Social in 2012 at a Glance: Publishing and Activity


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Social in 2012 at a Glance: Publishing and Activity

  1. 1. Social in 2012 at a Glance Publishing and Activity Companies engaged in more conversations than ever in 2012 across channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Blogs. With platform updates like Facebook Timeline and LinkedIn Company Pages, brands were able to engage in increasingly more tailored ways. Activity The average social company published almost 5,000 times per quarter or 54 times daily across their social landscape. Almost three quarters of that activity took place on Twitter where real-time, 140-character communiqués helped companies inform, assist, surprise, and delight their social customers. Facebook Activity Companies post to Facebook 16 times daily, distributed across their multiple Facebook pages. With changes to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, the need to provide compelling newsfeed-worthy content has never been more important. Twitter Activity Companies Tweet, on average, 50 times a day. This year Twitter introduced Expanded Tweet functionality, allowing companies to provide their followers with more in-stream rich media experiences. The Social Engagement Index Some of the data is presented here in three segments—Activating, Expanding, and Proliferating. These represent companies with similar levels of internal and external social engagement. Our Social Engagement Index is an analysis of 154 Companies based on 7 key metrics that demonstrate engagement of both the internal organization and external audience. To learn more, read our full Social Engagement Index Report here. The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark | @Spredfast |
  2. 2. Staying Social in 2012: Starbucks Starbucks delights customers with tailored content. By publishing more content across multiple channels and segmenting social activity by geography and specific consumer interests (Frappucino, Starbucks Jobs, My Starbucks Idea), Starbucks allows customers to interact with the brand where and how they desire. Social customers can find information and engage with Starbucks from a number of geographically focused Twitter accounts and view and engage with visual multimedia on Instagram. Loyal Starbucks customers and brand enthusiasts can obtain rewards for in-store loyalty and engage with communities on Facebook dedicated to highly loved beverages with like-minded coffee aficionados. Social Resolutions for 2013 Deliver More, Quality Content Focus on delivering engaging content and messages that resonate with your brand’s social audiences. Make use of enhanced targeting capabilities to segment and tailor messaging. Understanding Social Network Utility Companies are embracing a multi-channel approach to social media activity. While the volume of activity is highest on Twitter today, it is important to assess which channels are most effective for your company and to identify the optimal publishing cadence on each of the channels where you are present. To dive deeper into the state of corporate social media programs and understand how brands are engaging internal resources to drive engagement with their audience via social, download the full report at The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark | @Spredfast |