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Social TV: No Return to Regularly Scheduled Programming


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Social media is transforming the way that viewers and networks interact. Media companies are finding new ways to bring fans closer to the talent, programming, and content they love with social integrations. Fans are shaping their viewing experience—participating in social votes and second screen conversations. Tune in live to hear media leaders discuss recent innovations and share their predictions for the future of Social TV.

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Social TV: No Return to Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. 1. Social TV: No Return to Regularly Scheduled Programming Spredfast #SFSummit
  2. 2. This is what “TV” viewing was Spredfast #SFSummit
  3. 3. But now SCREENS are the norm Spredfast #SFSummit
  4. 4. This is a typical US living room Spredfast #SFSummit
  5. 5. New PLATFORMS are emerging Spredfast #SFSummit
  6. 6. But AUDIENCE is still KING Spredfast #SFSummit
  7. 7. A few things to ponder during the talk Facebook released a study in February 2014 that used anonymous data to show the amount of conversation on the platform around television. The study showed that nearly one quarter of all TV viewers have used Facebook to comment on a show. Tweets that mention brands: 54% of those who recall seeing such tweets have taken action by tweeting, searching for the brand online, or considering to try the brand mentioned. This jumps to 58% when measuring actions taken by the live-TV-tweeting audience. Spredfast #SFSummit
  8. 8. Meet the Panelists Derek Dodge Senior Director, Digital Programming Discovery Channel Gabe Goodwin Coordinating Producer / Senior Director, Social Production ESPN Jason Ehrich VP, Social Media Fox News Jesse Redniss Co-Founder BRaVe Ventures Spredfast #SFSummit
  9. 9. Discovery Channel: Fast N’ Loud Spredfast #SFSummit
  10. 10. Discovery Channel: Shark Week Spredfast #SFSummit
  11. 11. ESPN: BCS Megacast #TitleTalk Spredfast #SFSummit
  12. 12. Fox News: Joan Rivers Meme Spredfast #SFSummit
  13. 13. ESPN: #WhosGonnaWin Spredfast #SFSummit
  14. 14. ESPN: #WhosGonnaWin Spredfast #SFSummit
  15. 15. ESPN: #WhosGonnaWin Spredfast #SFSummit
  16. 16. Fox News: Happy Birthday Nana! Spredfast #SFSummit
  17. 17. Fox News: #ProudAmerican Spredfast #SFSummit
  18. 18. Fox News: #ProudAmerican Spredfast #SFSummit
  19. 19. Discovery Channel: Street Outlaws Spredfast #SFSummit
  20. 20. Discovery Channel: Fast N’ Loud Spredfast #SFSummit
  21. 21. Discovery Channel: Fast N’ Loud Spredfast #SFSummit