Making Customer Care Social


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Kristen Piquette (Discover), Sean Valderas (Nokia), Corrie Murphy (Guthy-Renker), Glenn Whiting (AGAIN Interactive)

Long gone are the days of social media being a “marketing only” channel. And here are the days when social has boosted in its use and expectation by customers to be a channel for customer care and help. Join Spredfast users as they dive into how their teams are harnessing social media to help provide real-time help to social customers and how the Spredfast platform is playing a crucial role in organizing, triaging and scaling social care programs.

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  • Knowledge Base – We leverage the traditional click-to-chat scripts for social media responses. This ensures that the same answer is given independent of the channel.Personable Approach – Traditional always introduces themselves and location. Social always signs off with name (word clouds for VOC always contain our CM’s name = indicates connection)Resolution Times – Independent of the channel our goal is to resolve issues as fast as possible for our customers. T, M, & R – All direct responses are handled through SF but they are accounted for in legacy systems to influence the enterprise VOC.1 to Many Responses – Traditional CS tend to diffuse situations by apologizing first. This is where we walk the grey line between PR and CS. Admitting blame before investigation can give an observer the wrong information. When you see a customer complaint and the first words “I’m sorry” the context of the response can be blurred. Instead we go right into that we want to help – this lets the customer know that we are listening and working on their issue. Response Times – Call centers are 24/7 for Discover, Currently our hours of operation are 8-6pmCT and we’re looking to extend that to 11pm within the next few months. With that our response times differ. Our monitors scan every 15 min. during those hours.Conversational Tone – though we leverage the knowledge base we have the flexibility of customizing each response without legal approval. Financial everything usually needs approval. We established templates and work extremely close with PR if responses are not in KB.Sensitive Issues – A key differentiator is that we cannot discuss acct. related issues online. Our CM’s will address as much of the issue as they can publically, including links back to’s Help Center to encourage self-service for other customers with the same questions.
  • Making Customer Care Social

    1. 1. Making Customer Care SocialSean Valderas Kristen Piquette Nokia Discover @nokiasean @kristenpiquetteGlenn Whiting Corrie MurphyAGAIN Interactive Guthy-Renker @glenn_w
    2. 2. Nokia Social CareNorth AmericaSean Valderas2 © Nokia 2011 Filename.pptx v. 0.1 YYYY-MM-DD Author Document ID [Edit via Insert > Header & Footer] Nokia Internal Use Only
    3. 3. Evolving presence of Care SocialPhone & email Online Support Media Nokia Support Nokia Customer customer customer service agent service service Fixed cost/many Decreasing cost/ Fixed transactions transaction cost/transaction Solution Solution Solution Solution Solution Input from Input from one source one source Multi- directional input Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer CustomerPersonal 1-to-1 service 1-to-many service 1-to-1 AND 1-to-manyOne customer at a time Nokia point of view service with customer3 point of view Nokia Internal Use Only
    4. 4. Organizational approach to social mediaCare / Marketing / Communications Marketing Objectives: build buzz, drive advocacy, support sales Metrics: awareness, appreciation, action, advocacy Marketing Care Comms Objectives: support Objectives: and retain influence customers, capture discussion, set product and service agenda, manage feedack & insights reputation Metrics: response Metrics: time, # of resolved awareness, cases, customer appreciation, satisfaction Care Comms sentiment, share of voice, message traction Specific business related objectives and metrics 4 Nokia Internal Use Only
    5. 5. Organizational approach Microsoft 12 years exp Services & Applications 14 years exp 15 years exp Product Product Quality R&D Training Corrective Action Care Expertise in Social Social Media 12 years exp & Product Product Training Quality Nokia Product 13 years exp 10 years exp Product Product Knowledge Quality Training Quality base Nokia Internal Use Only
    6. 6. Kristen Piquette Social Media Manager @Discover @KristenPiquette#SFsummit
    7. 7. Customer Centric DNA • 24-hour customer service 1986 • One-call resolution • Call listening 1995 • launches • U.S. based call centers 2000 • Phone customer satisfaction • Usability principles formalized • Personas / user-centered design 2005 • Web customer satisfaction • Mobile web / apps emerge 2010 • Social Media / voice of customer7#SFsummit
    8. 8. Social Customer CareSocial Media is simply another channel of Discover’s Customer Care. Similarities • Knowledge Base of Responses • Personable Approach • Resolution Times • Tracking, Measurement & Reporting Differences • Public vs. Private • Response Times • Conversational Tone/Lingo • Escalation of Sensitive Issues (Acct. Related)#SFsummit
    9. 9. Social Customer Care in Action @Discover Thanks, Jane! Appreciate the quick reply. Tell Kristen and Stephanie hello for me ;) Shoutout to @Discover for being the first person to send me a birthday card. @Discover I Love how ya’ll inform your Cardmembers with Good Tips. Pretty Cool. Also, I hope Janel roots for My #Buckeyes this month LOL #FF#SFsummit
    10. 10. Glenn Whiting President and CEO @glenn_w#SFsummit
    11. 11. What is your perspective/philosophy on Customer Care?• Its the necessary greens fees for being in social• Timing is everything (be prepared, so you can respond immediately!)• Integration is critical across departments to ensure that social, PR, HR, legal and customer service departments are aligned• Try to not only manage reputation management, but also look for up/cross sells © 2012, AGAIN – Proprietary & Confidential
    12. 12. How does Social fit in to that philosophy/practice?• It is the front line for customers with immediate issues• The reach is so much greater, its not like an individual phone call to customer service... thousands of people could see the dialog on social• There is also greater opportunity at the same time for doing it right, and the impact hat has on current and potential customers © 2012, AGAIN – Proprietary & Confidential
    13. 13. Provide an anecdote that demonstrates social customer care• Proactiv• Office Depot/Lady Gaga campaign• Celebrity Cruises/multiple channels © 2012, AGAIN – Proprietary & Confidential
    14. 14. Corrie MurphyVice President, PublicRelations & Social Media © 2012, AGAIN – Proprietary & Confidential
    15. 15. Proactiv Perspective/Philosophy on Customer Care? How Does Social Fit in to that Philosophy• Proactiv is a leader in acne care• As a direct response brand, 24/7 customer care is a basic offering; 24/7 skin care advice and care is a customer benefit• PR leads social media customer care @Proactiv to ensure a smooth connection to customer service reps, appropriate public communication and appropriate care with potential legal issues © 2012, AGAIN – Proprietary & Confidential
    16. 16. How Proactiv demonstrates customer care in Social © 2012, AGAIN – Proprietary & Confidential
    17. 17. Q&A Sean Valderas Kristen Piquette Nokia Discover @nokiasean @kristenpiquette Glenn Whiting Corrie Murphy AGAIN Interactive Guthy-Renker @glenn_w#SFsummit