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The sportstec potential


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Troy Baker presentation to the Sportstec Global sales conference on Sportstec Potential

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The sportstec potential

  1. 1. The Sportstec PotentialThe Sportstec Potential
  2. 2. What is PerformanceWhat is PerformanceAnalysis?Analysis?According to the International Society of Performance Analysis in Sport"Performance Analysis is an objective way of recording performance so that keyelements of that performance can be quantified ina valid and consistent manner."Thoughts??????Thoughts??????
  3. 3. finding the best way to maximise learning potentialthrough the most efficient means to produce the bestpossible outcomePerformance Analysis mindset in Sport vs MedicalSimulation
  4. 4. Game AnalysisGame AnalysisExecution, Decision Making, Teamwork....Execution, Decision Making, Teamwork....Skill AcquisitionSkill AcquisitionCause and Effect CuesCause and Effect CuesOcclusionOcclusionBiomechanical AnalysisBiomechanical Analysis
  5. 5. Rules of CricketRules of CricketYou have two sides - one out in the field and one in.Each man that’s in the side that’s in goes out and when he’s out he comes in and the next mangoes in until he’s out.When they are all out the side that’s out comes in and the side that’s been in goes out and tries toget those coming in out.Sometimes you get men still in and not out.When both sides have been in and out including the not outs, that’s the end of the game!
  6. 6. The Vertical SolutionThe Vertical SolutionTeaTeam Am ATeaTeam Am ATeaTeam Bm BTeaTeam Bm BTeaTeam Cm CTeaTeam Cm CTeaTeam Dm DTeaTeam Dm DTeaTeam Em ETeaTeam Em ETeaTeam Fm FTeaTeam Fm FTeaTeam Gm GTeaTeam Gm GTeaTeam Hm HTeaTeam Hm H
  7. 7. Typical SportingTypical SportingOrganisation StructureOrganisation StructureHPHPManagerManagerHPHPManagerManagerHeadHeadCoachCoachHeadHeadCoachCoachAssist.Assist.CoachesCoachesAssist.Assist.CoachesCoachesSportSportScientistsScientistsSportSportScientistsScientists Medico’sMedico’sMedico’sMedico’s AnalystAnalystAnalystAnalystSportSportPsych’sPsych’sSportSportPsych’sPsych’sTypical Elite SportingTypical Elite SportingOrganisation StructureOrganisation StructureMarketinMarketinggMarketinMarketingg
  8. 8. TheTheAnalyAnalyststTheTheAnalyAnalyststCoachCoachesesCoachCoachesesMedicMedico’so’sMedicMedico’so’sPsycPsych’sh’sPsycPsych’sh’sPlayePlayersrsPlayePlayersrsMarkeMarketingtingMarkeMarketingtingSportSportScientiScientistsstsSportSportScientiScientistssts
  9. 9. DevelopmeDevelopment Teamsnt TeamsDevelopmeDevelopment Teamsnt TeamsElite TeamElite TeamElite TeamElite TeamReservesReservesReservesReservesMultiple SC Elite, TLMultiple SC Elite, TLShare, RemoteShare, RemoteCommsCommsiCoda / GB’siCoda / GB’sMedia deptMedia deptMedia deptMedia deptSuit the Solution to the LevelSuit the Solution to the LevelSC EliteSC Elite
  10. 10. Qualitative v QuantitativeQualitative v QuantitativeGut feel / instinctsGut feel / instincts v Factsv FactsCognitive BiasesCognitive Biases- Primacy and Recency effects- Confirmation Bias
  11. 11. AttackingAttackingOptionsOptionsDefensiveDefensiveStructuresStructuresComposureComposureSkillsSkillsKPI’sKPI’sThe Sportstec PotentialThe Sportstec PotentialTeamworkTeamwork