Jose’s ista experience


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Task in relation to our ISTA reflection.

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Jose’s ista experience

  1. 1. Jose’s ISTA experience1. Prepare a 10 min presentation sharing your experiences in your ISTA ensemble workshop. it may be oral, visual and or participatory. It should share your theatrical/syllabus learning. You will present in groups.2. Note an experience from the ISTA event as a whole that was significant enough for you to include in your TPPP. Note how it likns to core curriculum (class work).
  2. 2. José Antonio Cabrera Sánchez Theatre• Games 2 • Chinese 4 • Theatre of theatre • Nuo xi (The the divided oppress square) 1 3
  4. 4. José Antonio Cabrera Sánchez Theatre TO MEET In theEVERYONE breaks New “theatrical” By games friends 
  5. 5. IB learner profile Oppen-minded Reflective Iceber If you meet me, you know… I’mIf you see me, you know… I’m tall pasionist Complicité Alphabeth game Refelxions. What is complicité 4 u? Laban analysisFloat, thrust, glide, slash, dab, wring, flick, press. TIME, WEIGHT, SPACE.
  6. 6. And… how is it for you?Positive Fear SadnessthinkingHomesick Equilibrum FriendshipHappiness Risk Negative thinking
  7. 7. Actor Spectator Me as an Me as an actor spectator
  9. 9. José Antonio Cabrera Sánchez TheatreISTA REFELCTIONS WHAT I THINKENSEMBLE ISTA has been, without any doubt, the most theatrical experience of my life. I had, as all TEAM of you, the opportunity of getting to know many other people (students and stuff) that are really interested in theatre. At first I was very confudes because I din’t know what ISTA was going to be and what we were going to do. However, since the first moment I saw all the others students in the Canteed I started having a great feeling. We did so many things during ISTA! We wathed an amazing play, we did many workshops and games during the ensemble meetings, we learned a lot about theatre, about improvisations, we did lots of performances and, at leat me, I discovered a bit more how Inquires cool theatre is. I am so lucky I am studying it as a subject, so I has the chance ofKnowledgeable participating in ISTA, had so much fun and learn at the same time and improve my Thinkers theatrical skills a bit.Communicators Principled Now I have penty of recourses that will be usefull for my IP in my second year, or simply I Open-minded know new techniques and ways of performing and being original. I don’t actually know Caring how to express it. I think we all have left ISTA, so perhaps you can understand what I am Risk-taker saying. In order to recive your help, I would like you to tell me which one is the think that Balanced you have liked most about what I have told you I did in ISTA. Reflective
  10. 10. Last exercise