Beyond Marketing: The Dawn of Social Business


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The dawn of social business is here. Read a tipsheet from Marketing Profs and Spredfast on the ways your company can and should be using social media to approach traditional business objectives like Brand Awareness, Sales, Customer Service and Community Management.

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Beyond Marketing: The Dawn of Social Business

  1. 1. BEYOND MARKETINGDawn of the Social Business
  2. 2. BEYOND MARKETING: Dawn of the Social Business Beyond Marketing: Dawn of the Social Business At its onset, social media was celebrated as marketing’s shiny new toy, capable of reaching audiences on a mass scale while simultaneously interacting with them one-on-one. But we now know that social media is much more than a trendy tactic; it is a mainstay that can support broader business goals and strengthen operations throughout the organization. This paper introduces four key non-marketing objectives that companies can ad- vance through social media then details an appropriate course of action for ex- panding usage across the enterprise. Social Intent: Four Business Objectives Customer Service: Social media enables organizations Primed for Social Media Integration to optimize customer care by improving the speed at which customer issues can be realized and resolved, Brand Awareness: Social media boasts extensive offering more personalized service via customers’ pre- reach, so it’s not surprising that 69% of senior-level ferred communication channels, and reducing call cen- public relations professionals surveyed by Vocus ter costs. Last year, Alterian found that less than 1% of cited the channel as a top priority for PR in 2011. In top-brand senior-level marketing executives surveyed addition to building brand recognition, social me- cite customer service as their primary social media ob- dia is effective for generating excitement and buzz jective , suggesting there’s opportunity for companies around new product introductions and corporate to bolster customer satisfaction and improve their com- events. petitive advantage by focusing resources in this area. Sales: Along with fostering awareness, social media Community Management: Social media enables orga- can be effective for engendering positive brand nizations to effectively engage, activate, and empower perception, engaging prospects, and driving tar- broad communities of users around brand initiatives, geted leads to the company website. More than which can be particularly useful for fundraising in the two-thirds (65%) of worldwide sales professionals non-profit arena. surveyed by OgilvyOne say social media is integral to their success.2
  3. 3. BEYOND MARKETING: Dawn of the Social Business Making the Transition: Seven Steps to a Making content king: Interesting content is at the core of Successful Social Business every great social media campaign, whether it’s teach- ing customers and prospects about your niche, offer- Steps for strategically integrating social media across de- ing tips and advice, demonstrating the benefits of your partments and assuring a smooth transition include: products/services, sharing helpful resources, or provid- ing entertainment. Strive for a regular stream of fresh, in- Understanding audience usage: Your strategy and ap- spiring content, and be sure to add interactive elements proach should be rooted in how, where and why your such as videos, pictures and charts to the mix. target market engages on social media. Survey custom- ers, monitor brand and industry references, and study Learning and evolving: Track and analyze your results individual network usage to form a true understanding using a scoring system that enables your team to logi- of activities, preferences and needs. cally assess channels, content, and workflow for future initiatives. Garnering internal buy-in: Win the acceptance of high- er-ups and their teams by emphasizing social media’s For more helpful advice on expanding social media us- capacity for expanding reach and maximizing current age across the enterprise, composing your social media investments, reducing costs, protecting the brand’s team, developing great online content, and measuring reputation and relevance, influencing purchase deci- your results, download the Spredfast Pocket Guide now. sions, generating leads, and extending CRM. Developing a cross-organizational strategy: Invite per- spectives from all impacted groups during the planning process. Concentrate on the select channels where tar- get audience needs can most adequately be served. Establishing success metrics: Form concrete goals for each initiative and institute measurable metrics (e.g., brand mentions/links, sales leads/revenues, customer satisfaction scores, site traffic, registrations, etc.) to gauge progress. Assigning social media responsibilities: Recruit team members who are outgoing, personable, genuine, re- sponsive, and good at writing. Forge a coordinated ef- fort that leverages internal strengths, and clearly define all roles, processes, and accountabilities.3
  4. 4. BEYOND MARKETING: Dawn of the Social Business About Spredfast Based in Austin, Texas, Spredfast provides an enterprise- class social media management and social CRM system that allows organizations to manage, monitor, and measure their social media messages, and the effectiveness of each piece of content, across multiple social media channels. Spred- fast allows its clients to extend their branded content and engage with its audience from a single administration in- terface to the blogosphere and the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr. Some of the enterprise adopters on board with Spredfast include AOL, Nokia, AARP, Bayer, Convio, HomeAway, Porter Novelli and Spring Creek Group. For more information, visit About MarketingProfs MarketingProfs is a rich and trusted resource that offers ac- tionable know-how designed to make you a smarter mar- keter. From social media and content marketing to lead generation and online conversions, more than 390,000 members rely on our free daily publications, virtual confer- ences, and more to stay up-to-date on the most important trends in marketing—and how to apply them to their busi- nesses. Plus, MarketingProfs delivers enhanced professional development training through online seminars and short webcasts, in-depth how-to reports, research, interactive planning tools, online courses, and in-person events. It’s time to turn even the toughest marketing challenge into your own success story by joining the smartest marketers worldwide. Become a MarketingProfs member for free. Visit