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  1. The Punishment of Homosexuals “Homosexuals will burn in Hell forever! My soul detests them. They are evil. I will punish them forever. My son, why do they desire men? Because they are held captive by spirits of evil. Sodomy has a hold on them. They desire lust. They live for it. That is all they crave. They shall be punished forever! I can’t stand them. As in days of old, flying balls of fire shall consume them on the streets of America, even San Francisco, that city of lust and evil desire. I shall punish all that go astray from My natural concepts, plans I made for all mankind. For a man shall desire a woman, and not that of a man himself. For I shall punish all who go astray after men. Did I not punish those of old, even those in Sodom and Gomorrah, and that of neighboring towns with My flaming balls of sulfur? So repent you wicked sodomites and inherit eternal life forever. For I have much for those who overcome their carnal nature of sin, even eternal life! So repent wicked ones of sin and vice. Your Lord has spoken.”
  2. The Punishment of My Gay People "Tell My homosexuals that I Am against them in all they do. I will punish them in flaming fire and lava in deepest Hell forever! They must repent or I will punish them with such unbearable agony in rivers of flaming fire and molten magma. For they were full of lust to all mankind, their punishment will be equal to their sin on Earth, only magnified greatly in eternal punishment. Their deed proceed them, and I will require their punishment to be forever in agonizing lust. For they never overcame their lust for men while on Earth, and they will suffer the punishment forever in deepest Hell. Millions will join them to be punished forever and ever in flaming fire, all bound together in chains, forever locked together. That is My punishment in Hell to all overcome with lust towards mankind. Your Lord has spoken, amen."
  3. How I Will Punish My Wicked LGBT Crowd "My son, I have many punishments in mind for what I'm going to do to My LGBT crowd. First, they shall die of terrible diseases. They are a very wicked crowd, and they shall transmit all manner of deadly diseases between them. Next, I shall punish them in Hell forever. But that is not all. After the great and terrible Day of Judgment before the Great White Throne, I shall punish them forever in the eternal burning Lake of Fire. There they shall roast in flames of liquid fire forever and ever, with burrowing fiery worms boring through their bodies with no let up or respite forever, My son. My LGBT crowd shall be punished for their wickedness in My Presence forever, says the LORD. Amen.
  4. Prophecy Against The Vile Homosexuals of Evil and Damnation "Tell the servants of evil that I AM against them. I will punish them in liquid fire forever says the Living LORD of Hosts. And punish I will for they have rejected My Word and put it behind them. Forever they shall roast in fires of liquid flame, for they have rejected Me for sex and pleasure of the most wicked kind, even sex with animals for their perverted pleasure, says the LORD. And punish I will with no let up nor reprieve in sight, roasting forever in flames of liquid wrath. That is what I do to My enemies, My son, for they will not repent nor end their wicked ways ever in My sight. My son, I must punish them forever, for I can not let any sin in My Presence, nor in My Heaven. All must be punished for refusing Me and going astray in the world of gay sexuality and sin. Repent before it is too late My wicked ones. Your LORD has spoken."