Scaling Social Media Brand Engagement


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Presented at the Online Marketing Summit, strategic best practices, approaches and practical models to expanding and scaling social media engagement. Presented by Jordan Slabaugh and Michael Bepko, with real-world brand examples and case studies from Whole Foods Market on how the store is utilizing internal and external engagement with the aid of Spredfast to scale social for

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Scaling Social Media Brand Engagement

  1. 1. Scaling Social Brand Engagement Michael Bepko Jordan Slabaugh #omsummit
  2. 2. Michael Bepko | @Bepkoboy Jordan Slabaugh | JordanvGlobal Online Community Mgr. Director of Social MediaWhole Foods Spredfast@WholeFoods @Spredfast
  3. 3. Social EngagementThe Ever-Evolving Journey of Marrying Internal and External Strategy
  4. 4. 2013: The Year of Social Engagement? • Reach the right audience • Resonate with compelling content • Interact and inspire brand engagement Source: eMarketer
  5. 5. If Social Media is a Cocktail Party… Perfection of in-person experience comes from preparation, organization and coordination.
  6. 6. Social Engagement = Internal & External Source: Spredfast 2012 Social Engagement Benchmark
  7. 7. Connecting the Engagement Dots Internal Governance External Internal Brand Community Orchestration Engagement External Content
  8. 8. Truly Social Brands Embrace internal engagement of people, resources and coordination To fuel external engagement and word of mouth And meet the expectations of social customers
  9. 9. A look inside the closets and basement Governance Orchestration Guidelines, access to Coordination of activity and accounts, brand protection engagement
  10. 10. Keeping Your Social House in Order People Who are the right people to contribute to social programs – full time, part time and internal expertise? Properties What are the right channels to engage across socially? How should they be organized/segmented? Permissions Who should have access to which social presences? Process How will your brand plan, assign and oversee the flurry of social activity across multiple accounts, regions and networks? Is special oversight needed?
  11. 11. Tending the Social Lawn Content Community [Interaction] Guidelines, access to Coordination of activity and accounts, brand protection engagement
  12. 12. Ensuring Curb Appeal (and WOM) Creating killer content What content is most interesting or appealing to your social community? Does is already exist or are there opportunities to create? Curating and creating conversations What sources exist to curate from industry or relevant outlets? What conversations can you start or contribute to? Pre-Planning activity How can you plan ahead with an editorial calendar to leave the ability to provide… Reciprocity, Response & Real-time interaction How are you monitoring social to respond to community needs? What types of reciprocal behavior and interaction will grow community loyalty?
  13. 13. From Vision to Reality Whole Foods Social
  14. 14. What Does Scaling Social Mean to WholeFoods Market?• Get the right people involved. – Create infrastructure based on knowledge/expertise. – Giving them the right roles, permissions to enable but protect brand.• Plan out the right places to be active. – Targeted 1,000 stores by 2020. – Which platforms for who serving what needs?• Guide ability to have more (better) conversations. – Suggested content – Shared best practices: successes and challenges• Proving the need for growth & expansion
  15. 15. In The Beginning…
  16. 16. Ahhh... It was sooo easy
  17. 17. Segmenting by Geography
  18. 18. Segmenting by Community Needs (and Business Objectives)
  19. 19. Segmenting by Community Needs (and Business Objectives)
  20. 20. More People = More Complexity• Considerations – Who should be active? – What are their goals? – How much time should they be spending in social? – What roles should they have? – How should teams be organized? – Who is responsible? <------
  21. 21. More Complexity = More Organization Governance Community Brand Orchestration Engagement Content
  22. 22. More Organization Community Governance • Where are they? • Who has permission? Training? • What are the touch • What are the brand guidelines? points? • How do you empower but • Who’s interacting withEXTERNAL INTERNAL them? maintain oversight? Content Orchestration • Where is it coming from? • Who’s responsible? • Local vs. regional vs. (local/regional/national) national • How do you monitor? • How is it distributed? • How do you analyze the data?
  23. 23. Where we are
  24. 24. BSO (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome)
  25. 25. Social Media Policy Strategy and Planning and Guidelines Team, Approvals Paths Realized importance Setup, Configuration from executives,managers, dept heads Scale and Organization of Activity Technology to monitor, engage, measure and coordinate
  26. 26. Where we’re headed
  27. 27. Next Steps for Whole Foods Audit existing channels; create plan for continued expansion. Assess internal users; develop training modules for varied skillsets. Decide which teams focus on what channels/content/messages. Determine permission levels for Team Members and establish efficient workflow. Provide relevant national content, and provide ideas & messages for local account managers; empower & encourage localization. Analyze/assess CONSTANTLY & alter to accommodate ever-changing landscape.
  28. 28. Thank You Michael Bepko | @Bepkoboy Jordan Slabaugh | Jordanv Global Online Community Mgr. Director of Social Media Whole Foods Spredfast @WholeFoods @Spredfast Slides: