The V Foundation - Reno Hold 'Em & Celeb Ski


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The V Foundation - Reno Hold 'Em & Celeb Ski

  1. 1. Grand Sierra Resort & Casino - Reno, NVMarch 23-26, 2010
  2. 2. CHARITY NO-LIMIT RENO 2010 HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENTVISUAL EVENT RECAPIn the pages that follow, you’ll see several marketing pieces, media coverage and extensive imagesand captions that portray the experience during The V Foundation Charity Poker Tournament.EVENT ITINERARYThe three-day event boasted a schedule full of activities that made the experience for thecelebrities so intriguing.Tuesday, March 23, 2010> Celebrity guest arrivals> Informal gathering and musical performance from The Jacob Luttrell TrioWednesday, March 24, 2010> Celebrity ski trip to Mount Rose> Welcome Party & Cocktail Reception> The V Foundation Charity Poker TournamentThursday, March 25, 2010> Take It Downhill Celebrity Ski Off> Gemstone Winery - Winemaker Dinner at Briscola
  3. 3. CHARITY NO-LIMIT RENO 2010 HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENT Left: Phil “Unabomber”Above: Christian Fauria with Laak getting a massage onLiv Boeree. his legendary mug.Below: Grand Sierra CEO Top Right: Event Host AlexRichard Silverman. Outhred rocked the mic. Above: Fauria chats with the ailing Matt Graham. Below: Dani Stern’s not happy about losing a big pot. Left: Maria Ho poses with McLean Karr during a break in between deals. Below: Jeff Madsen ponders his next move as the action at the final table heats up. Above: Antonio Esfandiari steals the mic from Outhred to call the action at his table.Below: The V Found. Bottom Right: Local Derekmainstay Julie Farrington gets his ESPNConstantin with final moment after takingtableist Dani Stern. down 3 pros for the title. Right: Power Poker couple, Liv Boeree and Allie Prescott ponder which items to bid on at the enormous silent auction selection.
  4. 4. CHARITY NO-LIMIT RENO 2010 HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENT Christian Fauria and Trishelle Cannatella report from the top of Mount Rose just before Rick Fuller shoots out of the gate for his first run wearing jeans! McLean Karr brags to Trishelle after knocking out Eric Aude from the competition, while Alex Outhred shows love to Antonio Esfandiari even thoughLiv Boeree ripped her way to the finals he lost by the tip of his skis.but in her interview seemed to thinkAntonio had an unfair advantage. Antonio confesses his Gatorade was his lucky charm and it seemed to have worked with carves like this.
  5. 5. CHARITY NO-LIMIT RENO 2010 HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENT At the reception even the spread was all about poker! Julie with movie star Jennifer Elise Cox and winemaker Michael Turner.The Jacob Luttrell Trio kicks off the The V Foundation’s Julie Constantinfestivities at the Pre Poker Tourney thanks the crowd before introducingCocktail Reception. the powerful Jimmy V Speech. Phil Laak, actress Jennifer Tilly and Antonio Esfandiari pose with Tourney Winnner Derek Farrington and his wife Angel. Below: Derek & Angel with Julie and Gemstone Winery’s owner Paul Frank Guests enjoyed an intimate setting and a wonderful four course meal paired with extravagant wines from Gemstone Vineyards.
  6. 6. CHARITY NO-LIMIT RENO 2010 HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENTSelection Of Pre & Post Print Media Coverage & TestimonialsFull Tilt, Poker From the Rail:The poker tournament takes place on Wednesday, March 24th at the Grand Sierra Resort Casino in Reno, NVfor a buyin of just $200 with $100 rebuys. Half the prize pool will benefit The V Foundation with the other halfgoing into a prizepool. There will also be sponsor prizes, pro poker lessons and the winner will have a cancergrant created in their name. There are many pros scheduled to participate including Antonio Esfandiari, AlexOuthred, Liv Boeree, Lacey Jones, Adam “Roothlus” Levy, Allie Prescott along with Full Tilt pro Jeff Madsen. Thetournament kicks off at 7pm following a cocktail party which will entertain and loosen up bankrolls. The following day brings an interesting twist to the standard charity tournament. Many of the pros will move from the poker table to the mountain for a “Celebrity Heads Up Ski-off” which will pit competitors against each other as they race down the mountain. It should be a great spectacle as many young guns of poker take to the slopes in an attempt to raise more money and entertain the masses. They will be paired up and begin racing at 11am on March, 25th with a BBQ to follow.Poker News Daily:On March 24th, the Grand Sierra Resort Casino in Reno will host a $220 buy-in charity poker tournament ben-efiting the V Foundation. The event will be televised on ESPN2 and kicks off at 7:00pm local time.A bevy of poker players are slated to appear in the name of charity, including Victory Poker front manAntonio Esfandiari, pro Adam “Roothlus” Levy, two-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) braceletwinner Jeff Madsen, poker instructor Alex Outhred, Alec “traheho” Torelli, former “Amazing Race” contestantTiffany Michelle, Erick Lindgren’s significant other Erica Schoenberg, 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year SaraUnderwood, actor Mekhi Pfifer, embattled baseball great Jose Canseco, Absolute Poker’s Trishelle Cannatella,and Liv Boeree.Poker Listings:“UB and Absolute Poker’s Trishelle Cannatella are co-hosting a two-daycharity poker tournament to benefit cancer research in Reno beginningtoday. The V Foundation Charity Poker Tournament also features a silentauction, private dinner and a “Take It Downhill” Poker Pro Ski Challenge.”Poker Road:The Grand Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada, will be hosting a special charity poker tournament thisWednesday, March 24th, to benefit The V Foundation and it’s ongoing efforts to fight against cancer, and quitea few familiar names are hoping regular folks will join them when they attend.This special $230 buy-in (w/$100 rebuys) event, currently is expecting numerous top players and celebritiesincluding Antonio Esfandiari, Liv Boeree, Jose Canseco and Mekhi Phifer, and is just one part of an excitingoverall gathering that also features an impressive private dinner the next day prepared by top chefs, withcomplimentary wine from Gemstone Vineyard, as well as a special silent auction with many significant donatedprizes.Pros Step Up in Reno to Play for Cancer Research - Luck Dog Poker:“The chance to play against top-level poker pros for just a $230 buy-in (plus $100 rebuys) was a greatopportunity.”Liv Boeree:“The evening was a fun night of charity tournament rebuy madness (I managed to dump $700 during the rebuyperiod by getting two outed every hand)... and fun was had.”
  7. 7. CHARITY NO-LIMIT RENO 2010 HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENTJimmy V Foundation Charity Event in Reno/Tahoe - Adam “Roothlus” LevyLast week Katie, Amit, Trishelle, & I went on a 3-day vacation to Reno, Nevada for a charity tournament. The organiza-tion putting together the charity tournament was the Jimmy V Foundation and if you’ve never heard of them, you shoulddefinitely google the name, Jimmy Valvano. He was a basketball coach who took a Cinderella team, NC State, to a na-tional championship but unfortunately succumbed to cancer years later. ESPN endorses the foundation and it is cancerresearch group....The next day we took to the slopes. It was Amit & my first time ever. After having to buy $200 worth of ski clothes and fill-ing out some waivers, we were good to go...Once we did, they told us to take the skis for a ride and somehow I didn’t fallafter going down a small hill. Amit however wasn’t so fortunate. Granted he didn’t hurt himself or anything but it still wasfunny to watch. Speaking of watching it, you can check out my Youtube account, Roothlus1, and watch exactly what I justdescribed plus other cool videos. Amit and I were able to get lessons from a really cool guy who was a great teacher....I fell a few times initially, not because it was hard, but because I had trouble stopping...Takes a long time to get going butonce I do, look out!...Our instructor was riding a little faster in front of us. He was swerving back and forth when I startedpicking up steam and couldn’t get myself to slow down. I screamed “Watch out! I’m coming!”. He didn’t hear me and Icrashed into him. Luckily we weren’t going too fast so we were okay. Amit was behind us both and he was able to maneu-ver around us. As we’re down on the ground laughing we hear him make some sort of a yelp while trying to dodge hittingus...We’re down on the ground watching him and he can’t stop himself. There was a fork in the trail approaching and hedecided to go the uphill way but when he angled his skis that way, he turned to fast and went off the trail at a decentspeed. He hit a bump and got airborne and he smacked into a stone wall with his skis first. We had to see if he was okayand once we saw that he was, we burst out in laughter...Once we finished the trail, the lesson was over and overall our firstday on the slopes was a success...Later that night we played in the charity tournament. I ended up having both Amit andTara at my table and I knocked them out in back-to-back hands. Go figure. I was ableto play with Jan from the Brady Bunch, which I thought was pretty cool. She was reallynice and made our table a lot of fun. I ended up going pretty deep in the tournamentgetting 17th. Jeff Madsen busted me and hopefully that footage will show up on ESPNwhen they air this...Matt Graham ended up going on to finish 2nd and hopefully gotsome tv time as well. A local Reno poker player scooped up first place so that wascool that a local beat out all the poker pros there.The charity event was a blast and I would happily go back again if they decided to have another one of these. I’ll also beway more inclined to go skiing now that I learned a thing or two. Now I’m off to Fort Lauderdale to visit the fam and thenMohegan Sun on the 6th. It’s always nice to visit home and see old friends. It puts things in perspective a bit and makesme appreciate everything more. Until next time peace out!Reno Charity Tournament - Matt Graham Hey guys. Really short blog today because I broke my elbow and tore liga- ments in my elbow in a ski wipeout. I am out in Reno for a V Foundation charity tournament. The tournament was last night and I actually got 3rd despite being zoned out on pain killers the whole time...I got 3 outed vs a local player for like 85% of the chips in play. I was giving it all back to the charity anyways in the form of half straight to the charity and the other half to be used to buy items in the charity auction. I was able to get two totally awesome items though...So all in all it wasnt too bad of a day despite the injury...
  8. 8. CHARITY NO-LIMIT RENO 2010 HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENTCrazy good week! - Michael BingerI went to Reno for a charity poker tournament benefiting the V Foundation. This was founded by the late greatbasketball coach Jimmy Valvano and ESPN to benefit cancer research. After spending a couple days with theV Foundation people I was totally impressed... this is one of the most worthy charities out there. So I was veryhappy to go crazy during the rebuy period: I think I was in for 15-18 buy-ins (at $100 each). I didn’t make it veryfar in the tourney but I had a lot of fun anyway. I also bid on and won several items from the silent auction...The next day we went to Mount Rose ski resort. The conditions were prettygood, with 6 inches of fresh powder. I also participated in the Poker Pro skirace. Now this sounds dangerous: taking very competitive (and sometimesreckless) poker players and having them race down a mountain! Somehownobody got injured during the race, probably because it was somewhat shortslalom course. I was the only snowboarder out of the 16 competitors. Inhindsight, I think being on a board was a serious detriment... it was hard tocompete with a competent skier. Anyway, not making excuses (ok I guess Iam), but I lost my first round race to Alex Outhred, a very good skier and great guy. Antonio went on to win thewhole thing.The rest of the day was blissful boarding. That evening we were treated to an amazing wine dinner...Seems like I couldn’t get any of luck,Michael BingerMy March Madness – Tiffany MichelleShortly after that trip I headed to Reno for another cool charity event. I joined several of my poker pro andcelebrity pals for the V Foundation’s charity poker tournament. Of course, after making it deep in the tourney I knew I had NO SHOT the moment I sat down at Brandon Cantu’s table – aka THE LUCKIEST PLAYER ON EARTH. I got all in with 10s verses his 7s and obviously he went four to a flush to knock me out... which is what we call getting “CANTU-ED”! On this trip we were all able to get out of the casino for the day and hit the ski slopes! It was pretty funny to see so many poker players out of their element, wrapped up in scarves, beanies, winter jackets and boots, trudging through the snow. ESPN was covering our “poker and powder” weekend which included a Celebrity Poker Pro ski race. I was hopeful about my first heat, racing against Liv Boeree but a last minute change paired me against Antonio Esfandiari. Igrew up skiing and thought I’d had a decent chance against that goofball, especially when the little Hustlertold me he MAYBE skis once a year. Needless to say, Antonio SCHOOLED ME! It wasn’t even close. I was kindajust happy just to make it down the icy hill without a major wipeout, which the TV cameras would have beendelighted to catch. I also felt like less of a loser when Antonio went on to beat every other racer and win theentire thing! Nice job Esfandiari.... WE SHALL MEET AGAIN!
  9. 9. CHARITY NO-LIMIT RENO 2010 HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENTNevada High Points:“It was a wild and exciting ride last night at the V Foundation’s Celebrity/Charity Poker Tournament held at theGrand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada.”Bluff Magazine:When Derek Farrington’s wife wandered into the Grand Sierra Resort andCasino poker room this week, the last thing she expected was to end upseated next to Phil “The Unabomber” Laak playing $1/$2. The serendipitousmoment did in fact occur though and it resulted in her husband taking partin the charity poker tournament benefitting The Jimmy V Foundation.Farrington was one of 48 players who took part in the $200 rebuy event atthe Grand Sierra. He was surrounded by a long list of pros including Laak,Antonio Esfandiari, Tiffany Michelle, Maria Ho, Adam “Roothlus” Levy, Jerry Yang, Jeff Madsen, Dani Stern andJennifer Tilly. Emceed by Alex Outhred and Trishelle Cannatella, the tournament and accompanying silentauction raised in the realm of $50,000 for the organization, which raises money for cancer research. The charity event raised both money and awareness for the cause and the representa- tives from the Jimmy V Foundation were more than pleased with the results. Board mem- ber Julie Constantin told Bluff she thought, “the event went incredibly. “You want to raise money, but you also want to raise awareness,” she added. “It’s been an incredibly inspir- ing evening for me.” There is the potential for the event to inspire others as well, as it was filmed by ESPN2 and will air on the network later this year in tandem with a downhill ski race featuringpoker pros and celebrities held on Mt. Rose. The finals of the tournament style ski-race came down to LivBoeree and Esfandiari, with the Magician claiming the honor of poker’s best ski bunny.Farrington collected the top prize of $4,877, some of which was spent on silent auction items benefitting thecharity. Graham pledged half his winnings to the charity and spent the other half on silent auction items andseveral other players followed suit donating a portion of their winnings.Poker News Daily:At the tournament itself, the Tweets flew as fast as the cards themselves. WSOP double bracelet holderBrandon Cantu started by Tweeting, “Jimmy V foundation charity tourney i have matt graham to my right anytime he enters a pot i’m moving in.” Others would follow with their Tweets, with Liv Boeree and Tiffany Michellechirping about their defeats at the hands of Cantu. “I swear @BrandonCantu is my poker nemesis,” Michellecommented. “Got it all in with 10s v his 7s obv he goes four to a flush. That’s what we call getting Cantued!”Boeree would prove to have no better luck when she went head-to-head with Cantu: “Playing the charitytournament. just got Cantued for big pot, obv.”Fellow WSOP double bracelet winner Jeff Madsen had much better luck in going up against Cantu, however.“Wow beat Cantu in an all in,” Madsen Tweeted as he made his run to the final table of the event. “Final table.I make every charity final table. All of my proceeds will be donated to the Jeff Madsen Fund,” Madsen jokinglytweeted after he made it. The winner of the tournament will have a cancer research grant created in theirhonor.The mountains of Reno would prove to be a tempting diversion for several of the participants in the VFoundation event. Hitting the slopes for some skiing and snowboarding were poker pros Amit “amak316”Makhija, Adam “Roothlus” Levy, and Boeree, prompting Savage to Tweet, “please don’t break anything!”Madsen, who was boarding with Trishelle Cannatella and Cantu, looked to get some action on the activityby Tweeting, “I put the number of broken bones in the group at over 0.5.” Apparently, all made it though themountains without issue because Michelle Tweeted to fellow snow surfers Alex Outhred, Boeree, Cantu, andMadsen this morning, “4-6 new inches of snow on the mountain today... we might not kill ourselves YEAY!”
  10. 10. CHARITY NO-LIMIT RENO 2010 HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENT TiffanyMichelle TiffanyMichelle Poker Pro Ski Challenge at Mt. Rose next If you’re in the Reno area come join your week in conjunction with the charity event favorite poker pros and celebs for a super - my 1st heat is vs @liv_boeree BRING IT fun charity tourney next week BRITAIN ;-) AlliePrescott Arrived at The Grand Sierra. Let the festivities begin... TrishelleC Come join me in Tahoe for a charity trnmnt Gamblindude benefitting the Jimmy V foundation. March SEA -> RNO for the V foundation 23rd-26th should be great... charity tournament and ski race. amak316 liv_boeree Flying to Reno with a huge crew to Just tried to play some guitar play a charity tournament for the with a funk-blues band in Reno. Jimmy V foundation. Hmmm. roothlusuncutTrishelleC Playing the Jimmy V Foundation charityAt the grand Sierra for the V charity tourney. What a great cause. Have Janpoker tourny cocktail reception with Gamblindude from the Brady Bunch. She’s really cool.everyone. Fun Times! Playing in the Jimmy V foundation charity poker tournament in Reno. Already got it all in with 75 against Maria Ho’s KK. Rebuy! liv_boeree playing the charity tournament. brandoncantu just got Cantued for big pot, obv. Jimmy v foundation charity tourney i have matt graham to my right any TrishelleC time he enters a pot im moving in Long day on the slopes filming take it downhill with poker pros for ESPN. Christian Fauria was an awesome co host. AlliePrescott Resting then dinner Gamblindude Congrats @liv_boeree for your near rise to greatness and appearance in the final 4...last Out in 18th place in this charity girl will still never beat me event. I guess I have to try and win liv_boeree the ski race tomorrow! finished second in the ski race to antonio esfandiari... so close!!!!! Such a fun day!MariaHo@jb_SID V Foundation Event was MariaHogreat thanks to all of you guys and @SportsIdentity It was great meeting you inall your hard work!! See y’all soon! TiffanyMichelle Reno and I had a wonderful time! You guys put on a great event!!! =) Excellent time in Reno with these ladies, raising $ for the V Foundation. Made some delicious new friends too!
  11. 11. CHARITY NO-LIMIT RENO 2010 HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENTThank You To All Of Our Partners & Sponsors
  12. 12. Event created and managed by Sports Identity, Inc. 840 Summer Street Third Floor Boston, MA 02127 617-268-0001