Expanding Social Brand Engagement


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  • Know Your Audience(s)Think of platforms like a house – each room has its own purpose, but also contributes to the overall experience. Know Your Platform(s)What do people do there naturally (how do they interact with their friends?)What’s the lingo, acceptable behavior, etc?Know Your GoalsNot everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. – Albert EinsteinEstablish KPIs and benchmarks/goals, and measure against those.
  • Put Processes: start looking for ways to create efficiencies SMMSShift Content: be more intentional Conversation Calendar (example, RadioShack) Map Social Behind Other Marketing VehiclesShield Yourself: you’re still building You don’t judge a house on its ability to provide shelter before it has a roof, do you? Have permission to fail (RadioShack VP hired team with the directive to fail 80% of the time)Identify KPIs Now you’ve been doing it, you should have benchmarks – identify what you CAN measure, and which of those you have the power to change (and measure that change)
  • RadioShack Puerto Rico – agency pitched full suite of social presence – Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube – with just 1 person We looked at our goals, the platforms, and our audience, and decided Facebook had the biggest possible audience with best opportunity RadioShack Puerto Rico page is only 2 years old, almost 80k fansPinterest – launched, big news on brands doing cool things. Started by exploring with a personal account Did some searching/exploring, found people pinning things from RadioShack.com Decided what we would measure (followers and pins) Put together a plan (how we would get content, boards setup, etc) After a year, discovered low growth, minimal engagement, so we’re pulling back
  • Expanding Social Brand Engagement

    1. 1. Expanding Social BrandEngagement#SFEngage
    2. 2. Today‟s PresentersRicky CaddenRadioShackSocial Media Manager@rcaddenJim RuddenSpredfastCMO@jimruddenMichael BepkoWhole Foods MarketGlobal OnlineCommunity Manager@bepkoboy#SFengage
    3. 3. From Vision to RealityMichael Bepko, Global OnlineCommunity Manager#SFengage
    4. 4. What Does Scaling Social Meanto Whole Foods Market?Get the right people involved.• Create infrastructure based on knowledge/expertise.• Giving them the right roles, permissions to enable but protect brand.Plan out the right places to be active.• Targeted 1,000 stores by 2020.• Which platforms for who serving what needs?Guide ability to have more (better) conversations.• Suggested content• Shared best practices: successes and challengesProving the need for growth & expansion#SFengage
    5. 5. In The Beginning…#SFengage
    6. 6. Ahhh... It was sooo easy#SFengage
    7. 7. Segmenting by Geography#SFengage
    8. 8. Segmenting by CommunityNeeds(and Business Objectives)#SFengage
    9. 9. Segmenting by CommunityNeeds(and Business Objectives)#SFengage
    10. 10. More People = More ComplexityConsiderations• Who should be active?• What are their goals?• How much time shouldthey be spending in social?• What roles should they have?• How should teams be organized?• Who is responsible? <------#SFengage
    11. 11. More Complexity = More OrganizationBrandEngagementGovernanceOrchestrationContentCommunity#SFengage
    12. 12. More OrganizationCommunity• Where are they?• What are the touch points?• Who‟s interacting with them?Content• Where is it coming from?• Local vs. regional vs.national• How is it distributed?Governance• Who has permission? Training?• What are the brand guidelines?• How do you empower but maintainoversight?Orchestration• Who‟s responsible?(local/regional/national)• How do you monitor?• How do you analyze the data?EXTERNALINTERNAL#SFengage
    13. 13. Where we are#SFengage
    14. 14. BSO (Bright Shiny ObjectSyndrome)#SFengage
    15. 15. Realized importancefrom executives,managers, dept headsScaleSocial Media Policyand GuidelinesSetup, Configurationand Organizationof ActivityTechnology to monitor,engage, measureand coordinateStrategy and PlanningTeam, Approvals Paths#SFengage
    16. 16. Where we‟re headed#SFengage
    17. 17. Next Steps for Whole Foods Audit existing channels; create plan for continued expansion. Assess internal users; develop training modules for varied skillsets. Decide which teams focus on what channels/content/messages. Determine permission levels for Team Members and establish efficientworkflow. Provide relevant national content, and provide ideas & messages for localaccount managers; empower & encourage localization. Analyze/assess CONSTANTLY & alter to accommodate ever-changinglandscape.#SFengage
    18. 18. The Ever-Evolving Journey ofMarrying Internal and ExternalStrategyJim Rudden, CMO#SFengage
    19. 19. 2013: The Year of Social Engagement?• Reach the rightaudience• Resonate withcompelling content• Interact and inspirebrand engagementSource: eMarketer#SFengage
    20. 20. If Social Media is a CocktailParty…Perfection ofin-person experiencecomes frompreparation,organizationand coordination.#SFengage
    21. 21. Social Engagement= Internal & ExternalSource: Spredfast 2012 Social Engagement Benchmark#SFengage
    22. 22. Connecting the EngagementDotsBrandEngagementGovernanceOrchestrationContentCommunityInternalInternalExternalExternal#SFengage
    23. 23. Truly Social BrandsEmbrace internal engagement ofpeople, resources and coordinationTo fuel externalengagement and word of mouthAnd meet theexpectations of social customers#SFengage
    24. 24. A look inside the closets andbasementGovernance OrchestrationGuidelines, access toaccounts, brand protectionCoordination of activity andengagement#SFengage
    25. 25. Keeping Your Social House inOrder PeopleWho are the right people to contribute to socialprograms – full time, part time and internal expertise? PropertiesWhat are the right channels to engage acrosssocially? How should they be organized/segmented? PermissionsWho should have access to which social presences? ProcessHow will your brand plan, assign and oversee theflurry of social activity across multiple accounts,regions and networks? Is special oversight needed?#SFengage
    26. 26. Tending the Social LawnContent Community [Interaction]Guidelines, access toaccounts, brand protectionCoordination of activity andengagement#SFengage
    27. 27. Ensuring Curb Appeal (andWOM) Creating killer contentWhat content is most interesting or appealing to yoursocial community? Does is already exist or are thereopportunities to create? Curating and creating conversationsWhat sources exist to curate from industry or relevantoutlets? What conversations can you start or contributeto? Pre-Planning activityHow can you plan ahead with an editorial calendar toleave the ability to provide… Reciprocity, Response & Real-time interactionHow are you monitoring social to respond to communityneeds? What types of reciprocal behavior and interactionwill grow community loyalty?#SFengage
    28. 28. 3 Steps for Increasing SocialEngagementRicky Cadden, Social Media Manager#SFengage
    29. 29. Step 1: Know ThyselfKnow Your Goals• “Not everything that can be counted counts,and not everything that counts can be counted”– Albert EinsteinKnow Your Platforms• What do people DO there naturally?• What‟s the lingo, acceptable behaviour?Know Your Audience• Think of platforms like a house#SFengage
    30. 30. Step 2: Test, Learn, and Apply70-20-10 Rule• 70% Business-related• Briefs• Company-wide initiatives• 20% Brand-Building• Appropriate „off-Holidays‟• Community Participation• 10% Testing• Memes• Off-the-wall• Culturally relevantLearnings from the 10%get applied up• Example: Batman#SFengage
    31. 31. Step 3: Beware The New AndShinyTread Lightly, or Risk Building AGraveyardKnow Your Limits• Example: RadioShack Puerto Rico• Example: PinterestSee Step 1 (Know Thyself)#SFengage
    32. 32. Q&ARicky CaddenRadioShackSocial Media Manager@rcaddenJim RuddenSpredfastCMO@jimruddenMichael BepkoWhole Foods MarketGlobal OnlineCommunity Manager@bepkoboySlides: www.slideshare.net/spredfast#SFengage