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Don't just do social. Be social.


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The world is changing. We want to help brands make that change as well. This presentation looks at trends in social marketing, social business, and social advertising (depending on how you talk about it) and looks at the changes and challenges that lie ahead for brands navigating toward becoming social businesses.

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Don't just do social. Be social.

  1. 1. Don’t just do social.Be social.Spring Creek UK
  2. 2. Hi. I’m Ron.
  4. 4. History-changing inventions• The wheel• The printing press• Television• The Internet
  5. 5. The early days• Message boards• Forums• RSS
  6. 6. Social “2.0”• Facebook• Microblogging• Images
  7. 7. But now we’re going further…
  9. 9. The UK social scene33,000,00010,000,000200,0007,000,000
  10. 10. Allcontent©2012,ProprietaryandConfidentialConnected.Mobile.Open.. 37 %UK mobilephoneusers usesocialmedia
  11. 11. Empowered bytech.Engaged bycontent. 60%consumersexpect brandsto respond viasocial media
  12. 12. Changing the way business is done• Not just marketing• Not just customer service
  14. 14. Social is giving the customer avoice“It’s the source of a lot of ourideas and inspiration. Goback to our business idea:People should be able tohave a beautiful home, andyou shouldn’t have to breakthe bank to get it. We’refascinated with how peoplelive, and we’re trying tounderstand all the time whatgood solutions mean andwhat good value means.”-Mike Ward, IKEA
  15. 15. Inside Look: DellDell had already reimagined the supply chain and productdevelopment, but in adding social intelligence and activity to the mix,they hit their stride.Tactics• Listening and monitoring• Social command centre• Social media training• Social-only sales tacticsResults• $6.5 million in sales from Twitter• 24,000 trained Dell employees• 3,000 certified Dell social media spokespeople
  16. 16. Inside Look: HTCAs a leader in the mobile hardware space, HTC was faced with a changingconsumer landscape. They used social at the core of their company to helpdrive innovation, customer care, and efficiencies within the company.Tactics• Social playbook and trainings for staff in 35 countries• Global community engagement• Analytics and monitoring• Social communication framework for PR, customer service, product, andmarketingResults• Industry-leading engagement on Facebook and Twitter• Thriving evangelist community with over 100 members globally• Avoided numerous PR and product issues• Decreased customer service costs
  17. 17. Inside Look: Virgin AmericaAs the West Coast arm of Virgin’s air empire, Virgin America caters tothe tech set. Their team brought social to the heart of their business,elevating their status and pleasing customers along the way.Tactics• Twitter-based customer service• Internal social platform implementation• Staff-wide social training and activation• Social sales/promotion programsResults• Increased bookings• 25% surge in loyalty program from initial campaign• Decreased customer service costs
  18. 18. The benefits are intriguing• Faster time to market• More effective marketing spends• Lower chance of ending up on a “worstsocial flub of 20XX” list• Reduced customer care time/costs
  19. 19. The consequences can hurt• Missed opportunities• Work continues in silos = low impact• Customer backlash• PR and customer crises• Your competitors get there before you do
  20. 20. It takes a team• Customer Care• Corp Comm• Product• PR• More
  21. 21. It begins with a few steps• Social audit – look at your business, yourbuyers, and your competitors• Strategic Framework – Tying businessgoals to social tactics• Tactical Plan –resources, workflows, tactics and successmetrics
  23. 23. Crowd-sourced products and ideasSocial data and access to customer needsprovides better insights and ability to predictthe future of products and services.
  24. 24. Rise of the social workforceTeams will become the company’s bestasset as friction-less sharing andcollaboration become commonplace.
  25. 25. Custom experiences become thenormAs users share more about themselves,brands have more information at theirdisposal for creating custom experiencesfrom store to web to social. No two peoplewill have the same experience.
  26. 26. Social goes inside… everythingSocial is woven into every aspect of thecompany – creating more connections anddriving effectiveness.
  27. 27. The end of commerce as we know itIn-network credits will become acceptedmore and more. Mobile payments will helpthis push.
  28. 28. The idea of privacy will changeThe debate between who owns what andwhat is done with that data will continue torage on. A new generation of consumerswho are comfortable with more sharing willchange the way privacy is defined.
  29. 29.
  30. 30. ThanksAll content contained in thisdocument is protected material ofthe author and IPG Mediabrands.It may be shared in its originalform without any alteration.All images contained in thisdocument are the property of theauthor, Ron Schott, with theexception of images on slides:• 15:• 17: stats were gathered from theUM Wave 6 report which can beviewed at: thanks to Eric Weaver ofSpring Creek Group Seattle for hishelp in creating the thinking anddirection behind this piece.