Achievement Series: Engaging Social Audiences to Achieve Great Outcomes


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Engaging your audience in meaningful ways is essential to social success. Join engagement experts from Gannett, Rackspace, and Spredfast to learn how to build an engaging social presence, find real-time opportunities to engage, and measure meaningful business outcomes.

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  • Tuesday, 6th at 1 p.m. CT
  • Be helpfulBecome a thought leaderEngage in meaningful conversationIncrease positive social media interactions
  • Event and a campaign Evergreen3. Social Marketin Campaign
  • Integration of events, online marketing, Branding and SEO teams
  • Does not include Tweets or Google Plus or Instagraml LI, Facebook and YouTUbe
  • ** Results are for this indivudal post
  • Culture instigator team, HR and Recruiting- integration multiple teams Also a cross channel campaign Most posts get between 3-10 comments this one had 47 and 126 new page likes when we typically see
  • Ongoing campaign today so we’re not able to share results JUST yet but I have one example
  • First social campaign spread across Big 6 channels: G+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Insta. Started in May and will end at the end of August. We’ll have more data then.
  • On Friday afternoons, we come up with a theme for our weekend hashtag project.  We use the Beautiful Mess app to build a graphic with the text, “Show Us Your Arkansas,” and our station hashtag, #thv11.In the caption, we declare the weekend’s theme.  For instance, last weekend’s theme was “Dogs.”  This weekend will be cats, followed by Arkansas skies, lakes and rivers, camping, etc.  We’ve gained more Instagram followers in three weeks than we normally do in two months. Then, we grab a handful of them at random, and make a web gallery out of them and post that link to Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Create experiences that our audiences can connect to.
  • How Gannett is measuring engagement success7-8 equations related to the 4 measuresActivity, reach, engagementSpredfast platform
  • Organic growth. Just like page views. Leverage the fan base – you need the fans. Good room to grow that audience.Benchmarks – determined by multiple factors (audience size, internet population, etc)
  • Achievement Series: Engaging Social Audiences to Achieve Great Outcomes

    1. 1. Engaging Social Audiences to Achieve Great Outcomes Spredfast Achievement Series #SFAchieve
    2. 2. #SFAchieve Lauren Warthan Social Strategy Manager Spredfast @scottland @spredfast Andrea Michnik Social Media Marketing Rackspace @AndreaGenevieve @Rackspace Jodi Gersh Director of Social Media Gannett @jodiontheweb @Gannett Today’s Presenters
    3. 3. #SFAchieve Would You Date Your Brand? “With some 40 million people now using online dating sites, finding love online is about as competitive as finding brand followers in the marketing world.” – Entrepreneur
    4. 4. #SFAchieve Elements of Meaningful Engagement Activity Interaction Value Exchange
    5. 5. #SFAchieve From Friends to “I Do” with Jet Blue Customers who engage with companies over social spend 20-40% more money than other customers of the same companies - Bain & Company 42% of users on Twitter expect a response to their customer service issue in under an hour - The Social Habit
    6. 6. #SFAchieve
    7. 7. #SFAchieve Define Your Brand Purpose on Social What do you want to achieve on social? What will your brand offer social audiences? How will each of your sub-organizations exist together & differ from one another? #1
    8. 8. #SFAchieve Map Your Social Channel Strategy
    9. 9. #SFAchieve Know Your Audience Who is your current social audience? • Gender • Age • Region • Language • Job Function • Seniority • Company Size How do they differ from your target brand audience? How do they differ across channels? #2
    10. 10. #SFAchieve Opportunities to identify and engage with: • Direct & indirect customer conversations about you • Potential new customers looking for product recommendations, reviews, and project inspiration • Relevant industry conversation specific to various business units or verticals Listen to PLAN and ENGAGE
    11. 11. #SFAchieve Organize Internally & Build Process What internal education or training is needed? Who should be managing our communities and what expertise is needed? Who should have access to which properties? What approval processes do we need to consider? Will special oversight be needed? #3
    12. 12. #SFAchieve Do You Have a Path to Response? DO we respond? HOW do we respond? And then what?
    13. 13. #SFAchieve Be Ready for Opportunities
    14. 14. #SFAchieve Strategic Content Planning When planning for content, consider these questions: What are your goals? How does this social content fit into your larger digital marketing program? What insights have you learned from channel measurement or online listening? What content is already available? What can be curated or needs to be created? How will you make this your own? Integrated Marketing Agenda & Goals Social channel insights Brand voice & values #4
    15. 15. #SFAchieve It’s a Bad Week to Be a Seal Shark Week ’13 broke all viewership records in their 26 year history Megalodon was the #1 most social show (#SharkWeek) 6.3M page views in 3 weeks
    16. 16. #SFAchieve Measure Return on Engagement Understand what activities and content engage your community the most and drive your desired business outcomes Establish a benchmark for performance and compare current performance to relevant measures #5
    17. 17. #SFAchieve Connect Social Metrics to Business Outcomes • Sample KPIs: Social Reach/Growth, Earn ed Media Values, Audience Demographics, Eng aged Users/Growth, Conte nt Consumptions, SOV/ SOC, Stories Brand Awareness & Engagement • Sample KPIs: Clicks, Web Conversion Goals, Application Downloads, Form Completions Lead Generation • Sample KPIs: Channel Activity, User Activity & Engagement, SLA Times Operational Excellence
    18. 18. Rackspace Social Engagement
    19. 19. #SFAchieve Social Strategy (Social Marketing Team) 1 Thought Leadership Be Helpful Content Conversations Campaigns
    20. 20. Content Buckets Community Culture & Careers Products & Services Marketing Campaigns Industry News & Rackspace News Thought Leadership
    21. 21. Rackspace Successful Engagement Campaigns Events Evergreen
    22. 22. Examples of Success 1. SXSW 2013 2. Racker Desk Culture 3. #MustHaveApp
    23. 23. #SFAchieve SXSW Event & Campaign Goals 2 Goals Results • Drive traffic to event space & Generate leads • Promote the Rackspace brand • Share thought leadership • Engage SXSW audience • Increase Rackspace share of voice around #cloud • Total of 3835 scans through event space • Over 900 #SXRackspace Tweets • SOV around #sxsw increased 27% from 2012 on Twitter • Over 10,000 engagements around social content • Over 1,000,000 impressions
    24. 24. #SFAchieve Timeline of Content 2 BEFORE DURING AFTER 3/1 3/313/8 3/14 3/1: LI, FB 3/4: FB 3/5: FB, FB 3/6: LI, FB 3/7: FB, FB 3/8 FB, FB,FB,FB 3/9 FB, FB, YT, YT 3/10 FB, FB, YT 3/10 FB, FB,FB, YT, YT 3/12 YT 3/20: FB 3/25: LI 3/20 Engagement
    25. 25. #SFAchieve Examples Results 114,154 impressions 1,044 clicks 70 RT’s 28 favorites 21 new fans
    26. 26. #SFAchieve
    27. 27. #SFAchieve Culture Evergreen Goals 2 Goals Tactics • Promote the Rackspace culture • Engage fans in two way conversations • Increase Instagram and Facebook followers • Share instagram photo of a wacky Racker desk • Encourages fans to caption the photo • Give away a surprise prize to best one • Repeat bi-weekly if successful
    28. 28. #SFAchieve Racker Desks
    29. 29. #SFAchieve Instagram is Awesome!
    30. 30. #SFAchieve Must Have App Campaign Goals 3 Goals Tactics 1. Increase SOV around Rackspace + Startups 2. Engage Rackspace fans with fun, exciting, educational content about startups 3. Help startups/App get more visibility, downloads and exposure from our PR efforts Create multimedia content Amplify Rackspace Startup Program presence on the web Syndicate on Rackspace social properties Share and tag the Rackspace Startup Program and Geekdom Takeover #musthaveapp hashtag Use Rackspace social properties for an integrated campaign approach
    31. 31. #SFAchieve Example Results Facebook 8,634 impressions 48 likes 1 comment Instagram 21 likes 1 comment
    32. 32. #SFAchieve Best Practices for B2B Develop editorial calendars Create good socially sharable content Collaborate with other teams Find out what people LOVE and give them more Test and experiment Be human
    33. 33. #SFAchieve
    34. 34. #SFAchieve
    35. 35. #SFAchieve
    36. 36. #SFAchieve
    37. 37. #SFAchieve
    38. 38. #SFAchieve
    39. 39. #SFAchieve
    40. 40. #SFAchieve
    41. 41. #SFAchieve
    42. 42. #SFAchieve
    43. 43. #SFAchieve
    44. 44. #SFAchieve
    45. 45. #SFAchieve Lauren Warthan Spredfast @scottland @spredfast Andrea Michnik Rackspace @AndreaGenevieve @Rackspace Jodi Gersh Gannett @jodiontheweb @Gannett Thank you!