Sport, sponsorship and europe helen day


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Sport, sponsorship and europe helen day

  1. 1. Sports, Sponsorship and EuropeHelen DayEuropean Sports SummitMajor events: Major opportunities20thJune 2013
  2. 2. EuropeanSponsorshipAssociationESA - the voice of the sponsorship industry in Europe• Established since 1990• Members across Europe from sponsors, rights holders,consultancies, associated research and professional firmsand affiliates linked to sponsorship• Aim to set standards in sponsorship, with education andrepresentation of the members• Regular workshops, training and conferences• Annual European Sponsorship Excellence Awards• Establishment of the ESA Diploma and other continuedprofessional development (CPD)
  3. 3. ICC Code onSponsorship• First Advertising Code in 1937– Provided globally acceptable framework forresponsible creativity and communication• First Sponsorship Code in 1992– Expression of social responsibility in light ofglobalisation and market liberalisation withemerging new media and markets– Instrument of self-discipline as an interpretive aidfor practitioners and as reference for courts in anydisputes• Latest Sponsorship draft in 2011– Incorporated with other commercialcommunications into a Consolidated Code onMarketing with specific chapter on sponsorship
  4. 4. ICC Definition ofSponsorship1992 version:Any communication by which a sponsor contractuallyprovides financing or other support in order toestablish a positive association between thesponsor’s image, identity, brands, products orservices and a sponsored event, activity, organisationor individual2003 and 2011 versions:Any commercial agreement by which a sponsor, forthe mutual benefit of the sponsor and sponsoredparty, contractually provides financing or othersupport in order to establish an association betweenthe sponsor’s image, brands or products and asponsorship property, in return for rights to promotethis association and/or for the granting of certainagreed direct or indirect benefits
  5. 5. NorthAmericaEurope AsiaPacificCentral &SouthernAmericaOther2012(projected)$51b $18.9b $14.1b $11.9b $3.9b $2.2b2011 $48.7b $18.2b $13.6b $11.1b $3.7 $2.1b2010 $46b $17.1b $12.9b $10.6b $3.6b $2b2009 $44.4b $16.5b $12.1b $10.1b $3.5b $1.9b2008 $43.4b $16.6b $11.7b $9.5b $3.5b $2b2007 $37.7b $14.9b $10.6b $7.4b $3.0b $1.8b2006 $33.7b $13.4b $9.5b $6.4b $2.7b $1.7b2005 $30.5b $12.1 b $8.5b $5.8b $2.5b $1.6b2004 $27.9b $11.1 b $7.8b $5.2b $2.3b $1.5b2003 $25.9b $10.25b $7.4b $4.7b $2.2b $1.4b2002 $24.4b $9.6b $7.1b $4.7b $2.1b $1.3b2001 $23.5b2012 % 37.1% 27.7% 23.3% 7.6% 4.3%Source: IEGGlobalSponsorship SpendGlobal Sponsorship Spend 2001 to 2011$ billionFigures are based on sponsorship rights fees
  6. 6. Total Sponsorship2010 2011Europe Countries €22.8b €25.2bPan European events €0.5b €0.7bGlobal Events - Europe €0.03b €0.6bTotal €23.3b €26.5b% Change Year on Year +14%Sponsorship in Europe 2010 and 2011€ billionSource: European Sponsorship Association 2012EuropeanSponsorship SpendFigures cover all forms of sponsorship include global events staged in Europe
  7. 7. TotalSponsorship Sport Non-SportEurope Countries €22.8b €15.6b €7.2bPan European &Global Events €0.53b €0.53b € -Total €23.33b €16.13b €7.20b% Breakdown 69% 31%EuropeanBreakdownSponsorship in Europe Breakdown 2010€ billionSource: European Sponsorship Association 2012Figures cover all forms of sponsorship include global events staged in Europe
  8. 8. Source: The World Sponsorship Monitor 2012Global Deals2012
  9. 9. Top TenIndustries- ValueSource: The World Sponsorship Monitor 2012
  10. 10. Source: The World Sponsorship Monitor 2012Top TenSponsored Sports- Value
  11. 11. Source: The World Sponsorship Monitor 2012Top TenSponsored Sports- DealsSource: The World Sponsorship Monitor 2012
  12. 12. SponsorshipDeals by TypeSource: The World Sponsorship Monitor 2012
  13. 13. OlympicTorch RelayCoca Cola busLloyds TSB advertisingSamsung fund-raising
  14. 14. P&G and the2012 Olympics
  15. 15. Pan-EuropeanSponsorship1996 European Commission Green Paper on CommercialCommunications considered sponsorship in detail, andrecommended:• Sponsorship to be seen a separate marketingdiscipline to advertising, PR, sales promotion, directmail, product placement, patronage etc.• Country of origin principle was appropriate• No harmonisation needed, but subsidiarity works,allowing each member state to set its own laws andregulations• No EC central legislation was needed“Sponsorship is the most effective form of cross-bordercommercial communications.”Jean Bergevin, EC DG Markt 1998
  16. 16. EU Directives UK National LawGreen Paper on CommercialCommunications (1996)-Consumer Protection on DistanceContracts (2000)Unfair Commercial Practices (2005)Consumer Protection(Distance Selling ) (2000)Unfair Trading and BusinessProtection (2008)Electronic Communication andData Privacy (2002)Privacy and ElectronicCommunications (2003)Television without FrontiersDirective (1997)Audio Visual Directive (2007)Communications Act (2003)(Not yet implemented)Directive on Advertising andSponsorship of Tobacco (2003)Tobacco and AdvertisingPromotions Act (2002)EU and UKLegislation
  17. 17. Legal Frameworkin UKProhibited Advertising• Political advertising• Prescription-only medicines (1994 Act)• Tobacco– 1965 Ban on TV advertising of tobacco products– 1977 Labour manifesto pledges to ban tobaccoadvertising including sponsorship– Nov 2002 Tobacco and Advertising Promotions Act– July 2003 Ban on sponsorship of sporting eventsheld within the UK– July 2005 Ban on sponsorship of excepted globalevents (Formula One and World SnookerChampionships)
  18. 18. Self RegulationPrinciplesSponsorship Complaints•Normally would made by the public to the rights holder•Contractual terms normally allow for sponsorship to be cancelleddue to disrepute of either sponsor and sponsored partyEASA (European Advertising Standards Alliance)•European network of national self-regulatory organisations (SROs)•Competence to handle all complaints within advertising but theirsponsorship remit varies for events or broadcastESA joined EASA in 2008 to establish a pan-Europeansponsorship self-regulation process•Complaints made to national SROs could be passed on toJoint Arbitration Panel to adjudicate on issuesBut very few complaints have been made nationally andNO sponsorship complaints have been referred to EASA/ESA
  19. 19. Aegon andBritish Tennis
  20. 20. Heineken andChampions LeagueResponsible advertisingCompetitionsHospitalityGlobal AdvertisingApp and Social MediaCompetitions
  21. 21. Sponsorship Laws& Codes forAlcohol ProducersGovernment Legislation• France – Loi Evin ban in place since 1991• Ireland – currently considering a banGovernment Co-Regulatory Frameworks• Scottish Government Sponsorship Guidelines• UK Responsibility Deal Code on SponsorshipSelf-Regulatory Industry Codes• Beer /Spirits / Wine associations codes on Advertisingand Marketing•Alcohol Producers• Internal Corporate Guidelines and Policies
  22. 22. EC Alcohol &Health ForumEC Alcohol and Health Forum• Launched on 7th June 2007• Membership from 68 organisations representing:o Producers, wholesalers and retailers ofalcoholic beverageso Marketing bodies including advertising,media and sponsorshipo Health and consumer NGOso Family and youth organisations• All members sign up to make commitments aimed atreducing alcohol-related harm• All commitments independently monitored and assessed
  23. 23. Alcohol Advice forRights HoldersESA Guidelines and Legal Clauses for Rights Holdersregarding Alcohol Sponsorship (2012)•General principles• Ensure all are aware of codes and guidelines• Encourage responsible drinking promotions•Sponsorship•Not of events with particular appeal to those under 18•Care if involved with motorsports events•Marketing• Consideration regarding permanent alcohol signage atvenues used by predominantly those under 18•Promotions and Merchandise•No marketing to those under 18 in competitions, clothing,merchandise or sampling activities•Alcohol Consumption•Legal Clauses• Regulations, Compliance, Obligations, Responsibilities etc.
  24. 24. Research onAlcohol SupportReport on “Supporting Local Communities:Assessing the Contribution of Europe’s Brewers”• €928 million spent p.a. across Europe• Only 11.9% goes to major sports events• Most support is local (36%) or regional (48%)• 70% of public say beer support helps events occur• 78% of rightsholders said they would suffer considerablyfrom losing beer supportSource: Sponsorship Ideas 2011
  25. 25. UK AlcoholRegulations• UK government’s ResponsibilityDeal seeks new UK AlcoholSponsorship Code• Portman Group reviewing owncode and using Scottish Guidelines asbasis for new UK Alcohol SponsorshipCode with ESA and somerightsholders on working group• Binding on alcohol producers butseeking endorsement from majorrights holders• Note that of the 196 complaintsreceived by Portman Group since1996, none have related tosponsorship
  26. 26. Alcohol Sponsorshipof Rugby in Europe Heineken CupGuinness PremiershipBrains Welsh team
  27. 27. BetfairSponsorshipWorld MatchplayDartsHorseracingWorld Snooker Championships
  28. 28. Source: The World Sponsorship Monitor 2012GamblingSponsorship
  29. 29. European Commission:• March 2011 consultation process on draft Green Paper ononline gambling• Dec 2012 resulted in Communication on “Towards acomprehensive European framework on online gambling” whichdid not have concerns about gambling sponsorship issues• EC Workshop (today) in The Hague “The marketing and sale ofsports rights (media rights, sponsorship, and sports data):current and emerging market trends”Council of Europe:• Sept 2010 Council of Ministers meeting proposed “Bettingoperators should be banned from funding or sponsoring teamsor individual competitors if they manage bets placed oncompetitions in which they are participating.”• Discussions resulted in change of clause to: “Sponsorshipcontracts should state that the sponsor plays no role in, and willexercise no influence on, the sporting decisions taken by thesponsored team or individual.”nnGamblingSponsorshipin Europe
  30. 30. GamblingSponsorshipin UK• 2005 Gambling Act - comprehensive regulatoryframework for the advertising of gambling (betting,gaming and lotteries) which lifted gamblingadvertising restrictions in Great Britain (notNorthern Ireland)• Creation of new Gambling Commission in UK• 2007 - Gambling sponsorship allowed when CAP andBCAP Advertising Codes came into force• Gambling Industry Code for Socially ResponsibleAdvertising was issued by the marketing industry• May 2013 – Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Billpublished limiting the marketing by licensedgambling operators in the UK
  31. 31. Padel Pro TourEuroleague BasketballMoto GPKite surfingSoccerbwinSponsorshipNorbertTeufelbergerCEO of BWin
  32. 32. Trends inSponsorship• Growth area despite recession (compared to advertising)• Need to demonstrate value and return on investment• Increasingly innovative and complex, using newtechniques with social media, digital technology, multi-media platforms• Major events can offer excellent opportunities for range ofsponsorship deals if packaged creatively• Essential source of income for elite sport in order to fundgrassroots activities• Increasing expertise in sports bodies regardingsponsorship issues• Potential threats include restrictive legislation, ambushmarketing and media clutter
  33. 33. Athletics eventSponsorshipSamsung withdrawal from Diamond League Toyota and Seiko joint promotionAviva UK sponsorship
  34. 34. European Sports SummitMajor events: Major opportunitiesSports, Sponsorship and EuropeHelen DayHead of European PolicyEuropean Sponsorship