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Spring Creek Group is a Seattle-based social marketing agency that helps organizations of all sizes increase awareness, build relationships, and drive growth through online engagement. Our core offerings include strategic planning, analytics, research, community management, influencer outreach, campaign creation, application development, and digital design.

Since our founding in 2006, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading brands, including Microsoft, HTC, Best Buy, and U.S. Bank, as well as in partnership with a portfolio of best-of-breed digital agencies and technology platform providers. Spring Creek Group operates as a subsidiary of the Mediabrands Audience Platform division of Interpublic Group.

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Spring Creek Group Capabilities

  1. 1. Welcome to Spring Creek Group: the social marketing agency for today’s leading brandsAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. social media today… …is human human nature is social, social media is merely the next step in making interacting with one another effortless, regardless of distance (or time) …is ubiquitous nearly 25% of all internet traffic is social. Facebook alone has 800M users (Twitter: 200M; YouTube: 300M), and is the most popular website online with >45% reach to all web traffic (870BB unique visitors) …is a connector with billions of participants and an estimated engagement rate of 2% per month, there are over 15 billion digital social interactions a month, and an astounding 3 trillion digital impressions per month via social sites*All content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential …is only just beginning! 96% of those 18-35 are on a social network. Overall Facebook usage is up 40% (100% on mobile). We now share everything digitally: 3.5 bn pieces of content each week ; 17 hours of video & 50k photos a minute; 95m tweets a day* *Research shows the Top 50 pages have about a 1.5% engagement per month, Users tend to have multiple pages they interact with so 2% is used as a benchmark. Our research shows mature sites garner around 200 impressions to interaction. 800*.02*200 = 3tn impressions per month.** Flicker 3,500 per minute with estimated 7% market share
  3. 3. All content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential
  4. 4. scale, strategy, and leadership in social media marketing  founded in 2006, an early leader  40+ social marketing experts  joined the Mediabrands Audience Platform digital agency portfolio in 2011 [Interpublic Group] c  Inc500 fastest-growing company honors in 2011  Seattle HQ, offices in New York, LosAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential Angeles, and San Francisco
  5. 5. deep experience with leading brands client strategy, analytics, and campaign experience working with: ` our team members bring deep consumer marketing experience:All content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential
  6. 6. we are the social media practice of mediabrands audience platform ` Mediabrands Audience PlatformAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential Targeted Display Search Mobile Social
  7. 7. we are a full-service agency ready to activate your social marketing goals social media social analytics community creative & strategy & & research management campaigns consulting identifying where & measuring the who, providing active creating engaging how you should what, where of the community interactive content; invest in a managed online conversation moderation & driving social c brand presence in relevant to your brand engagement on marketing social; implementing and campaigns; owned and third-party campaigns for scalable sCRM identifying key channels; social brand impact; social platforms influencers & core voice development application communities development & executionAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential
  8. 8. All content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential ` we offer deep social technology expertise
  9. 9. we partner with you to develop unique answers to the key strategic questions we’ve got a large what social community, but how do i train channels should where do we start need results- so our staff on how we be on? with setting a social strategy & now what? to effectively use goals? social? how do we how do we track integrate social how do we get how do i make so it’s central to our success and social the best more “likes” that ROI? the company? stick around? ROI program? what are myAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential how do we best competitors what sort of social leverage our how do we use doing? is it listening, CRM, c strongest fans social media to working? can we CMS tools best fit and customers? be proactive with be doing better? our needs? our PR tactics?
  10. 10. our core client services solutions brand strategy brand account social measurement & planning management & analytics cAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential campaigns & influencer customer social technology interactive identification, communities & process content outreach, management enablement activation
  11. 11. All content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential thought-leadership
  12. 12. policy & standards leadership • Governing Member since 2009, member since 2007 c • Lead Strategist serves on Ethics Advisory Panel • Managing Director serves on Board of Directors’ Innovation Committee • Presented Case Studies 2x at Annual Members+Brands ConferenceAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential • SCG Client Content Publishing Policies fully compliant with WOMMA- lead and FTC-adopted social media marketing ethics guidelines
  13. 13. publishing & thought-leadership cAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential + More Than 40 More By-Lines, POV’s, and Perspectives in Industry Press
  14. 14. accolades c #325 Fastest Growing Private Company in the United States [2011 List]  Tops in Social Media AgenciesAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential
  15. 15. All content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential our unique methodology
  16. 16. social media program management methodology focused on client goals DISCOVERY Audit of client and top competitor programs (SWOT framework) c EVALUATION DEVELOPMENT Track performance, optimize, and Team structure/process, strategy, share insights with client team planning, and tech tool setupAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential EXECUTION Community engagement, campaigns, and creative initiatives
  17. 17. phase I – discovery Social Media Audit • Share of Voice • Sentiment AnalysisAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential • Topic SWOT • Community & Competitor Analysis • Audience identification
  18. 18. phase II – development Develop Social Media Social Media Strategic Policy Guide Playbook Framework • Program • Internal • Channel by strategy Roles & channel Responsibility tactics • Brand voiceAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential • External • Engagement • Editorial employee guidelines calendar guidelines • 12 month • Objectives & • Integration roadmap for KPIs with HR policy • Process planning • Listening tool selection
  19. 19. phase III – execution Social Community Content Channel Management Creation & Revamp & Activation Campaigns • Redesign • Activate • Creation of managed team of engaging social community content channels managers audienceAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential • Employ • Begin • Design new social engaging timely media with your social strategy audience campaigns • Maximize • Connect • Manage integration with editorial across all influencers calendar social properties
  20. 20. phase IV – evaluation Ongoing Social Media Social Analytics & Listening Campaign Optimization • Deploy • Regular sCRM for reporting – managed weekly/monthly channelAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential tracking • Track effectiveness of • Ongoing overall program Listening and tactics for 3rd party blogs • Insights help & forums optimize strategy • Maximize paid media spend
  21. 21. All content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential our work…
  22. 22. aor social strategy, analytics, execution goal  build preference of and create evangelists for HTC tactics  develop social playbook and trainings for staff in 35 countries  dedicated staff leads the global and north american facebook and twitter communities  robust analytics monitoring and reporting to show performance vs. goals and competitors  develop and implement crisis and escalation model integrating PR-customer service, product and marketingAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential res ults  community growth was double that of nearest competitor  industry leading facebook edge rank, with over 20% of fans seeing each post  total engagement and participation with the audience was over 100% above goal
  23. 23. strategy-based communityrebranding & implementation goal • assist newly-branded company with design, development of strategy, market audit, and various social channel implementation tactics • strategy and planning team performs brand audit in order to evaluate and provide guidance for channel development • creative optimization of design on newly created social channels under the style guidelines of recent brand redesign • conversation mining to inform PR/comms planning and go- to-market programs • communities launches social channels & provides initial messaging results • consistent launch across all social channels • supported a strong PR push announcing new brand • steady growth and development of new social channels
  24. 24. influencer identification & outreach + activation goal  build awareness & increased viewership for live developer chats tactics  influencer identification and outreach  community outreach  virtual attendee coordination  custom ustream channel creation results 50% response rate from call of duty influencer outreachAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential   average view time of chats was 25-35 min  world of warcraft stream beat viewership goals by 600%  fallout:: new vegas stream had 3,000+ ustream views (in addition to 2,000+ for Best Buy chat widget)
  25. 25. social listening & measurement goal  measure managed channel performance tactics  identify key drivers in conversation/sentiment  track fan growth  identify drivers in fan acquisition  measure effectiveness of outbound content results able to make strategic recommendations based on:All content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential  m-o-m change in volume/sentiment per topic  competitive SWOT analysis  managed channel KPI’s  sentiment analysis  conversation trending
  26. 26. community engagement & activation goal  integrate social media to help extend the bumbershoot experience tactics  provide community management and engagement pre, during, and post-event  connect attendees in real-time to customer service/marketing teams  highlight bumbershoot artists pre-event by developing a turntable.fm station results  twitter volume was 50x the daily averageAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential  facebook fan activity increased during the fest  engagement activity focused primarily on twitter, fielding fan requests and attempting to generate discussion through @ replies
  27. 27. social community management & engagement goal  develop a social strategy for microsoft office brand to drive awareness, purchase intent, usage, and advocacy tactics  engage in consumer outreach for key microsoft office scenarios  analytics to track, monitor, analyze, and report on social media (blogs, file sharing, forums, etc.) activity and sentiment results  office facebook page had over 58 million impressions  @office fan base increased by 152% (+28,303); also 36,288 @ replies & 8,443 retweets  linkedin office group generated 294 user-generated discussions on key feature sets
  28. 28. Example: HTC community engagementprocess content plan content posting results link analytics creation engagement tracker
  29. 29. Example: windows 7 launch YouTube brandchannel + broad-reach video syndication • with the launch of windows 7, spring creek group executed a twitter #winwin7 hashtag campaign and syndicated windows 7 ad campaigns across multiple social channels impacting their overall audience reach Windows 7 I’m a PC - Kylie • the campaign generated 30k+ new twitter followers in 7 weeks
  30. 30. parting thought: earned media can be more effective & impactful earned media is more cost- EARNED PURCHASE INTENT : x4* effective at driving reach and encouraging engagement Ad Recall and purchase intent Homepage Ad - Social advocay Awareness Homepage Ad Exposure Purchase ~$1CPM TWITTER Intent 0% 10% 20% FACEBOOK ~$4CPMAll content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential ~$15CPM DIGITAL MEDIA ~$20CPM TV *http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/online_mobile/nielsenfacebook-ad-report/
  31. 31. thank you! Clay McDaniel Managing Director clay@springcreekgroup.com Kevin Urie Director, Client Account Services www.springcreekgroup.com kurie@springcreekgroup.com www.springcreekgroup.com/blog www.facebook.com/springcreekgroup www.twitter.com/springcreekgrp www.foursquare.com/venue/173046All content ©2011, Proprietary and Confidential