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How to fall back in love with contracts

How much time do you spend actually completing your primary job duties? On average, it’s 45% of your workday. That means that more than half of your hours at the office are spent doing other things like administrative tasks (including dealing with the back-and-forth of contracts).

This Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be great to spend less time on contracts and more time doing the things you love? These slides will tell you how.

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How to fall back in love with contracts

  1. 1. HOW LU FALL BALL IN LOVE L V oo}mL L£ouLmLi. WIT comm
  3. 3. OPEN OOIINUNIELIIION l/ lost relationship problems are a result of poor communication. Your relationship with contracts is no different. If your contracts process is disjointed (think email attachments and not being able to answer the question, "Where is my contract? "), you've got a communication problem.
  4. 4. NON IO FALL BACK IN @ Implement a contract management solution that provides a detailed audit trail to follow any and all actions related to your contracts. With that level of visibility, you and your contracts will definitely be happier.
  5. 5. LINE 8: IIONEY If you and your sales contracts haven't argued about money yet, it's coming. If you've argued about time, then the money argument has already happened. Why? Time is money. The more your contracts get held up in the sales process, the more frustrated you'll both become.
  6. 6. NOIl IO FALL BACK IN @ In a word — automation. You'll want to use a tool that enables you to have an automated contract worI<flow. This will streamline reviews and approvals, ultimately saving you and your sales contracts time and money.
  7. 7. K CLEARLY DEFINE RESPONSIRILIIIES Who's responsible for what? Without a clear definition of who owns what part of the contract process, it's likely you'll start playing the blame game when things start falling through the cracks. And once the blame game starts, your relationship with sales contracts is doomed.
  8. 8. NONI IO FALL BACK IN @ The key is shared responsibility. In a healthy relationship, neither you nor your contracts will solely own one piece of the contracts process. Rather, you'll work together. E. g., Automated contract generation: You both play a part, as you have to kick off the contract generation and the sales contract does the rest.
  9. 9. PRIORIIIZE YOUR EONIRAEI3 Put your contracts first. We wouldn't go so far as saying you need a date night, but it's important to put cleaning up your contracts process at the top of your to—do list. If neglected, your contracts will start to resent you.
  10. 10. NONI IO FALL BACK IN (M We get it, you have a lot on your plate. However, contracts are an essential part of every business. Once you clean up your contracts process, it'll have a domino effect on your business—soon you'll see other areas of your organization adopt similar processes and you'll see a major improvement to your bottom line.
  11. 11. RUILO IRUSI Once you've been burned by contracts — or vice versa — it takes time to rebuild trust. And trust is an essential part of any functional relationship. Rebuilding trust isn't easy, but it's possible (awwl).
  12. 12. NONI IO FALL BACK IN (M We hate to play the blame game, but you're probably the culprit in this scenario — not your contracts? Why? Human error. Luckily, there's a way to fix this problem. Use a contract management solution that enables you to automate processes like round—trip external review with customers and partners.
  14. 14. fiET BACK OUT THERE If you continuously hit a wall because of all the back and forth with contracts, SpringCl/ l will make your life a whole lot easier. Request a demo of the software that’s been called "the best contract management tool available. ”