See how ARAMARK Grew its Social Community and Engagement


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Creating an over-arching corporate framework for social media, provided the tools and resources to empower Aramark community managers to connect with consumers and participate in social in a streamlined manner. Through those increased efficiencies and analytics, Aramark was able to build a strong, engaged community and allow employees to better balance social responsibilities. In one year, its social community grew by 225% and engagement was up by 167%.

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See how ARAMARK Grew its Social Community and Engagement

  1. 1. CHALLENGE: While ARAMARK’s corporate social presence exists, the company rarely operates under its own brand name. Instead, ARAMARK typically functions behind the scenes, with their many customers’ brands – a dining service at a university campus or a resort within a national park, for example – acting as the public-facing presence on social channels. ARAMARK knew consumers were having conversations about them in the social space. To reach their social media goal of increasing consumer engagement to drive consumer demand, ARAMARK had to rely on employees who were managing social as a small part of their job. As field employees took initiative in trying to connect with their stakeholders on social channels, finding time to develop and manage content and participate in conversations quickly became a problem. Worse than not joining the conversation was having a presence and not being there to engage with their community. SOLUTION: ARAMARK created an over-arching corporate framework and structure for social media that provided the tools and resources that would empower community managers to better connect with consumers and participate in social in a streamlined manner. From there, ARAMARK realized they needed a unified technology platform - one that could provide a way to not only own and control access of social media channels, but also one that allowed employees to easily engage in social media campaigns in a coordinated and measured way. Having one platform in place would also allow ARAMARK to assess whether or not their activity was resulting in increased engagement and consumer demand. In the end, the vendor that could best support ARAMARK’s needs was Spredfast. Case Study RESULTS: ARAMARK is a large Fortune 500 company that provides professional services such as food, facility and uniform services to businesses across the globe, including hospitals, universities, stadiums, and resorts. Authenticated almost 80% of 600+ social accounts, reducing risk and improving efficiency. A YoY increase in social engagement by 167%. Grew social community base (across all platforms) by 225% in one year. Ability for community managers to efficiently balance social responsibilities – creating social content, managing fan interactions – with other parts of their job. We have hundreds of users, whose primary role doesn’t involve social, managing hundreds of social accounts daily. Spredfast allows our employees to integrate social into their job and gain benefit from the engagement they’re having with consumers at a local level, while also providing a corporate view of overall social program success.” “ TOM CARUSONA | SENIOR DIRECTOR OF DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA AT ARAMARK
  2. 2. 200 W. Cesar Chavez St. Austin TX 78701 512.538.0460 | | @spredfast | CUSTOMER KEY LEARNINGS: • You can be active in social without actively managing a channel. Listen first to learn from your community and discover who and where people are talking about your brand before you start engaging. • Before diving in and opening up an account on a specific social network, identify the network’s utility to determine whether or not it makes business sense to have a presence. • Training is key. Equipping social teams with the knowledge they need to interact on social networks, as well as how to best use a system like Spredfast, will ensure that a company is getting the maximum value out of their social media programs. HOW SPREDFAST HELPED: • RISK MITIGATION – By authenticating social accounts in Spredfast, ARAMARK was able to gain control of their social presence across business units and reduce the likelihood of rogue social activity. • CONTENT MANAGEMENT – Through a centralized Content Library and Publishing Calendar, ARAMARK community managers can now quickly access approved content and schedule posts for publishing ahead of time – saving time and improving coordination across teams. • CONVERSATION MONITORING – Keeping track of hundreds of conversations taking place across multiple channels was difficult to manage manually. Using Spredfast’s Social Inbox, ARAMARK can keep track of relevant conversations taking place across their business units simultaneously and engage in real-time conversations with consumers. • ROBUST SOCIAL ANALYTICS – Spredfast’s engagement metrics can be analyzed from the campaign level down to individual pieces of content. This data allows ARAMARK to assess whether or not engagement is increasing and gives insight into the type of content that resonated the most with their customers, which in some cases identified new areas of opportunity for the business.