Social in 2012 at a Glance: Engagement and Interaction


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Social in 2012 at a Glance: Engagement and Interaction

  1. 1. Social in 2012 at a Glance Engagement and Interaction Companies looked beyond the almighty follower count in 2012 for better metrics to measure social program success. Engagement, or all interactions made by members of social networks with your brand, served as a valuable indicator of message resonance and a driver of message propagation. Engagement Despite company activity being higher on Twitter, the majority of engagement took place on Facebook. The average company saw two million interactions quarterly, or over 20,000 interactions daily. Engagement by Activity Engagement, on a per-activity basis, is also highest on Facebook. Each social channel has its own use case, utility, and dynamic. As networks like Twitter and LinkedIn increase visual elements and sharing functionality this number has the potential to change. Facebook Engagement The most common form of engagement on Facebook is Clicks. Clicks create a valuable bridge between your Facebook page to your website, point of sale, or third party content. The Social Engagement Index Some of the data is presented here in three segments—Activating, Expanding, and Proliferating. These represent companies with similar levels of internal and external social engagement. Our Social Engagement Index is an analysis of 154 Companies based on 7 key metrics that demonstrate engagement of both the internal organization and external audience. To learn more, read our full Social Engagement Index Report here. The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark | @Spredfast |
  2. 2. Staying Social in 2012: AARP Believe it or not, AARP is one of the most engaging social brands, connecting with members of its aged 50+ community across multiple channels. AARP provides both information and entertainment (Hello, Betty White!) to their community. Like many social brands, AARP has found multimedia content (pictures and videos) to be highly engaging and has committed to an ever stronger YouTube presence in 2013. AARP has garnered over eight million views of the organization’s engaging and entertaining YouTube videos that span from advocacy information to riffs on current events and pop culture entertainment. AARP drives interaction with its one million plus Facebook fans through entertaining content, regular helpful updates and relevant news sharing. Social Resolutions for 2013 Uncovering Contextual Learnings from Social Activity Establish a method to uncover which content, messages, and activity types drive the most engagement. Your brand will be better equipped to make decisions on how to optimize current efforts and discover new opportunities to connect with your audiences. Use Opportunities to Convert Clicks happen. Think about how your brand can incorporate links into social content to drive your social networks to a location where you can further inform or convert. This isn’t free license to sell, sell, sell—create value for your network. To dive deeper into the state of corporate social media programs and understand how brands are engaging internal resources to drive engagement with their audience via social, download the full report at The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark | @Spredfast |