SpringPeople Introduction to Spring Framework


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A 4-day bootcamp that teaches you how to use the Spring Framework to create well-designed, testable business applications.

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SpringPeople Introduction to Spring Framework

  1. 1. Copyright 2005-2008 SpringSource. Copying, publishing or distributing without express written permission is prohibited.Introduction to Core SpringA 4-day bootcamp that teaches you how to use theSpring Framework to create well-designed, testablebusiness applications
  2. 2. 2How You will Benefit• Learn to use Spring for web and other applications• Gain hands-on experience• 50/50 presentation and labs
  3. 3. 3Goals of Spring Framework•Provide comprehensive infrastructural supportfor developing enterprise Java™ applications–Spring deals with the plumbing–So you can focus on solving the domain problem
  4. 4. 4Spring’s Support (1)•Core support–Application Configuration–Enterprise Integration–Testing–Data Access
  5. 5. 5Application Configuration•A typical application system consists of several partsworking together to carry out a use caseComponent A Component BComponent C
  6. 6. 6Example: A Money Transfer SystemTransferServicetransfer(“300.00”,“1”, “2”)confirmationdebit(“300.00”)AccountRepositoryloadAccount(“1”);credit(“300.00”)Account 2loadAccount(“2”);updateAccount(a1);updateAccount(a2);newAccount 1newa1a2
  7. 7. 7Spring’s Configuration Support•Spring provides support for assembling such an applicationsystem from its parts–Parts do not worry about finding each other–Any part can easily be swapped out
  8. 8. 8Parts are Just Plain Old Java Objectspublic class TransferServiceImpl implements TransferService {private AccountRepository accountRepository;public void setAccountRepository(AccountRepository ar) {accountRepository = ar;}…}public class JdbcAccountRepository implements AccountRepository {…}Part 1Depends on service interface;conceals complexity of implementation;allows for swapping out implementationPart 2Implements a service interface
  9. 9. 9For JdbcSwapping Out Part ImplementationsTransferServiceImplJdbcAccountRepositorySpring(1) new JdbcAccountRepository(…);(2) new TransferServiceImpl();(3) service.setAccountRepository(repository);JpaAccountRepository(1) new JpaAccountRepository(…);(2) new TransferServiceImpl();(3) service.setAccountRepository(repository);StubAccountRepository(1) new StubAccountRepository();(2) new TransferServiceImpl();(3) service.setAccountRepository(repository);For JpaFor Unit Testing
  10. 10. 10Spring Enterprise Integration•Spring helps you integrate powerful enterprise services intoyour application–While keeping your application code simple and testable•Plugs into all Java EE™ application servers–While capable of standalone usage
  11. 11. 11Testing•Automated testing is essential•Spring enables unit testability–Decouples objects from their environment–Making it easier to test each piece of your application in isolation•Spring provides system testing support–Helps you test all the pieces together
  12. 12. 12Course Agenda: Day 1• Introduction to Spring• Using Spring to configure an application• Simplifying XML-based configuration• Annotation-based dependency injection• Java-based dependency injection
  13. 13. 13Course Agenda: Day 2• Understanding the bean life-cycle• Testing a Spring-based application using multiple profiles• Introducing data access with Spring• Adding behavior to an application using aspects• Simplifying JDBC-based data access
  14. 14. 14Course Agenda: Day 3• Driving database transactions in a Spring environment• Introducing object-to-relational mapping (ORM)• Working with JPA in a Spring environment• Effective web application architecture• Getting started with Spring MVC
  15. 15. 15Course Agenda: Day 4• Securing web applications with Spring Security• Understanding Springs remoting framework• Simplifying message applications with Spring JMS• Adding manageability to an application with Spring JMX
  16. 16. 16Become a SpringSource CertifiedSpring Professional In 4 DaysAttend the 4-Days “Core Spring Workshop”View Complete Details
  17. 17. 17Who will benefit?Developers and Architects, who wish to build a Spring-powered JEEapplication that demonstrates the Spring Framework and other SpringtechnologiesView Complete Details
  18. 18. 18Q & Atraining@springpeople.com+91 80 65679700www.springpeople.comA SpringSource Certified Partner andVMware Authorized Training Center