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Marketing Your Brand on LinkedIn Webinar

  1. 1. Marketing Your Brand onLinkedInUtilizing LinkedIn to Increase Brand Engagement& Drive Business Results#SFLinkedIn
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Sarah Hooker Emilie Kopp Sr. Product Mktg Mgr. Social Business Mgr. LinkedIn National Instruments @iEmilie Jordan Slabaugh Deirdre Walsh Director of Social Sr. Social Media Mgr. Spredfast Jive Software @jordanv @deirdrewalsh#SFLinkedIn
  3. 3. LinkedInDecember 2012
  4. 4. What is LinkedIn?#SFLinkedIn
  5. 5. Global social network of professionally minded, affluent individuals#SFLinkedInSOURCE: COMSCORE
  6. 6. 187M+ members worldwide are on LinkedIn.#SFLinkedInSOURCE: COMSCORE
  7. 7. +2 new members join LinkedIn every second.#SFLinkedInSOURCE: COMSCORE
  8. 8. Our Mission Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful#SFLinkedInSOURCE: COMSCORE
  9. 9. Who are our members?#SFLinkedIn
  10. 10. Educated professionals, Decision Makers 187M+ Members Worldwide 4M CXOs $83K Average Income 71% Graduates#SFLinkedIn
  11. 11. What are LinkedIn members looking for?#SFLinkedIn
  12. 12. Different purposes drive different mindsets Personal Networks Professional Networks Socialize 1 Maintain professional identity Stay in touch 2 Make useful contacts Be entertained 3 Search for opportunities Kill time 4 Stay in touch Share content 5 Keep up to date for career “Spend Time” “Invest Time”#SFLinkedInSource: Q10a– Information to receiveBase: Professional SN users (5204) Personal SN users (8692)
  13. 13. LinkedIn members want news & information Follow for news, insights, and Follow for product information.5 incentives, rewards, or discounts.4 LinkedIn Facebook Top shared articles, 2011 Top shared articles, 2011 1. 9 Things that Motivate Employees More than 1. Satellite Photos of Japan, Before and After the Quake Money and Tsunami 2. Steve Jobs and the Seven Rules of Success 2. What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents 3. Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die 3. No, Your Zodiac Sign Hasn’t Changed 4. The World at Seven Billion 4. Parent’s, Don’t Dress Your Girls Like Tramps 5. Four Destructive Myths Most Companies Still Live 5. Father-Daughter Dance Medley (Video) By 6. At Funeral, Dog Mourns the Death of Navy SEAL Killed 6. 5 Things to Do Every Day for Success in AfghanistanSource/s: LinkedIn Follower Analysis, January 20124, eMarketer (Lab42 study, August 2011)5
  14. 14. Why does this matter?#SFLinkedIn
  15. 15. 277% more effective at lead generation than any other social network.#SFLinkedInSOURCE: HubSpot study
  16. 16. LinkedIn Company Pages#SFLinkedIn
  17. 17. LinkedIn: A proven model for success 1 2 3 4 5 Establish Amplify Attract Engage Analyze and Company through Followers Followers Refine Presence Network#SFLinkedIn
  18. 18. Components of a Company Page#SFLinkedIn
  19. 19. LinkedIn followers are future leads, advocates 8X more 3X more likely to engaged purchase 8X more 2X more likely connected to recommend#SFLinkedIn Relative to non-Followers Source/s: LinkedIn Follower Analysis, January 2012
  20. 20. Build your follower base • Invite family, friends, coworkers, employees to follow • Reach out through email, phone, business cards, events etc.. • Add a “Follow” button to your site, blog or other digital marketing • Purchase followers to reach your target audience at scale
  21. 21. Post updates: It’s the way to communicate#SFLinkedIn
  22. 22. Status Updates are front and center#SFLinkedIn
  23. 23. Tips for posting Status Updates • Keep it brief! • Target messages to specific followers • Post at least once per weekday • Morning updates are most successful • Link to great content with text • Ask for engagement • Ask questions • Get your employees involved • Don’t try to do it alone!#SFLinkedIn
  24. 24. Stay on the right track with Update & Follower Analytics#SFLinkedIn
  25. 25. Now what?#SFLinkedIn
  26. 26. Follow these steps for success 1 2 3 4 5 Establish Amplify Attract Engage Analyze and Company through Followers Followers Refine Presence Network#SFLinkedIn
  27. 27. Follow us at:
  28. 28. Spredfast & LinkedIn#SFLinkedIn
  29. 29. In the Past… Individual Use Company Use Thought of as more Some updates, but 1:1 connection point infrequent Sales, Marketing, C Ads ustomer Success Recruiting teams sharing and Important updates engaging through personal feeds#SFLinkedIn
  30. 30. Embracing LinkedIn Company Pages Information on Product and Services Personalized layout and branding Calls to action Recruiting Engaging content Multimedia showcasing product#SFLinkedIn
  31. 31. Goal #1: Building Brand Awareness Regular content updates • Company News • Helpful resources (some with lead gen slant) • Calls for interaction Fresh design, information, resources Expanding resources about Products, Services Follow button on website & blog Paid options to expand network#SFLinkedIn
  32. 32. Goal #2: Engaging the Right PeopleTargeting content and messaging to To better engage people with whatthe right audiences to better reach they personally need, want or careand resonate based on Company about interacting with to help driveSize, Industry, Job, Seniority and further reach and sharing with theirGeography. network.#SFLinkedIn
  33. 33. Goal #3: Generating Business Leads No hard sells attached: opt-in per interest(s) • LinkedIn Ads • Content with calls to action that share user information for follow up • Banners promoting content and marketing programs • Direct inquiries through Company Page#SFLinkedIn
  34. 34. Jive Software & LinkedIn#SFLinkedIn
  35. 35. Jive Software Social Intranet Social Customer Service Social Marketing & Sales Customers Employees Partners Jive is the pioneer and worlds leading provider of social business.#SFLinkedIn
  36. 36. Current Engagement Communicate with customers and recruits Provide tailored experiences Gain insights used for relationship management and prospecting.#SFLinkedIn
  37. 37. Looking Ahead Double down on our LinkedIn investment in order to drive measurable business results at several touchpoints in the marketing funnel – awareness, demand generation and customer loyalty.#SFLinkedIn
  38. 38. More Employee Involvement Train key departments (marketing, sales and support) on how to build valuable relationships with current customers and properly engage prospects.#SFLinkedIn
  39. 39. Improved Content Strategy Integrated content • Owned – targeted status updates, Slideshare • Promoted – within platform, ad network • Earned – social sharing, recommendations, influencers#SFLinkedIn
  40. 40. Optimize Channel Use Increased focus on groups Make company page social hub for dynamic product information#SFLinkedIn
  41. 41. National Instruments & LinkedIn#SFLinkedIn
  42. 42. #SFLinkedIn
  43. 43. NI on LinkedIn History - Past Nov 2008 Sept/Nov 2012 • First company • LinkedIn company page LinkedIn group – redesign based on • Spredfast company product special page integration interest • New interest in LinkedIn Nov 2010 • LinkedIn company page launched • Sporadic updates • Continued engagement though groups#SFLinkedIn
  44. 44. NI Company Page Today Company page for professionals Content strategy • Prospects – thought-leadership, industry insights content • Customers – proficiency, how-to content • Employees (and candidates) – company announcements and culture Engagement is gradually increasing • Optimizing content via Spredfast content analytics • More engineers are using LinkedIn for engaging with businesses#SFLinkedIn
  45. 45. Testing/Tweaking for Tomorrow Company Home Page • Increase engagement through content optimization Products and Services Page • Build awareness through Product Recommendations • Energize our advocates • Generate leads through page targeting • Connect paid ads to targeted product pages#SFLinkedIn
  46. 46. Product Recommendations Pilot#SFLinkedIn
  47. 47. Saying (and giving) thanks#SFLinkedIn
  48. 48. The trickle effect#SFLinkedIn
  49. 49. Best Practices to Jump Start your LinkedIn Company Page Engagement#SFLinkedIn
  50. 50. Personalize Your Branding Custom branding Multimedia Links to relevant info#SFLinkedIn
  51. 51. Expand on Products & Services Make it easy for people to learn about you • What do you offer? • Who do you work with? • Where can people find more info? • Do you have any recommendations?#SFLinkedIn
  52. 52. Make it Easy to Find You Ensure every touch point someone has with you makes it easy to find/follow on LinkedIn • Website follow button • Blog follow button • Blog share button • Links from other social presences • Links on collateral#SFLinkedIn
  53. 53. Share Valuable Content, Regularly More, valuable content means more opportunities for engagement and sharing Start by asking: • What does my community care about? • What is helpful for them? • What is “value add” that they can only get here? • What will inspire them to interact?#SFLinkedIn
  54. 54. Target When Appropriate Not all community members have the same needs and wants. • Titles / job level • Geography • Position and focus area Find trends amongst these areas and target accordingly for better engagement#SFLinkedIn
  55. 55. Embrace Insights LinkedIn Follower Insights • Engagement trends = content efficiency • Demographics = community composition • Impressions = reach trends LinkedIn Page Insights • Page Views = Community + WOM traction • Visitor Demographics = potential new community members • Clicks to Page sections = interest in specific content#SFLinkedIn
  56. 56. Thank You Sarah Hooker Emilie Kopp Sr. Product Mktg Mgr. Social Business Mgr. LinkedIn National Instruments @iEmilie Jordan Slabaugh Deirdre Walsh Director of Social Sr. Social Media Mgr. Spredfast Jive Software @jordanv @deirdrewalsh#SFLinkedIn
  57. 57. More LinkedIn Resources Whitepaper Webinar Slides Tipsheet aper.html tips-to-market-your-brand-on-linkedin #SFLinkedIn