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See how UK's 4Music used on-air social integration to get viewers


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In the battle for viewers, UK’s 4Music employed social media strategy on-air with big results. On its weekly Tweet to Beat show, viewers participated in hashtag battles to choose the best performers, with minute-by-minute results displayed, enhancing engagement. Overall, the campaign reached 1.3 million viewers, with 63% in the target demographic, and their hashtags were trending worldwide. And, by battling the Biebs against OneD, they were able to reach a record 16.2 million votes with 100.2 million Twitter impressions.

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See how UK's 4Music used on-air social integration to get viewers

  1. 1. 4Music and Box TV partnered with Spredfast (formerly Mass Relevance) to integrate live, on-air Twitter polling results into the hour-long Tweet to Beat show, gaining a massive competitive edge within their target demographic. UK’s 4Music and Box TV Gains Significant Boost in Viewership Through On-Air Social Integration Case Study
  2. 2. Case Study Objectives: • Increase Tweet to Beat viewership within 16 – 34 year old demographic • Create a consistent format that increases social engagement • Educate audiences on how they can control content on screen, as a core part of 4Music’s offering Strategy: 4Music, the UK's largest music TV channel, part of the portfolio of music channels from Box TV, ran a series of hour-long shows called Tweet to Beat. The show is a versus battle between two global pop superstars. Viewers were able to choose their favourite artist via Twitter hashtags (e.g. #4MusicPink or #4MusicRihanna), with the winner announced at the end of the show and an extra video being played by the winning artist. With the objectives of both building and engaging the audience, Box TV partnered with Spredfast to create a dynamic hashtag battle on- air, with a Tug of War activation shown in real-time throughout the show. Featuring pop stars such as Pink, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Beyonce, Eminem, Will.I.Am, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell, 4Music sought to create consistent week-to-week engagement giving viewers a structure for their social interaction. Participation and audience interaction increased dramatically due to the simplicity of the mechanic and compelling live pay-off.
  3. 3. Want to Learn More? Visit us at or email us at Marketing Results: // Social media integration is expected by our young audience. They don’t see a distinction between on-air and online as they’re always connected, dual or even triple screening. Music is one of the passion areas that really inspires interaction, so bringing our social media strategy on-air through formats like Tweet to Beat is a no brainer. // Chris Williams Digital Product Manager at Box TV The first show featuring Katy Perry vs. Pink saw an increase 136% on slot average #4MusicKaty TRENDED WORLDWIDE #4MusicKaty trended in the UK and #4MusicPink trended worldwide HIGHER ENGAGEMENT Engagement on 4Music's Twitter handle was 3X higher on days that broadcasted the Tweet to Beat shows. 117% INCREASED VIEWING In week 1, 16 - 34 year old viewing increased by 117% from the previous week with no social implementation. 100.2 MILLION TWITTER IMPRESSIONS 136% INCREASE ON SLOT AVERAGE The Justin Bieber vs. One Direction show had highest reach of 16.2 million with 100.2 million Twitter impressions Case Study 3x *Barb/Techedge, Spredfast, Simply Measured