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  • This chart was put together several months ago based on a survey of employee move intentions.
  • No Wage Grade on the list, but we have one nowThe new pay plans for Lab Demo will only include those NBUs. We will have those series in both GS and Lab DemoThe job classification website explains what each job entails, and the kind of work that is classified in each job series
  • Chart shows the incremental transition plan to move positions to WPAFB.Not all 711 HPW positions included (~1235 positions out of 1390 total authorized)The yellow near the far right are primarily the positions coming from Mesa. They end ops 15 Sep vs BCB which is 29 Jul
  • Same data as previous chart, but shown by category vs organization
  • I AM NOT A PERSONNELIST!!The actual hiring process can be very complex and confusing to an insider, must less an outsider!Internal recruitment refers to jobs that are advertised only to current Civil Service employees -- recent changes to this process open internal recruitment across all DoDExternal noncompetitive recruitments are those programs where we can often hire by-name an individuals who meets the requirements of the program -- Some of the programs accommodate previous employees, while others accommodate special groups of employees REINSTATEMENTS: reemployment of a former Federal employee REEMPLOYED ANNUITANTS: retired former employees hired to support critical mission needs, usually for limited time period TRANSFERS: from one Federal agency to a position in another Federal agency EPP w/ DISABILITIES: FCIP: Internship programs (managed by AFPC) VEOA, VRA, and 30% DISABLED VETERAN programs are all noncompetitive programs specifically for eligible veterans MILITARY SPOUSE: provides entitled military spouses hiring eligibility for positions they did not previously have
  • DHA: Provides flexibility to recruit directly for positions with a severe shortage of candidates or to support critical hiring needs. (OPM approved authority)EHA: Allows expedited hiring for shortage category positions and foregoes the traditional hiring process. (Also OPM approved)All of the previous programs have their own special rules and qualification requirements and potential employees must meet those requirements before the hiring tool can be used.When using, jobs being filled using special authorities can be seen by clicking on ‘ALL’ jobs on the right hand side. Site defaults to those open to the general public
  • Many of our positions will be filled through the traditional competitive process call ‘Competitive Examining’
  • Greeneworks Presentation, August 23, 2010

    1. 1. 711th Human Performance WingCivilian Employment Opportunities<br />Linda K. George<br />Chief, Manpower and Personnel<br />711th Human Performance Wing<br />23 Aug 2010<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />711 HPW projected vacancies<br />Position transition timeline<br />How we’ll be filling positions<br />711 HPW Human Resource POCs<br />25 August 2010<br />
    3. 3. 711 HPW Series & Titles Coming to WPAFB<br />
    4. 4. Additional Info about Job Chart<br /><ul><li>PP = Pay Plan
    5. 5. GS: General Schedule
    6. 6. White collar occupational groups
    7. 7. WG: Wage Grade
    8. 8. Trade, craft, or labor job families and occupations
    9. 9. DR: It really doesn’t stand for anything!
    10. 10. Air Force Laboratory Personnel Demonstration Project
    11. 11. Commonly known as ‘Lab Demo’
    12. 12. Scientist and Engineer Professionals in AFRL
    13. 13. DO, DU, DX: New pay plans coming in Lab Demo
    14. 14. DO: Business Management and Professionals
    15. 15. DU: Mission Support
    16. 16. DX: Technicians
    17. 17. Series: job classification
    18. 18.</li></ul>25 August 2010<br />
    19. 19. Total 711th Position Moves to WPAFB (By Organization)<br />Post-BOD Change: 28 May 10<br />28 May 2010<br />
    20. 20. Total 711th Position Moves to WPAFB (By Workforce Category)<br />Post-BOD Change: 28 May 10<br />28 May 2010<br />
    21. 21. How We’ll Fill Positions<br />Internal Recruitment<br />External Noncompetitive Recruitments<br />Reinstatements<br />Reemployed Annuitants<br />Transfers<br />Employment Program for People with Disabilities<br />Federal Career Intern Program<br />Veterans’ Employment Opportunity Act<br />Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment<br />30% Disabled Veteran<br />Military Spouse Noncompetitive Appt Authority<br />25 August 2010<br />
    22. 22. How We’ll Fill Positions (cont)<br /><ul><li>Direct Hire Authority (DHA)
    23. 23. Certain medical positions
    24. 24. Information Technology (Information Security) positions
    25. 25. Expedited Hiring Authority (EHA)
    26. 26. Acquisition positions
    27. 27. Scientists and Engineers with advanced degrees
    28. 28.
    29. 29. All of the proceeding tools require candidates to meet the noncompetitive program criteria in addition to meeting the job qualification requirements</li></ul>25 August 2010<br />
    30. 30. How We’ll Fill Positions (cont)<br /><ul><li>Competitive Examining
    31. 31. Delegated Examining Authority
    32. 32. Applicants applying from outside the Federal workforce
    33. 33. Federal employees who do not have competitive service status
    34. 34. Federal employees with competitive service status
    35. 35. Specific jobs are announced as needed
    36. 36. OPM standing registers
    37. 37. Continuously accepts applications for covered occupations and locations
    38. 38. The competitive examining options above will provide the opportunity for employment for individuals who do meet the specific criteria for noncompetitive appointment programs</li></ul>25 August 2010<br />
    39. 39. Hints to Relay to Job Seekers<br /><ul><li>Jobs are filled via a variety of hiring authorities, so perspective candidates need to apply broadly
    40. 40. Submit resumes through several avenues
    41. 41. Build and save resumes at and check often for new announcements
    42. 42. Build and save resumes at
    43. 43. Submit resumes directly to 711 HPW
    44. 44. Submit resume to
    45. 45. Attend local and/or national recruiting events
    46. 46. Network with others in your professional community</li></li></ul><li>711 HPW/OMM POC Information<br />711 HPW Manpower and Personnel<br />Linda K. George, 937-255-1727<br /><br />Recruiting POC<br />David A. Quebe, 937-656-5969<br /><br />Resume submission<br />Morgan A. Miller, 937-656-5577<br /><br />25 August 2010<br />