What is SpotOn?


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SpotOn is like a Swiss Army Knife for small businesses. It's a full-featured loyalty and marketing platform that makes it fast and easy to increase customer loyalty and grow your business. SpotOn does all the work of collecting customers data so you can get back in touch anytime. In just a few clicks, you can craft and send beautifully-designed marketing campaigns to your customers via email, mobile, and social media.

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What is SpotOn?

  1. 1. Effortless Loyalty. Smarter Marketing
  2. 2. Deal sites are still a popular way for businesses to acquire new customers, but only 3% retain them. Businesses that take meaningful steps to drive loyalty are 88% more profitable than their competitors that do not. Loyalty is important It costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. of consumers would increase the amount of business they do with a company for a loyalty reward. 54% ClickFox, “Brand Loyalty Report,” 2012 Loyalogy, “LoyaltyPlus Research Study,” Jan 2013 Colloquy, “The Rules of Engagement: Loyalty in the U.S. and Canada,” 2011 eMarketer, “Small Businesses Favor Tactics that Balance Customer Attraction-Retention,” 2012
  3. 3. ClickFox, “Brand Loyalty Report,” 2012 Loyalogy, “LoyaltyPlus Research Study,” Jan 2013 Colloquy, “The Rules of Engagement: Loyalty in the U.S. and Canada,” 2011 2013 Maritz Loyalty, “Marketing Loyalty Report, “ May 2013 Customers want loyalty rewards 73% want a rewards program that works at multiple businesses 91% of smart phone users would download a loyalty app …and they’re more likely to carry a phone than a paper punch card They want a loyalty program that’s UNIVERSAL… …and they want it to be MOBILE 65% would recommend a business with an appealing rewards program
  4. 4. SpotOn has all the tools your business needs
  5. 5. 3. Measure Interactive charts and graphs help you see the big picture in real-time, anytime 2. Connect Send new offers straight to customers’ phones, email, Facebook, and Twitter 1. Track Customers scan their phone app, card or Apple Passbook on the tablet Loyalty & marketing as easy as 1, 2, 3
  6. 6. We’ve got it covered SpotOn is the fastest-growing loyalty & marketing platform in the U.S. and Mexico Each pin in this map represents a CITY with SpotOn businesses! 6,000+ Businesses More than 4 million Users!
  7. 7. Scan card or phone Tap the tablet Earn rewards 321 It’s easy & fun for customers
  8. 8. All of your customers in one place. Say hello to your HotSpot Loyalty is just the beginning There’s so much you can do in your HotSpot dashboard: See customer activity Create & send new offers Engage customers on Facebook Customize loyalty rewards Measure results
  9. 9. Manage your reputation SpotOn’s Reviews dashboard helps you manage & improve your online ratings Monitor reviews from sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook in one place Get notified about new reviews as they happen Easily track, evaluate, and increase your ratings over time.
  10. 10. A new menu item. An event reminder. A product announcement. Customers. Clients. Patients. No matter who is on your list – let them know what’s happening at your business, via: Email Mobile Social Media Connect with your customers Businesses that send weekly communications to customers see TRIPLE the customer visits
  11. 11. Target with precision It’s never been so easy to get the right message to the right customer Urban Airship Borrell Associates SpotOn does all the work of grouping your customers based on their activity Give a special gift to birthday customers Win back lapsed customers Send a special offer to your VIPs Thank a new customer for their purchase Boost business instantly. Offers sent through mobile notifications see 3x faster response times than email, and are 10x more effective than traditional coupons.
  12. 12. Enable customers to auto-brag rewards activity in the Newsfeed Directly link customers to your Facebook page to get more Likes Incentivize customers to refer friends to your business More to : *Study of more than 2,000 Facebook users by LiveScience 4/26/2013 One Facebook Like is worth $174.17 for your business. Let us help you get more. Full Social Media Integration Auto-brag (verb)- to automatically boast about the reward you just earned at a business to all your friends on Facebook.
  13. 13. Support multiple business locations  View & compare customer activity at all of your locations.  Send new offers to customers of all locations, or isolate to specific locations or customers. Scale from one location to hundreds without changing a thing.
  14. 14. You may know some of our partners
  15. 15. More per visit More visits New promo spend Net revenue increase Dollars Loyalty rewards are proven to motivate customers to visit more frequently and spend more when they are there. Reward costs Program cost Measuring Return n Loyalty
  16. 16. The case below starts with the conservative assumption that only 15 customers per day sign up for your loyalty program. After 50 days, you’ll have a database of 750 customers. Now, let’s say that you can increase spend by 15% utilizing SpotOn’s marketing platform. We‘re results driven. (you probably are too) SpotOn is proven to achieve dramatic cash on cash return within two months. SpotOn $70/Month What if you could enroll… 15 customers/day 60 customers/day 140 customers/day Avg spend $10 $10 $10 Assumed monthly visits 2 2 2 Assumes increase in visits & spend 15% 20% 25% Monthly revenue increase $2,250 12,000 35,000 Assumes 10% net income margin $225 $1,200 $3,500 ROI 321% 1,714% 5,000%
  17. 17. Case Study: sweetFrog After just one month, the business engaged with OVER 500 customers who AVERAGED 3 visits each 30 days to build a valuable customer database
  18. 18. Case Study: Coyote Coffee Increased revenue 30% in 4 months Increased off-Peak Business Doubled Sunday sales Increased lunch business New found marketing prowess Immediate access to 1,500 customers Customer email open rates above 30% Customers start to show up within an hour of receiving messages about our specials. -Tunckie LeCroy, Owner 1,529 Customers 16,774 Check-ins
  19. 19. TESTIM NIALS Before, I was spending $1000/month on advertising. I quit all of that and am using SpotOn. My business is up 30%.” Larry Submarina Riverside, CA It’s the future of marketing for businesses. Having everything in one place is great. In the morning, I login, spend 5 minutes crafting messages to my customers, and boom, my marketing is done. Brian Landshark’s Pizza Destin, FL By far the best program on the market for merchants and customers alike. We think it's phenomenal, and we're more than happy to keep SpotOn in our little cafe indefinitely. Mariah First Edition Café & Espresso Bar Oklahoma City, OK
  20. 20. Learn More Visit us online -or- Call for a free demo