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Intro To WebSocket Applications with Spring Framework 4.0


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Speaker: Rossen Stoyanchev
Last year's Intro to WebSocket presentation was as much about introducing WebSocket -- including specs, browser availability, server support -- as it was about summarizing short and long term challenges surrounding its use and leaving many open questions. What a world of difference a year can make!
This update to last year's presentation, covers the new standard Java WebSocket API (JSR-356) including a discussion of positives and limitations, an update on the current status of WebSocket support across Servlet containers, and of course the Spring Framework 4.0 WebSocket support -- how to configure and use it and what additional benefits it provides. A central part of this is Spring's support for SockJS, the protocol for transparent WebSocket fallback options for use in applications that for example need to run in IE < 10.
This presentation is for you if you want a comprehensive introduction to WebSocket including standard Java EE 7 and Spring Framework 4.0 support. For a more practical take on how to actually build WebSocket-style applications that skips the introduction, please attend the next presentation Building WebSocket Browser Applications with Spring by Rossen Stoyanchev and Scott Andrews, or attend both presentations. They are intended to be complementary.

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Intro To WebSocket Applications with Spring Framework 4.0

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