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Ever tried networking when you’ve lost your voice?


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I attended SEAT conference and lost my voice 2 days before. The networking event was 1 day before the conference started and when I was supposed to open with the Welcome Address. I didn't speak on Saturday, but it didn't stop me from networking...

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Ever tried networking when you’ve lost your voice?

  1. 1. Ever tried networking when you’ve lost your voice? @SportsGeek
  2. 2. Armed with an iPad and Pentultimate here is my recap of #SEAT2014 networking event @SportsGeek
  3. 3. What’s with the iPad? @SportsGeek
  4. 4. Are you from Australia? Getting a few jokes in early… @SportsGeek
  5. 5. Gracefully leaving a “conversation” @SportsGeek
  6. 6. So we don’t have to listen to you? * * this was used by multiple people, I have a list… @SportsGeek
  7. 7. Hang on, aren’t you speaking tomorrow? Started to build the anticipation for Welcome Address @SportsGeek
  8. 8. The best question you can ask at a networking event! @SportsGeek
  9. 9. Good to meet new people at #SEAT2014 @SportsGeek
  10. 10. Politically correct answer to many questions @SportsGeek
  11. 11. Still teaching people about Twitter @SportsGeek
  12. 12. Do you believe in conspiracy theories? I was poking fun, but believe me Steve I would have preferred to be able to speak… @SportsGeek
  13. 13. Luckily as the saying goes… A picture is worth a thousand words @SportsGeek
  14. 14. @SportsGeek
  15. 15. @SportsGeek
  16. 16. @SportsGeek
  17. 17. @SportsGeek
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