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See how SiriusDecisions amplified event buzz by 374%


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SiriusDecisions worked with Spredfast to engage attendees of their 2014 SiriusDecisions’ Summit in real-time, in-venue, online, and on mobile. Attendees and individuals participating from home were able to observe and engage in a unique social experience across multiple screens and devices. Overall, SiriusDecisions drove engagement and awareness, with one in three website visitors interacting with the social experience and the event hashtag #SDSummit becoming the #1 trending topic on Twitter during the event.

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See how SiriusDecisions amplified event buzz by 374%

  1. 1. A premier B2B conference, SiriusDecisions' Summit brings together more than 2,000 of the best and brightest in B2B sales, marketing, and product from Fortune 500 companies as well as major small- to medium-sized enterprises who receive SiriusDecisions' lastest insight on data, models and frameworks to learn about the technology and services that power B2B. SiriusDecisions' Social Marketing Program Amplifies Summit Social Buzz with a 374% Increase in Conversation Case Study 1
  2. 2. Case Study Objectives: • Find new ways to engage attendees in real-time in-venue, online and on their mobile devices to maximize social buzz during the 2014 SiriusDecisions’ Summit • Increase attendee social engagement surrounding the event by promoting #SDSummit via social sharing in a visually compelling way • Creatively communicate conference information with a lifesize, on-site unique social experience 2 Strategy: SiriusDecisions partnered with Spredfast to develop a digital experience for their Summit attendees, including a web-based Social Hub, embed experience into the 2014 Summit Mobile Application and a giant Social Media Wall that was strategically positioned as a focal information dissemination source of the Summit. The Social Media Wall was displayed on four separate frames and was mounted on a giant 26’x13’ LED display. This lifesize mosaic encouraged users to enter text, photo and video submissions with #SDSummit or #SDSummitSelfie to have their content displayed.
  3. 3. 3   Want to Learn More? Visit us at or email us at Overall Social Marketing Results: // The impact that came as a result of our partnership with Spredfast for the SiriusDecisions Summit cannot be understated. The social media wall served as our ‘Digital Altar’, attracting attendees to receive a unique social experience that put the Summit directly at their fingertips. It was this real-time engagement and visual display that helped yield such a dramatic increase in conversation volume and use of the event hashtag during the event. // Shlomi Ron Senior Director of Digital Marketing at SiriusDecisions 13,000 MENTIONS #SDSummit became the #1 trending topic on Twitter, with almost 13,000 mentions. In anticipation of the event, the hashtag actually began trending the morning before the Summit began. DOWLOADED 2,000 ATTENDEES PHONES The 2014 Summit Mobile application was downloaded on almost 2,000 attendees iPhone and Android phones. 35%INTERACTED 35% of people who visited the webpage interacted with the social experience. 342FOLLOWERS During the Summit, @SiriusDecisions gained 342 followers.  374% INCREASE CONVERSATION From pre- to during-event, there was a 374% increase in conversation volume, all of which was overwhelmingly positive in sentiment. 550% INCREASE VOLUME From pre- to during-event, there was a 550% increase in volume of the #SDSummit hashtag. Case Study