rate of of people, plants, trade networks but enslaved Natives animals, and in many cases the Spanish diseases, called the imported slaves often died from Columbian from Africa to the Exchange. diseases such as Caribbean to mine Europeans gained small pox, were gold and raise sugar many advantages enslaving by cane. such as Corn, Europeans and potatoes, and land. converted to Christianity .
  3. 3. After Columbus, in Because he came with The Spanish were 1519 Spain sent 500 soldiers, metal offended by the soldiers called armor, horses and Aztec's religious conquistadors to guns and the deadly rituals. Aided by conquer the small pox many Native American America's and find mistook Cortez for a rivals they defeated God. The Spanish the ruler Montezuma gold. Cortez was the were amazed the Aztec and defeated the first to conquer a lived in a floating city Aztec. They headed group called the in a lake with high Aztecs in the city North looking for temples. . Tenochtitlan in more gold. Mexico
  4. 4. In 1532, Pizarro Juan Ponce de Leon Coronado goes from aided by small pox discovers gold in Mexico city north to conquered the Inca Puerto Rico. Then he find the rumored empire in Peru. He goes to La Florida to Seven golden cities captured the ruler find the fountain of of Cibola. Instead in Atahualupa and Youth in stead he is the South West he held him for killed by Native finds seven villages ransom. When he Americans using of Adobe cliff received the gold poisoned arrows. To dwellings. and silver payment protect their claims the he killed the ruler Spanish built forts and took over. called presidio. The oldest European settlement is the Presidio St. Augustine.
  5. 5. In the South West Missions were built and The two sides did from Florida to run by Catholic Priests exchange knowledge. California was the in order to convert the Natives learned about Spanish Borderlands. local Natives to new tools, foods, and Spain sent Christianity. The sheep for wool. missionaries and missions relied on Spanish learned settlers to occupy farming. Native irrigation in dessert these areas and Americans were regions. However, enslaved to work the slavery and disease protect them from fields and whipped for being claimed by reduced the tribes non Christian practices. rival countries. from 100 to 18 by 1700.
  6. 6. To compete with Champlain creates the Marquette and Joliet Spain Jacques Cartier trading post Quebec. hoping to find the Mostly trappers or North West passage tried to find the North coureurs de bois " explore the Mississippi West passage. river. Latter La Salle Instead he claims wood rangers" settled in New France. He claimed the land west (Canada) New France. of the Mississippi in makes the Huron his France makes money the name of Louis the business partners from valuable beaver XIV and named it even defends them fur. Land was given to Louisiana. against the Iroquois. rich nobles but the Diseases kill many harsh conditions Huron. made it hard to farm.
  7. 7. John Cabot claimed The second group In 1607 merchants New Foundland off of arrives too late to form the London Canada in the name of plant crops. The company and get England. He brought leader returns to permission to start a back fish and lumber. England for supplies colony James town in and can not return Virginia to find lumber Sir Walter starts the for three years. When and furs. lost colony of he returns the only Roanoke off the coast 144 settlers of crafts thing they find is the of N.C. The first group men and gentleman word CROATOAN of settlers refuse to settle on a mosquito carved in a tree and filled swamp , fish and farm and no sign of the surrounded by Power instead return home. settlers. Natives.
  8. 8. The settlers did not She brings peace Settlers kidnap want to work and the between the settlers Pocahontas and hold natives were hostile and natives. When her hostage to end with settlers. John John Smith leaves to Indian attacks on settlers. Over the next Smith becomes England Indians year she learns, English governor and makes refuse to trade with and converts to them work in order to the settlers causing Christianity. John Rolfe get food. He is starvation and death. who successfully grew captured by the When Smith returns the new cash crop natives. Before he is 50 of the 600 are left Tobacco marries killed he is saved by alive. Pocahontas bringing Pocahontas the New settlers arrive but peace between the daughter of Chief suffer Indian attacks. settlers and Indians. Powhatan.
  9. 9. Sponsored by Peter Minuit the Struyvesant renames merchants Hudson governor buys it New Amsterdam. The explores a river Near Manhattan Island for colony becomes a New York full of fish. iron pots, beads, melting pot for Jews, blankets, and $24 Africans, Swedish, and The River is named Europeans. The the Hudson and the dollars. Due too their English decide to claim territory is claimed as beliefs about land the colony. The Dutch New Netherlands. The they laughed and give up without a fight West India Trading made the trade. The due to a lack of Company establishes Dutch also traded the gunpowder The the profitable trading Iroquois guns for furs. English name it New post for fur on Peter Struyvsant York after the Duke of Manhattan Island. becomes governor. York.
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