Marathon Preparation


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Carl Gustafson PT, AT, CSCS, co-owner of Sports and Physical Therapy Associates with 14 locations in the Boston, MA area shares his insight on preventing common running issues when training for a marathon.

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Marathon Preparation

  1. 1. Marathon Preparation UtilizingTherapeutic Exercise andStretching by Carl Gustafson PT AT CSCS Sports and PT Associates
  2. 2. Marathon Defined: Long distance race 26 miles 385 feet, A Difficult Undertaking, A test of endurance Encarta World
  3. 3. Overtraining :a lack of Recovery totraining NSCA ?? or Micheli, Children’s Hospital found that Dancers who danced greater than 12 hours per week were significantly more prone to injury Gustafson, SPTA with Boston Skating Club found a significantly greater chance of injury with skating greater than 20 hours per week.
  4. 4. Under conditioned: Lack ofPhysical Conditioning NSCA? Are the injuries you sustain while training due to lack of overall conditioning?
  5. 5. Empirically when do the Wheelsfall off the bus??Novice Runners about 6miles10 k Runners 10-12 milesExperiencedmarathoners usually dueto running >than 3Marathons per year
  6. 6. Micro vs. Macro Trauma Micro trauma small repetitive traumas resulting in tissue breakdown NSCA More Prevalent during Marathon Training Macro trauma 1 large event or trauma resulting in injury NSCA Training in Boston over the Winter BEWARE!
  7. 7. Strain vs. Sprain Strain Micro tears in muscle due to overload NSCA Sprain Tears in ligaments due to overload or overstretching NSCA
  8. 8. Tendinitis/Tedinosis Intrinsic Tendinitis Acute Inflammation of tendon due to lack of flexibility Witvrouw Extrinsic Tendinitis Acute Inflammation of the tendon due to external friction ( Shoe wear, Skate bite) NSCA Tendinosis A tendinitis that has lasted through the acute stage NSCA
  9. 9. Stress Fractures Need to see MD, PA or NP for Diagnostic Tests to determine if present A stress fracture is a small crack in a bone. Stress fractures often develop from overuse, such as from high-impact sports like distance running or basketball AAOS
  10. 10. Gastroc-Soleous Strain /Achillestendinitis Acute gastroc Soleous Strain due to muscular overload NSCA Acute Achilles Tendinitis due to lack of flexibility and Strength NSCA Acute Extrinsic Tendinitis due to foot wear and or orthotics /heel cups in shoes NSCA
  11. 11. Gastoc Soleous/ Achilles rehab Short Term raise heel via Heel lift or Higher Heel counter in shoes, Don’t stretch for 7-14 days but do progressive plantar Flexion gradually to full weight bearing. Then once full strength apply stretch.
  12. 12. Illiotibial Band Tendinitis Due to Lack of flexibility , strength and or friction NATA
  13. 13. Illiotibial band rehab Stretch Illiotibial Band (Long Tendon Not as impressive a stretch) and Rectus Femoris stretch Apply stress to tendon via and step ups which progress to lunges
  14. 14. Patella Tendinitis Due to Lack of Flexibility of Patella Tendon Witvrouw
  15. 15. Patella Tendinitis Rehab Stretch Rectus Femoris,Quad and Hamstrings Apply Stress to tendon via knee extensions and step ups which progress to lunges
  16. 16. Low back pain Strain to Lumbar muscles and compression to facet joints from being in prolonged lordotic positions NSCA
  17. 17. Rehab exercises for Low back pain Reduce spasm and joint compression through directional appropriate exercises Donnelson Stretch Rectus Femoris, piriformis and hamstrings
  18. 18. General Muscle Achiness DOMS Delayed Muscle Onset Soreness NSCA Low Resistance Aerobic Training Bike or Elliptical NSCA
  19. 19. Cross Training If Injured utilize Cross training to continue to raise aerobic endurance without the pounding and compression of the street. NATA Utilize Treadmill, Elliptical or Pool
  20. 20. Modalities Therapeutic Agents to Stimulate Circulation and Decrease Swelling APTA Acute Inflammation from large influx in Running Utilize Ice Electrical Stimulation and Pumping massage APTA
  21. 21. Train Smart ! The Human Race Running a Race To Race for a Cure Everyone is a Winner THANK YOU !!