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[En] PagesJaunes client case: Social and Online Media - What strategy to use for monitoring and analysis?


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Social and Online Media: What strategy to use for monitoring and analysis?

Pages Jaunes’ e-Reputation monitoring platform for the Web & Social Media

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[En] PagesJaunes client case: Social and Online Media - What strategy to use for monitoring and analysis?

  1. 1. Social and Online Media: What strategy to use for monitoring and analysis? Pages Jaunes’ e-Reputation monitoring platform for the Web & Social MediaGIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND SPOTTER 2012. Tous droits réservés.
  2. 2. PRESENTATION OF PAGESJAUNES PagesJaunes is the French leader in local advertising and information on the internet, via mobile and in print. PagesJaunes is also one of the leaders in France for small online advertisements (with the sites AnnoncesJaunes and A Vendre A Louer) and is the biggest website creator for professionals. PagesJaunes belongs to the group ‘PagesJaunes Groupe’, the European leader in local advertising and information on the internet, via mobile and in print, reaching a 1.1bn Euro turnover in 2011. The group is made up of 12 companies with a total of 5,000 employees in France, Spain, Luxembourg and Austria, 2,200 of whom are local and digital communication advisers who accompany the group’s 712,000 local and national advertising clients. As a creator of useful media, PagesJaunes Groupe is present in 3 complementary activities: content and services editing, local media, and advertising management and advice.2
  3. 3. PAGESJAUNES IN FIGURES PagesJaunes means: • 16 million individual visitors and 85 million visits every month to the website • Over 12 million mobile application downloads and 20 million visits via mobile phones every month • Over 660 000 advertisers • Over 100 000 sites created and managed for professionals in France • Almost 9 out of 10 people in France who use at least one PagesJaunes support3
  4. 4. CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT In order to professionalise its digital communication and develop a relational and conversational strategy for its different audiences (influencers, opinion leaders, users and advertisers), PagesJaunes decided to launch a programme to manage its e-reputation. To do this, it developed a project split into 3 sections: • e-Reputation • e-Influence • e-Learning PagesJaunes chose Spotter for the monitoring of its e-reputation. The objective being to monitor and follow the evolution of how the brand and its services are perceived, most notably through an analysis of media discourse, opinion leaders and influencers online, as well as identifying consumers’ and professionals’ conversations concerning 4 major themes: Brands, Corporate issues, Products and services, CSR4
  5. 5. PagesJaunes’ Project • Context of the project • Scope of the monitoring • Team organisation
  6. 6. All-round and Adaptable SOLUTION PagesJaunes places the ‘cursor’ where it likes and Spotter guarantees training and support throughout the project. You manage your project You produce and You benefit from deliverables from A to Z with our support distribute your deliverables produced by Spotter SPOTTER guides you during the SPOTTER ensures the fine-tuning of setup phase of the project, develops the SPOTTER produces the deliverables, automatic data qualification, the improvement of puts the results into perspective, and presents source connectors and ensures on-going queries and treatments, and assigns you a our recommendations to your team and/or support via its online interface. dedicated Project Manager. your management. For the PagesJaunes project, the ‘We work together’ mode is used6
  7. 7. PAGESJAUNES – SET UP 2011 – 2012 – Continuous monitoring for Pilot 3 months – 12 months 2013 Sept to Dec January to December Reputation Day – June 2011 Setting up of the monitoring platform for the e-Reputation of PagesJaunes’ brand on online media, social media, blogs and forums with a scope of France / French Language. First contact Training & Transfer of skills for the digital team at PagesJaunes and its communications agency for the exploitation of online data and creating deliverables (summaries & reports)7
  8. 8. PAGESJAUNES - The project’s scope PagesJaunes’ objectives:  To pick up on and analyse media, opinion leaders and influencers’ discourse;  To identify consumers and professionals’ conversations on 4 main topics: Brands, Corporate issues, Products & Services, CSR. Panel of sources: A panel of sources in French only and published in France is monitored:  Online Media + ‘Pure Players’ sites  Social Media (excluding Twitter) + A specific panel for Twitter  Blogs (excluding IT) / Forums  CSR Sites & Blogs: all sources based on the environment, green technology, recycling etc.  Financial Sites: shares, prices on the stock market,…  IT Sites & Blogs: all sites based on technology, mobile telephones, etc...  Trade Union Sites: trade union blogs and sites e.g.  Alternative Sites: sites dedicated to alternative political parties (alterglobalisation, etc...).  Institutions’ Sites: institutions’ sites, local authorities, CNIL (the board that enforces law on data protection), etc...8
  9. 9. Organisation of the project’s teamThe team and exchanges with the client The in-house team’s tasks:  Quality control of theThe setting up of a dedicated monitoring team at documents harvested and their relevanceSpotter.  Validation of the information 2 people (1 analyst + 1 Project Manager) brought up by the system  Quality control of the Daily validation and quality control of data + qualification of the automatic qualification of Tone & Importance that is automatically attributed by the documents platform.  Training & a Transfer of skills to PagesJaunes digital Technical support, advice and guidance for the PagesJaunes team and its digital communications agency. communications agency + the permanent availability of the platform  Support and training of the PagesJaunes team + permanent access to the platform
  10. 10. SPOTTERPLATFORMMonitoring platform used for PagesJaunes
  11. 11. Software modules used for the PagesJaunes project The Spotter Platform combines modules and decision making tools that can be activated according to the needs of each user’s profile. This module includes tools to This module includes tools to This module includes Back-office visualise, personalise and explore, organise, qualify and tools for a complete and manage interactive analyse project data. Also autonomous project dashboards, which can be allowing the user to generate, management: sourcing,queries, shared by a group of users or export and publish graphs and users, treatment and individuals in the case of a newsletters online. qualification of data etc. … specific user. Access for Spotter’s Permanent access for PagesJaunes + its Agency back-office only11
  12. 12.  Spotter’s Analysis Workshop Main Functions Used • Immediate visualisation of the number of results for a certain day and archives in the monitoring plan • Results structured by theme, sub-theme, type of media, and/or groups of sources • Qualification of results by tone, risk level, or any other qualitative variable defined for the project • Advanced search engine combining full-text, metadata and text-mining methods of research • Monitoring the impact of social media in real time for all results published on the internet • Word Clouds of the words most used to speak about entities, in specific mentions and in the content of relevant discourse • Graphs generated with an export function so they can be published in Newsletters and Reports • Creation, visualisation and diffusion of Newsletters, Alerts and Press Reviews • Adding/Modifying summaries, post-its, translations and refining the qualification of results • A dedicated analyst space for each user to manage their corpus study, queries and graphs.12
  13. 13. SPOTTERANALYTICS – Breakdown of the Monitoring Plan  Database organised by themes and sub-themes  Organisation of results by type of source  Search engine  Monitoring of the main brand PagesJaunes + a look at 13 other of the group’s main brands (Mappy, Urban Dive, AnnoncesJaunes, Keltravo, 123People, Horyzon Média, A Vendre A Louer,..)13
  14. 14. SPOTTERANALYTICS – Exploring the data Graphic visualisation of queries and dynamic modifications of the presentation Lists of results from the monitoring plan and clouds of the tags used14
  15. 15. SPOTTERANALYTICS – Advanced research & access to documents Direct access to the original documents and access to the metadata when in ‘editing’ mode Advanced research functions with all metadata15
  16. 16.  The Dashboard is accessible on iPad and all other tablet PCs Three types of Widgets: • Graphs: volume, themes, tone, … • Written content: summaries and/or a selection of results • Scores: compound indicators that are specific to the project This allows: • An in-depth multi level analysis thanks to interlinking dashboards • Specific settings with dashboards that can be customised according to users’ needs, • Direct access to articles, posts, comments, tweets etc. with dynamic, interactive widgets. Library of Spotter Widgets Visibility and voice share Global tone Influence score Type of sources Top sources and tone Satisfaction score Themes and sub themes Top authors and tone Reputation score Top entities per theme Top themes and tone Risk score Entities with Risks Twitter presence …16
  17. 17. SPOTTERDASHBOARD – Visualisation of the main indicators (1/3) 10 key indicators for a global vision  A curve showing the volume registered over 15 days – excluding Twitter as a source  Origin of the documents over 7 days  ‘MustRead’ references with direct access to the original documents, classed by type of source, tone and importance17
  18. 18. SPOTTERDASHBOARD – Visualisation of the main indicators (2/3) 10 key indicators for a global vision  Tone of coverage over a period of 7 day (excluding Twitter)  Tone of the main themes present over a period of 7 days (excluding Twitter)  Tone of coverage over a period of 7 days (Twitter only)  Tone of the main themes present over a period of 7 days (Twitter only)18
  19. 19. SPOTTERDASHBOARD – Visualisation of the main indicators (3/3) 10 key indicators for a global vision  Volume curve over a period of 15 days – Twitter only  Top Topics over a period of 7 days, Twitter & Webnews  The Top actors on social media only, over a period of 7 days.19
  20. 20. Main functions • Managing the sources panel: There is a tool that allows the project’s universe of sources to be identified. The user accesses SPOTTER’s catalogue of sources and chooses a selection of them for the project. • Managing the monitoring plan: Another tool allows settings to be made, identifying the themes to follow for the project. The user describes each theme through Boolean queries that can use key words, ontology methods, and data from text-mining (lemmatisation, statements, metadata…). • Adding documents: A workflow is identified for the mass integration of internal documents (in all formats, text or image). This workflow includes a module of automatic text extraction (OCR: Optical Character Back-office Recognition). module for the • Managing the harvest from Web Panel and Open web: There is a tool for configuring research settings overall according to each type of source and ‘connector’ (Facebook, Twitter, Google News, Google Blog, Linkedin, YouTube,…). management of • Managing potentially interesting documents: A tool that detects documents that could potentially be of the PagesJaunes interest for the project but that may not have been identified within the universe to be monitored for the project by Spotter project (discovery module). analysts • Qualifying documents: A workflow is identified for validating the information harvested.  The user has a professional sector interface that allows them to prioritise the documents that need to be validated and qualified according to their importance for the project (it is possible to breakdown the volume of the documents gathered into several corpuses using specific queries)  This stage means the relevance of the documents gathered by the system can be assessed and in certain cases, it is possible to re-qualify a document if necessary (by importance, tone, themes, pre-qualified documents etc.). • Managing the SPOTTERDASHBOARD and SPOTTERANALYTICS modules: modules that allow the management of the platform for consulting validated documents. • Supervising the system: A module that presents statistics on the system in real time (The harvesting - Validation status – Status of the server’s load …) • Updates of the different client modules: This module allows the different modules of the project to be updated, and thus, makes the data validated by the analyst visible to all users.20
  21. 21. How the project has benefitted PagesJaunes
  22. 22. A few concrete results “To start with, the project’s aim was to evaluate PagesJaunes’ e- reputation in order to refine our plans and communication action and to make them more effective, to create interaction concerning the brand and to engage in conversation with online communities. As the year passed, the monitoring we put in place allowed us to obtain feedback concerning other issues (customer relations, HR, legal matters, technical matters…). And so, we have enlarged the field of action for the Spotter tool, making a centre for listening and analysis for other management sectors in the company.” Daniel LEMIN Head of Digital Relations at PagesJaunes22
  23. 23. A few concrete results For a year now, PagesJaunes’ monitoring platform has allowed the company to find concrete and efficient solutions based on the following:  Protecting the PagesJaunes brand  In the context of usurpation and parasitism of the brand for example  Help with crisis management  Strengthening customer relations (users and advertisers)  Identifying conversations (comments, questions, criticisms, appreciation…) about the brand on talk pages (blogs, forums, social networks…) in order to respond where necessary  Identifying influential actors for the brand  Developping projects that cover several areas  Customer management, business process, HR…23
  24. 24. CONTACT For more information, E Contact us! T + 33(0)4 67 68 61 7024
  25. 25. APPENDIX: SPOTTER – About us Through being 100% dedicated to developing solutions for the monitoring and analysis of media and social media for some of the largest companies and organisations, we have created a benchmark in Europe in this sector. We have:  Over 14 years of expertise in the monitoring and analysis of media discourse and conversations on the Internet.  Multilingual & multicultural profiles Analysts | Engineers | Researchers  Over 30 languages  A production branch in Portugal  50% of our turnover created internationally  30% of revenue invested in R&D every year  A unique positioning on the market for Technology | Analysis | Content  Strong and controlled organic growth25
  26. 26. SPOTTER – 14 years of evolution in innovative technology 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 26
  27. 27. COMBINING Technology and Expertise SPOTTER offers a qualitative approach at each step of the project to garauntee the best use of its tools and a continious adaptation of the monitoring plan and/or delivrables. Precise sourcing Intelligent qualification Detailed panel of Structured and relevant sources that can evolve data COMBINING TECHNOLOGY AND EXPERTISE Decision making Advanced analysis reporting Key figures, specific Platform, delivrables and indicators and scores recommendations27